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Googleshng - May 6 '03- 2:00 Eastern Standard Time

White is the color of the space you see when I write a short intro. Actually I suppose it's more of a marbled light grey isn't it.

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I'm not the sort of person who gets called "sir" too often.

sir i'm playing dragon warrior 4 and i'm in the 3rd chapter with talon, i'm suppose to get the dog in my home village to chase the foxes away but when i go back to ask the kid for the use of his dog the kid isnt' anywhere to be found. is he hiding or what

Consulting my sources, "He's in the jail of whatever castle's around there. Bring in a Wing of Wyvern, sneak past the guards, and he'll take it and bust himself out, then loan you the dog." Hope that helps.

Well if we weren't beating dead horses, we'd have to beat live ones, and PETA doesn't like that.

Just wanted to clarify something on the GBA's audio capabilities. As Cutriss mentioned, the GBA does have 6 audio channels. 4 of the channels are precisely the same channels used on the old GBC, while the other two are 8-bit direct sound. Those two allow you to play back what are essentially wave files of nearly any quality. The channels are usually used for the individual channels of stereo audio. So you could have it play back 44100Hz, 8-bit, stereo wave files directly, which is pretty high quality. The SNES had 8 separate channels, but they were limited in what they could do (basically playing back individual instrument samples with some modifications to volume, pitch, and such).

DS channels allow you to play back as many channels of audio as you want, if you mix them in software. The big problem is it sucks up CPU usage like crazy. On some of the better sound engines, mixing 8-9 channels of sound can easily suck up 30% of the CPU power, which could've been used for other things like graphics. I've heard with some engines, like MusyX, it quickly get as high as 70% unless you decrease the sound quality. All-in-all, I wish the GBA had a souped-up SPC sound processor.

- Coeur "I have no life" Yggdrasil

Hmm... I didn't say that was the last I'd print on the subject yesterday did I?

All I want for Christmas is for people to learn the difference between publishers and developers.

The Big G,
So you played Bushido Blade a lot this weekend. As a matter of fact, I just bought it this weekend. So now with the questions/statements.

1) Is there a fighting game better than Bushido Blade? I mean, the entire system is the most realistic and fun games ever made (plus its made by square soft).

Actually, Bushido Blade was made by a little company called Lightweight which has since gone off to make another sword fighting game or three with a name I can never recall. I'd agree it's better than any fighting game I've ever played, but I don't tend to count it as one, what with the gameplay being so very different.

2) Is Xenosaga considered a "short" game? I'm still 12 hours into it (*shakes hand at parents*), and my friend hates it because he beat it in 30 hours. (Note, this guy beat Kingdom Hearts the day after it was out)

No... Xenosaga is on the long side of average I'd say.

3) Is there life outside of Square? Am I obsessed because I just bought both the Xenogears and Xenosaga soundtrack from e-bay? (both of which are very good if one likes soundtracks)

Xenosaga was neither developed nor published by Square, so it would seem you have answered your own question and I don't have to sit here and list off a hundred or so excellent RPGs from other companies at you.

4) How do you manage going to college, gaming, and hosting at the same time? I'm going off to college next year and I hope to have a minor social life.

Uh, I'm not in college. My only externally pressured obligation is this column, and it leaves plenty of time for other things.

5) Has anyone else seen the Final Fantasy X-2 intro? I downloaded it from Kazaa and was terribly disturbed. IT'S A FRICKEN' J-POP MUSIC VIDEO. Yet it is done quite well, is really awesome... but it's a fricken' concert of Yuna singing!

That be all for now.

-CaptainG 22
(one who bows down to square, but has been recently disappointed with their recent games)

I don't see what there is to be disturbed by there... unless the voice acting sucks.


Does FFXI runs With a GeForce 2 Video card???

You know, even if I WAS a representative of the publisher of FF11, I wouldn't have exact system requirements for a game that won't be released for another six months. Odds are in your favor though I suppose.

The Last Laugh:

I suppose I could have just said off-white up there couldn't I.

Googleshng "or the HTML color code"

E8E8E8 for the record.

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