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Googleshng - May 5 '03- 2:00 Eastern Standard Time

Over the weekend, I wound up playing an awful lot of Bushido Blade, going back for the good endings of all the scrawny folk. Doing so has seriously renewed my dislike of the rapier.

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A highly technical response to a week old issue.

I know this topic is a bit old, but I was just combing through the archives, and I figured I'd point this out to you.

Yes, the biggest detriment to GBA sound quality is that tiny little buzzer speaker, but it's actually quite a bit better on the GBA SP than it was on the GBA. The speaker is a bit larger, better quality, and your thumbs aren't going to get in the way and distort the sound.

The *second* biggest detriment to GBA sound quality, however, is the GBA's own sound processor. It only supports six hardware audio channels, whereas the SNES had eight channels, and most newer consoles support 16 or more (The GameCube supports 16). This is why Capcom had to make adjustments to the music and sound effects in Zelda:LttP when they ported it to the GBA, since some of the effects (Teleporting to the Dark World, for instance) used wave transforms on several audio channels, likely requiring all eight to be active at once.

Shin'en Multimedia, the company making the Iridion II 3D engine for the GBA, also has what appear to be some pretty good devtools for audio development on the GBA which do some sample mixing in software before sending it to the audio processor, allowing developers to eke out a little bit more quality from the sound hardware, at the expense of some processor time. Needless to say, this isn't something you'd be likely to use in an intense shooter or a game with a 3D engine in it, as your CPU is taxed to the limit already.

Hope that helps. :)


If anyone still cares, that's the best answer you're going to get on the subject.

Whatever happened to X?

Hey Goog,

With a slight pause to sample a Japanese Aria of Sorrow (it's the best of the GBA installments, although it feels like the game was thrown together in six months) after completing both halves of Kartia (which was excellent), I started a new quest in Alundra, after not playing it for about five years. It's so good.

What's the team who made Alundra (and Landstalker) doing nowadays?

How about the team who made Kartia?


The makers of Alundra and Landstalker went on to make a variety of games, mainly along the same lines, but I'm told all their recent stuff sucks.

The people who made Kartia, from what I can tell, proceded to drop off the face of the earth. Shame.

A wide range of topics.

Vangrant Story spoilage
>Here's a little issue to discuss with your friends:
>1. Bob dies.
>2. Bob comes back as a ghost.
>3. A necromancer comes along and animates Bob's corpse.
>4. Bob's ghost possesses Zombie-Bob.

This actually happened to Grissom in Vagrant Story. He was quite happy about it, until said Necromancer (none other than Leá Monde itself) started manipulating him. Poor guy.

Yet another reason I'd probably really like the story of VS if it wasn't presented in the format of an unplayable game.

So, now that I've filled your column with Vagrant Story goodness, here's some questions:

1. Do you agree that FFIIIj is one of the best things Square has ever created? It has everything FFI lacks, invented the job system, and has an incredibly deep plot. Everything about it just breathes perfection. Do you think it should have been brought to the US and Europe?

I'm not sure on the deep plot there, and the job system was rather poorly implimented in that one, but I think the world in general was way off base by keeping the more complex RPGs solely in Japan way back when.

2. Not really RPG-related, but: ever played Puyo Puyo? It's a series of Tetris games, but there are a couple of RPGs based on it. It has cute slimes. You cannot resist the cute slimes.


If you're refering to what I think you are, nobody ever bothered to copyright it and as such there are something like 20 identical games where pairs of multicolored slimes are dropped from the top of the screen and cleared in groups of four or more. I've played several such.

The Last Laugh:

Now back to getting Red Shadow's good ending! Frelling tooth-pick sword...

Googleshng "Frelling leg wounds."

Frelling Dojo Master getting a leg wound from my tooth-pick sword and nicking my arm!

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