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Googleshng - April 23 '03- 2:00 Eastern Standard Time

Ah... good old Status Quo. How ya been? Your cousin Quid Pro around? No? OK. Anyway, we should probably get to work.

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First off, I may be wrong, but arent both Golden Sun and the original Shining Force made by Camelot (the company)? I am probably way off or something, but I remember hearing it somewhere. It seems to make since, seeing that Shining Force and Golden Sun have similarities. (the image of people's heads when they talk, for example)
Also, about the Metroid Fusion with SA-X as more than a gimmick: that would rule. Seriously. I say, make a HUGE (I mean HUGE) world with a Metroid-style control system, put it online, throw in some kind of war setting, and make the SA-X character a nigh-invincible one who kills people on the side that was winning. See, then, depending on who was winning, you may even HELP SA-X, or, as you get tougher and have a more prominent role in the war, you may have to focus on avoiding it.
Instead of SA-X, though, it would be some kind of character with a really warped past. Let's say a child who's parents were slaughtered and was taken in by demons, only to have them killed too, and then decided to use his destructive power to keep the war going forever. The hidden catch would be that the only way to finish the game would be to make peace with each-other and work together to beat the demon-raised guy.
I seem to have elaborated on that idea a bit...

See, this is an interesting phenominon. Someone suggests a slasher flick themed RPG, I modify it a bit, Ew here fiddles around some more... if this keeps up this will probably turn into some radically different idea which 20 people could arguably take credit for.

More game ideas.

Hey Gog (Hee, Hee; I'm so clever)

In the spirit of inputting our weird RPG concept ideas I thought I'd add this. What if you combined the concepts of 7th Saga and Vagrant Story. It would probably require two disks but I think the space would be worth it, you could choose from a variety (more that 5 but less than 10 would probably be best) of characters with individual plots and paths thru a large dungeon/city. They could each interact with each other (battling for items, or over plot points, or assisting each other) and each have specific spell and skill sets. Agility could be a real factor in battle ( maybe a warrior and magician could both be strong in it) with the enemy missing often being a good replacement for the typical just raising defense to avoid dieing. Each character could have some sort of inherent weapon affinity, say they could start out more skilled at a certain weapon and have greatest potential with that particular weapon and perhaps a few others while being limited to varying amounts with others. You could also have magic affinities for all of those spells that you don't get from bosses (and are therefore set by the plot of that particular character) but from regular enemys. Oh yeah, I need a question don't I, so any word on when the next Ogre Battle (or Tactics Ogre) game is coming out and if they'll be expanding that excellent Emblem system.

Random Bill Cosby quote: If you throw a bullet in the furnace, it'll explode

Reigning King of BS, Lord of the Dance, and headmaster of the Brotherhood of the Infinite Onion

Interesting. You realize of course though that what you just described could also be called "Diablo 2 with a plot." There's some potential there I'd think.

Anyway though, last I checked there's no word of a new Ogre game on the horizon.



Just a random thought that popped into my head as I started playing Star Ocean again. With the Square/Enix merger, and Square's current re-release fetish, what kind of odds are you giving a Star Ocean 1 re-release, as it was not released in North America the first time?

Seeing a remake of Star Ocean on, say, the GBA would probably be a possibility in the future yeah, but it isn't the sort of thing I'd bank on.

And another not so random thought: Why has Q&A turned into a big message board/chat forum? It seems like 50% of the letters posted are either corrections or extensions to a previous letter, likeunto the whole guns vs. swords deal. And then there's the Editorialesque letters. 5 paragraphs that should have gone to another mailbox. Of course, you get to read all the rejects, too, so I shouldn't complain so much.

I'd blame that on a combination of the editorials section shutting down, and a big block of time going by without any games worth asking things about. Of course, both those factors are no longer there, so in come the questions again.

As for cliches (since I couldn't get around to a computer over the lovely holiday weekend, and to contribute to my just mentioned complaint), I just enjoyed noticing that at least one of your party members will always look exactly like someone more important in whatever town/village/castle you happen to be in about 5 to 7 hours into a game. Not just that they look like someone, but it always happens at that point in the game. Like starting off as someone's missing twin, or finding a missing twin 20 minutes before the last boss just isn't good enough. 5 to 7 hours in. Every time.

Seems there was another one, but for some reason the ol' brain doesn't want to cooperate now. I've got to start writing things down.

"I've got a modifier for that"
Captain Modifier.

Interesting point there. I can't think of it happening all THAT often, but when it does you're pretty much right about the timing.

The Last Laugh:

Tada! A much timelier column today!

Googleshng "Enemy Pollen used Sleep Powder!"

Googleshng fell asleep!

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