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Googleshng - April 29 '03- 2:00 Eastern Standard Time

For those who didn't notice, the reason there is no column in the archives for the 28th is that Sunday's column was roughly 23.5 hours late, so I figured I should give an extra day for people to read it and send in letters for today.

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Could be worse, ever see Nausicaä or Laputa?

Hey there!

Okay, is it just me and my imagination, or is Final Fantasy X just a remade video game version of the anime 'Fushigi Yuugi'? I mean, common, think about it. A bunch of Guardians have to protect a summoner in order for her to summon a great beast to save the world at the expense of her life, and a guardian and the summoner fall in love. IT'S A FREAKIN' FUSHIGI YUUGI RIP OFF!


LEONheart Kennedy

An interesting theory you have there, but I can poke a hole in it or two. Fushigi Yuugi's plot has twists in it... and a themesong that reminds me of old Madonna stuff.

Mac Game Design

Dearest Goog,

Do you know of any programs like OHRRPGCE for mac? I am dying to make my own RPG, but the only thing I could find was Coldstone, and I don't really want to make a Diablo style game.
Thanks in advance,ΚΚ~>Willy3

I'm reasonably certain that Coldstone is versitile enough to make turn based RPGs no problem, particularly since the game Ambrosia released to demonstrate what it can do has a Realmz sort of interface last I checked. If that isn't your cup of tea though, you might be able to find something if you poke around here. Plus you can never underestimate the versatility of good old Hypercard. I used it to create a turn based RPG engine over a weekend when I was like 10.

Big Multiparter

1) Put this in the column if you want, but...Flash Flash Revolution??? Ugh. Try Dance With Intensity...a vastly superior DDR simulator. JUST DO IT!

I finally had a chance to try Dance Dance Revolution at NonCon this year. It's essentially the same thing as NES Track and Field when you get right down to it, except it has spiffy music in place of the unbelievably broken long jump event. You all remember that right? Get a running start, jump off the pad, and hop back on 20 seconds later before the game realized what you did. Ah, memories.

2) Soul Calibur 2 is the most complex, satisfying, and kick-ass fighting game of all time. Why in the world do games with an actual plot, experience, and inns have to involve a turn-based battle system? Not that I'm knocking the I-click-you-run-up-and-swing-now-its-his-turn thing, but is there some divine law that requires this of RPGs? C'mon...let's see a little originality in the battle systems.

Some don't go the turn based route. May I point out, say, everything by tri-Ace? Most people do it though on account of the fact that RPGs have traditionally always been geared towards people without twitch reflexes.

3) Anyone up for Blitzball '04 by EA? That would roc...what the hell am I saying...

Mini-game... so... overrated!

4) Yeah, I'm random. Anyone up for the "best plot twist in an RPG" category? I don't want to ruin it, but I think Lufia : The Fortress of Doom has a great one near the end...corny storyline and sub-par character development, but when you find out that ***** is actually ***, *********, it's like...whoa. = D

The problem with the Lufia series is that while they have a nice plot twist, they stick it in too many games.

5) Googleshng will eventually be replaced by Googleplexshng, who is vastly superior.

That'd be pretty witty if I hadn't heard it 600 times before and the number wasn't spelled googol.

6. Da'mat saek ri nar sabu'tu ra'ek. Al'Ellisande.

- Feep
- There are 10 types of people in this world...those who understand binary and those who don't.

Hmm... what is that? Klingon?

The Last Laugh:

I really hate checking my mail when I come back from the weekend. It isn't because I dread doing a column or anything like that, I love doing this. It's that even after installing all sorts of highly sensitive spam filters, finding the actual questions is like looking for a needle in a haystack. Today's haystack for example had 600 pieces of spam in it.

On an unrelated not, I would agree with Andrew's little rant about Metroid Prime over the weekend... if I never played past the intro. There's tons of platform hopping, and it pretty much keeps the same gameplay and tone as the original games a whole lot better than Fusion does.

That doesn't make me optimistic about yon Castlevania game though. Prime's the exception to the rule, and while Konami has made some of my favorite games of all time, they never seem to realize exactly what people like or dislike about their games, and procede to make design decisions seemingly at random. "Wow! People love our Castlevania game that plays like Metroid! I bet they'd like it even more if we made a 3D action game for the N64!" Don't even get me started on what they've done with Contra over the years...

Googleshng "Happy surprise in store for you tomorrow."

Or pile of garbage, depending on your taste.

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