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Googleshng - May 12 '03- 2:00 Eastern Standard Time

I almost posted today's column without a title or a little intro here. Go me!

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I dubbed it Fantacrap!

Dear Googleshng,

I have recently noticed that very few MMORPGs take place in the future. Sure there is Starwars Galaxies and a few other but most take place in medieval times. The weapons are always the same with little variance. Swords, axes, daggers, bows and more. It would be nice to blow a hole through an aliens head with a laser, instead of chopping with a sword for the umpteenth time.
Why also not have a present day MMORPG. It might not happen on Earth but with present day weapons and technological capabilities,
They also all have the same species. Dwarves, Humans, Dark Elves, Light Elves, High Elves, Orcs, Goblins, Lizard people, cat/dog people, etc. Nowadays there are very few original playable species. The game developers can create huge monsters that you can battle but no species that you can play as. They may change the names but they are essentially the same things.

Thank You.

de Karlson Christopherher Kruegerson the Third and two-eighths

P.S. In the future old people will listen to rap and play video games!

You know, a lot of old people do that NOW.

Anyway, moving on to your point. True, most MMORPGs take place in a fantasy setting. So do most computer, console, and paper RPGs. Genres of fiction and genres of games just tend to stick together that way. I would think there would be more room for variety in the MMORPG world seeing as any given person is only likely to get into one game tops, but by that same token, if you don't dig the fantasy seen, you only have to find one game with a more original setting. There may not be many, but I know there's a few out there.

Now, as for why you don't see MMORPGs with realistic systems, well, what's the point in walking around a copy of the real world talking to people for a $10 monthly fee when you can actually, you know, go outside and do it for free?

The first line of this letter only makes sense if you have the subject line.

Errr....strike that, reverse it.

(Do you know how difficult it is, coming up with a legitimate, intelligent comment or question good enough to appear on your column? My brain hurts!)

What surprises could Square-Enix be oulling out of their arses at E3? They'll be showing off FF : Crystal Chronicles, FFT Advance, FFXI, FFX-2, Sword of Mana, , and possibly a teaser trailer for XII...but is this all? Truly? Five out of six titles there are Final Fantasy, but we've seen nothing yet that indicates there's now a four-letter title tacked onto the end of Square's name. What about the Dragon Warrior series, or some sort of co-op project? I was excited by the merger, but now, it's just looking like a way for those Enix developers to sit around and pick up dividends from Square's work.

And I am SO going next year. See ya there.

And the Sixers WILL win the NBA championship. Mark my words.

Actually, Square-Enix likely WON'T be showing off FF:CC or FFTA. Those are being published by Nintendo, and thus will presumably be found in their giant shiny booth. You can presumably expect to see Drakengard and Star Ocean 3 in addition to the FF stuff though.



Just Wonderin but is there a new Chrono Game coming out anytime? I really want 2 no.


Why yes! Square-Enix sent press releases out to every gaming magazine and website announcing that there was a new Chrono game in the works, but for some strange reason, every single member of the press forgot all about it until just now when you asked!

More seriously though, E3's just about to start, if you're wondering about what games are in development, wait two days and check out our E3 section.

The Last Laugh:

Well, suppose it's time for me to gear up into E3 file-monkey mode.

Googleshng "Boing!"


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