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Googleshng - April 17 '03- 2:00 Eastern Standard Time

Today was just strange. The temperature shifted a full 40 degrees at one point in the span of a minute, I found a perfectly serviceable couch cushion washed up on the beach, saw a diurnal raccoon, and in three unrelated instances people implied that I have done nothing of any merit whatsoever for the last 5 years. The couch cushion is the one that really has me thinking though. It doesn't even smell like rotting sea life.

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Tales from the Cryptograph

Google -

Just a little note to correct on the Al-Bhed thing. In the Japanese version - from what I understand from reading around - there were still only 26 primers. However, each primer translated either 2 or 3 kana in the "traditional order". So, for example, Primer #1 would translate ka, ki, and ku. Primer #2 would then translate ke and ko. It's kind of interesting, when you think about it. Not only does it make the Japanese Al-Bhed that much harder to decipher, but it also shows foresight in thinking about the US version.

IK Ravyn

Interesting. I completely decoded the Al Bhed language before even leaving that boat at the beginning of the game, but if it worked that way in Japan, you'd need most of the primers before you could even have a real clue.

Tabletop Fun

Dear Google,

Sorry to harrass you about the whole swords/guns things, but a couple of things have been bothering me.

*snip* This portion of the letter is pretty much covered ground, and I promised to cut the sword vs. guns arguement out entirely today.

Sorry to waste your time w/all that. Here's a couple of questions:

#1-- Shadowrun sounds very cool & my role-playing group might try it out-- is it still in print?

Yes it is, and yes it is. I believe it's currently being published by WhizKids.

#2-- What other table-top RPGs would you recommend?

GURPS does a pretty darn good job of providing a system of rules for absolutely any campaign you could think of, and just for good measure, they throw out at least one 200 page sourcebook each for any given campaign you could think to run.

I suppose in my own self-interest, I should also plug Tyranny.

#3-- Do you think Final Fanasty Online will ever actually be released in North America? It's only been about a decade since they announced it.

Later Slimey...

Assuming you mean FF11, you really shouldn't call it that as it'll cause you accronym headaches now that there's Final Fantasy Origins out there. I should also point out that it was decidedly not announced back in 1993, and that it's due out before the end of the year.

So does the dawg say wuuf?

Shadowrun's in the air dawg. I picked up the SNES version again a few days ago. Reviews say it takes like 7 hours to beat, but I've been on it for at least 30 hours off and on over the past 5 years or so. Last night I got to the (final?) boss and was killed immediately, after over an hour of dungeoning. What a game.

If you're refering to Drake, I suppose that would technically be the last boss, although the end of the game is still a decent ways off.


Doesn't it frighten you a little bit that you have readers who are so intimately knowledgable about guns and feel the need to defend them as if you'd insulted their mother?

Not really. You should see how passionate some of the pro-sword letters I didn't print were.

The Last Laugh:

I have to get up at 8:30 tomorrow for an appointment. Joy of joys.

Googleshng "Early to rise, and late to bed, gives you more free time, but leaves you half-dead."

Like I can top that rhyme here.

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