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Googleshng - April 22 '03- 2:00 Eastern Standard Time

Today was... interesting. My cat needed some rather urgent surgery this morning, which took a good deal of time, then the mail server choked up on me for a couple hours allowing me to go into more detail on why in a rant. Anyway, long story short, I'm way behind schedule for today. Not going to stiff you with a lack of column though, hopefully I can get this up before it gets TOO late.

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hey Goog,

This is in reference to Stevie's comment on yesterday's column about GBA having poor sound quality. Well INITIALLY I thought the same thing. The reasoning for this is, take a look at the have one miniature speaker comparable to the old Game Boy speaker. How high of quality can one expect from such a tiny speaker. The actual music and sound effects are much better than we all think because of the limitations of this speaker. How do I know this? Ok....since I am a nut with videogame music and sound, when I play my GBA I plug it into my videogame sound system which consists of satellite speakers and a subwoofer. Let me tell you that you would be pretty amazed at the improved on most games in music and sounds as compared to the output of that teeny speaker on the GBA. Try Golden Sun (the original I have tried on a sound system) and Iridion 3D is great on here too. Now I hate to play GBA without the speaker system. Try it will love it!


Using a set of headphones or something is generally superior to the tiny little speaker, but it still stands that a good many GB games use a rather low quality of sound encoding.

MMOR talk about this... Don't you hate puns?

Something about the MMORPG idea that the past two columns have mentioned strikes me as unworkable. Mind you, I'm not a fan of the current MMORPG situation at all, and I think that, ideally, their idea would be much more worthwhile. However, assuming we're talking about a game with all the bells and whistles like graphics and whatnot, it would be quite hard to be truly "random" in terms of quests. The ideal way, I believe, is to abolish the monthly payments system, which would give administrators and veteran players of RPGs authority to enforce roleplaying. Admins could also run plots as they choose. In fact, I've encountered a system like this on the myriad of MU*s (Generally MUX and MUSH are the more roleplay related ones). They're text based, to be sure, but the staff and players tend to bring newbies into the fold and enforce RP, staffers run tinyplots, etc. On a good MU*, players can do everything that has been described easily. They're some even based on anime or RPGs that I'm sure that many of the RPGamer folks would be interested in. I don't have the time to play them anymore, but one that particularly enthralled me was a Greco-Roman based MUX called Firan--it's at

Just my $0.02

Uh, no offense but your logic there is deeply flawed. A random quest generator would be extremely easy to impliment in just about any game. One of the easiest things you can do in fact. I also don't see how ditching monthly fees would lead to better roleplaying. As is, MMORPGs have the power to ban users if it comes down to it, and the ability to step in and customize storylines is more dependant on how many players you have running around than whether they have to pay to do it, so presumably if you cut out the fees, that would make things worse. The advantages MUDs and such have is that they're more low-key and low maintainence... which of couse is why I personally prefer to just stick with paper RPGs played with friends... well, friends, people from Thor's entorage, random people who wandered in... I'd better put a cap on my PCs there.

The Last Laugh:

Creepy coincidence everybody: Yesterday, you know how yesterday we were all talking about MMORPGs without monthly fees with an emphasis on pitting players against eachother? Well go check out our coverage of Guild Wars, which was just announced today. Heck, I suppose I'm obligated to check the sucker out if I can run it now.

Googleshng "Blood blood everywhere and nary a drop to drink."

OK, that was in poor taste.

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