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Googleshng - April 30 '03- 2:00 Eastern Standard Time

So last night I was going to update my page with the conclusion to that excessively cheesy slime comic I used to work on, but then somehow I ended up writing this instead. Suppose I'll have to get to the actual cheesy comic posting this weekend.

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Xenosaga Questions

Hey Goog-

I just finished Xenosaga. Excellent game. Anyway... I have a few questions (obviously).

1. Why the heck is Shion so young, yet the chief engineer for the KOS-MOS project? When she started it, she was probably barely twenty, if that. You'd think that with Vector being a supercorporation only hiring the best of the best, they'd opt to hire someone with more experience. Normal people don't do that (but then again, the japanese aren't really normal). Just a little thing that bugged me.

Well, realistically, for someone to get an advanced degree in robotics, and move on to become the chief engineer at a highly respected corporation, they would end up at least in their 40s. The target audience for this sort of thing has no desire in seeing a main character that old, so if you insist on thinking about characters ages, just assume everyone skipped a whole bunch of grades and entered college when they were like, 12.

2. Why is Albedo's mech so easy to defeat, yet his own self a pain in the ass? You'd think that his god like mech (you saw what he did to all those gnosis) would be tougher than actually battling him. I hate Albedo. Probably his voice actor mostly.

Blame clichés again.

3. Do you know a good way to rack up tech/ether/skill points quickly? I know about the point bonus when the counter at the bottom is a ring, but are there any enemies out there that give you more points than others?

Well yes, of course there are. Personally though, if you're looking for places to character build, I'd have to recommend the three flying things chewing on a mech at the beginning of the game, and at the end of the game, from the save point in the stair-filled area, out the left side and down a few floors, there's a room with a fire canister and a group of monsters that pays off pretty well. You can just go in and out of that room taken them out without a scratch and get all the upgrade points you need.

4. Not Xenosaga related. Have you played .hack? It looks really interesting, but I don't want to spend 50 bucks playing for only 12 hours. Do you think they'll release the series in a box pack when they've finished all the games?

I refuse to plunk down $200 on a console RPG which emulates the experience of playing an online RPG. As far as the boxed set idea goes, people generally wait at least five years before they do that sort of thing with games.

5. Is it just me, or is the original Final Fantasy harder than the modern ones? It seems that the miss ratio is much higher, and the whole absence of mp and the late appearance of life giving spells doesn't help much. Plus, theives suck until you make them ninjas.

All old games are harder than new ones. That's how it works. Videogames were originally marketted to people seeking increasingly difficult challenges against which to test their reflexes and hand-eye coordination. Today videogames are targetted at people who want to watch low-budget animated movies lasting 20-80 hours long, and/or see stuff blow up and die.

Speaking of FF1 though, I've been replaying it recently for some reason, and I'm amazed at how poorly balanced the sucker is. A given fight can go like this (if you take out my turns where I kill everything in one hit):
Wimpy Monster attacks! Miss!
Wimpy Monster attacks! Miss!
Wimpy Monster attacks! 1 Damage.
Wimpy Monster attacks! Miss!
Wimpy Monster casts Fire2! 200 damage. 170 damage. 250 damage. 270 damage.
Game over.

To be fair, the game overs only tend to happen when they strike first and 3 of them cast spells, but it would seem that stats don't factor in at all into spell damage.

Better stop now. but on a finishing note, where do you think the sequel to Xenosaga is going to pick up? Right after? Skip a few generations?

-Lv. 101

When you're numbering questions, don't leave the number off the last one like that, it messed up my formatting.

Anyway though, seeing how the little encyclopedia thing more or less says that the main character in the next game will be Shion's brother, I think it's safe to assume the next game will take place pretty much immediately after.


Hey there,

In response to Andrew's comment about my stack of dirty magazines, I'll have you know that my pornography is strictly of the hardback variety.

Speaking of plot twists, that might be an interesting topic. I particularly liked the Final Fantasy 6 innovation of putting in the world-rending, apocolyptic event in the MIDDLE of the game for a change. I just had the pleasure of talking with a friend of mine in America who was playing FF6 for the first time. He didn't know what to do, now that the world was already destroyed, what should he save? Well, have fun finding this needle in your haystack of spam, which is more like trying to find a needle in a stack of needles.

Ke Da-Wei

The evil Taiwanese Bushiban Teacher

Yes, destroying the world halfway through is what makes FF6's one of the most original plots out there. Personally, I also like how it brings the game into compliance with my believe that the best RPGs are pretty much linear for the first half, but the second half is pretty much a wide open world map filled with optional but significant sidequests that can be done in any order.

Incidently, since it didn't come up over the weekend, I feel I should point out that pretty much every game Square has ever made has a "dirty magazine" item stashed in it somewhere.

This question could actually be considered racist in a certain light.

Hey, just a random thought about all the contraversy about the new Castlevania game being in 3D. What about the Japanese gamers? I mean, here in America we're rolling our eyes at a new 3D game, but is this sort of thing accepted better, or looked forward to more, in Japan? After all, Konami is first and foremost a Japanese game developer.

I don't think there's any real difference in taste between American and Japanese gamers. What games they end up playing, sure, but that's more a question of the same games getting published by two different publishers who market them differently... or in some case, games only getting published in one country.


do you now all the people in suikoden1 if you do tell me were to find them all

I'm a good deal more likely to answer a question when doing so doesn't require me to sit here and write an entire walkthrough to a game which is almost seven years old. Just click that Games link up at the top of the page, or type Suikoden into that search box up top. You can find such a walkthrough sitting around no problem.

Would you rip out my intestines with a scythe and feed them to a slime if I told you that I actually liked the N64 Castelvania?

Nah. Thanks for reminding me I need to get a scythe though.

The Last Laugh:

OK, two annoying little kids are chasing my cats into traffic. Excuse me while I try to find the best way to stop them from ever considering this again which does not involve me going to jail.

Googleshng "I can't even THREATEN to beat them to bloody pulps?"

What a gip.

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