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Googleshng - April 9 '03- 2:00 Eastern Standard Time

I finally seem to have gotten a group together to play Shadowrun. Yay! Anyway though, column.

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Curse her and her running around behind the shopkeeper's head!

Greetings (Link sings) Googleshng
I have something that bothers me, I am trying to in Wind Waker catch that girl who is fiddling with Zunari's safe but when I try to catch her doing it she just runs off. What is it that I have to do to get her to talk. Also how are your plans for ACen? If you need someone to share a room I might be able to help you out.
Imperial Mog

Hmm.. I seem to recall the timing is just rather tricky there. Keep at it and you should work things out.

As for Anime Central, the odds of my going this year can be currently classified as excessively low.

Build a little Blazer in your Soul

Hey Goog,

Wurmple is more likely to evolve into Silcoon if it is female, and more likely to Cascoon if it is male. Personality is also a factor. I've heard that one of the guides says that the evo is based on time, but, well, that's just wrong. Oh, I should put a question... Any news on a new Soul Blazer/Illusion of Gaia/Terranigma game? Have you ever played Terranigma? What did you think?



Sounds about right on the Wurmple matter, but as far as yon classic SNES games go, I doubt you'll see more to that series any time soon.

What's with the future tense here?

Any info as to whether FFO will be as slow and laggy as the FF5,6, and Chrono Trigger remakes?


My sources say it isn't laggy at all, but they remind me they're playing it on the PS2. I've never actually seen the PS2 reduce lag though, so my guess is it's fine.


Not to be rude about Michael's farewell yesterday, but it is auf Wiedersehen, not auf Wiedersehn. Germans just pronounce it quickly so that it sounds that way.
Anyway, I finally got my grubby hands on the original Nintendo, but my local gamestop only has weird underground games. Can you recommend any games that weren't very popular but were fun?
And my final words are about druids. Personally, I think druids are awesome. However, very few games spotlight nature at all, and I agree with Michael that evil doesn't have to be a singular thing; those settings often seem to simple. If a game really does feature druids or nature, they seem to play a very tiny part in the story. Why not have the hero be a druid?

OK, some relatively obscure NES games. Crystalis is theoretically unpopular, as is River City Ransom, M.U.L.E., Super Dodgeball... that cover you?

The Last Laugh:

And now it's time to design stuff! Whee!

Googleshng "Boing!"


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