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Googleshng - May 8 '03- 2:00 Eastern Standard Time

You know the Anime Web Turnpike? That website that's been around for 8 years and archives links to every single anime related site in existance? Well some time between now and when I last visited yon page, it went through some sort of horrrifying transformation. Weep for the death of good site design children.

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The answer is the obvious really.

This isn't specifically related to console RPGs, but it is something I am very curious about. What happened to Sea Dogs II? I remember seeing all these screens and wallpapers that looked just incredible, and now all I see is Pirates of the Caribbean. Has the title just been changed? Is the game going to be the same? I cannot find any news on this even on Bethsoft's webpage. Just curious as to where this rather advanced in progress Pirates of the Caribbean came from and where Sea Dogs II has gone.

They decided to redirect efforts (and presumably source code) from Sea Dogs 2 to a nice easier to sell licensed game. Somewhere between a title change and putting it on indefinite hold really.

The Last Laugh:

Freakishly short column tonight I know. I'd hold out for more letters, but my stomach's been feeling really nasty all day. Wonder if it has anything to do with that rubber octopus that latched onto my face last night...

Googleshng "Frelling stomach bug..."

or food poisoning, or some sort of messed up immaculate conception...

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