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Googleshng - May 1 '03- 2:00 Eastern Standard Time

Here's the real problem with being nocturnal. There's this old superstition that if you say rabbit twice before anything else on the first day of a month, you'll have good luck. I always seem to be talking when the month clicks over, and hey, I could honestly use the luck.

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I almost gave an answer like this myself yesterday.

Regarding Shion advancing so quickly in Vector, even in-game comments are made about how ludicrous this is. At several points (such as when your party is examining data on soldiers in the Song of Nephilim), Shion whips out incredible knowledge of everything scientific that amazes those around her. This is usually followed by Shion looking apprehensive.

Basically, Shion is some sort of super-genius (...well, theoretically. I realize the irony of this statement in relation to many of her actions in the Episode I plot) who, oh, surprise, isn't quite sure why. I'm fairly certain that in the next Episode or two, depending on how long this prologue-plot spans, some horrible/amazing secret about Shion will be revealed that explains she was [an experiment/created/adopted/a robot/made of cheese/etc./etc./pick one] and thus has super-science-skills, which will be followed by me rolling my eyes.

Anyways, back to Suikoden III. Oh, Chris... *swoon*

Yeah, sounds about right. I'd also accept the Resident Evil style of Doogie Howserdom though.

Wow! Someone mentioned Kartia!

Hey Goog,

I recently finished Toxa's half of Kartia, and found it to be very enjoyable. It has reinforced my belief that all my favorite games fell in the Playstation era.

Well, enough rambling about me. I really liked the political section on your site. It was not only insightful, but entertaining as well.


Thanks for the compliment... I think I've gotten more positive feedback on that little feature than anything I've thrown up on that site before ever actually.

As far as Kartia goes, that's a game I'd like to see more people play. The whole concept of having spells that affect the environment in ways which can be used to your advantage is just plain cool.

FF1 stuff


You mentioned in your column yesterday that FFI's spell damage seemed to not be based on statistics. If FF Origins is any indication, you're right, as each spell has a set range of base damage it can do (before weaknesses, strengths, etc. are factored in). Thought you might want to know.


Right, so despite character building my party party up to total powerhouses, I can still be wiped out by monsters in the earth cave before I can blink if they get the drop on me.

I could answer this in three words, but I'm feeling verbose.

What does RPG mean?

RPG stands for Roleplaying Game. Originally, this was (and still is) a term applied to games like Dungeons and Dragons. There's one or more 300 page books of rules on how to use a sheet of numbers and a bunch of dice to determine anything you can think of. All but one people design a character, and dictate their actions as they procede through adventures created by the last person. As the act of deciding everything a single character under your control does is a bit like acting, these things are called Roleplaying Games.

When it comes to the definition used around here, what's being refered to is videogames which are roughly modelled after the mechanics and themes of these pen and paper games.

So anyway, that's why I bite people's heads off whenever they say or write "RPG Gamer."

And a parting note for the evening...

Hey Google,

Here in Taiwan, the dirty magazines are sold right on the (ahem) rack at the corner 7-11 or Circle K, next to Time, Newsweek and the China Post. So when I scan the headlines I get stuff like; SARS scare, Iraq Invasion, Big 'Uns, Mainland Issues, Girls with tiny ****, Income Tax Returns...

Regarding the subject of "motivation" for your little cat-chasing friends, you can do what I do to my most "enthusiastic" students. A long bamboo rod with a few vertical cracks (for flexibility) hurts like crazy and leaves nary a mark for a litigation-free afternoon!. Just some friendly advice.

Ke Da-Wei

The evil Taiwanese Bushiban Teacher

Bah, I don't have access to bamboo- er I mean there's too many witnes- er, that is to say, I'm against violence. Yeah.

The Last Laugh:

Here's a little issue to discuss with your friends:
1. Bob dies.
2. Bob comes back as a ghost.
3. A necromancer comes along and animates Bob's corpse.
4. Bob's ghost possesses Zombie-Bob.

At this point in time, Bob's body contains Bob's soul, and it's moving around just fine. So, does he have the right to go to the people he willed his stuff to and take it back?

Here's another one: Assuming Bob was married before all this happened, would his wife have to divorce him to marry someone else?

It's pretty much a given that under current U.S. law, Bob's just plain up the creek, so it's really more of an ethical thing I suppose. In any case, don't go giving your take on this to Andrew over the weekend or anything since he'd probably smack me, or to me for that matter since it'd cause legal problems with the story I'm writing if you agreed with me. Just a nice little 3 AM musing is all.

Googleshng "For the record, this is why I'm writing a comic about a necromancer."

Well, one of several reasons really.

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