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Googleshng - April 7 '03- 2:00 Eastern Standard Time

Today is April 7th. The ground is covered in snow. That isn't right. Also not right is Daylight Savings Time. I've officially started my protest against it for this year, and I urge everyone else to do the same. Don't set your clocks back, and complain about everyone else doing so and making you have to leave an hour early for everything until October. Together we can make a difference and put a stop to this annoying, pointless, and outdated tradition... or something.

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Mini-Game Hell

Hey Google,

What's with the excruciatingly hard mini-games in today's modern RPGs? I mean, some turn out to be actually harder than the main games themselves, not exactly being "mini". Final Fantasy X's chocobo racing and butterfly avoiding, not to mention Dark Cloud 2's Spheda, really come to mind. Personally, I could do without them, unless they're actually easier, fun, and completely stress and pressure-free. I'm sure you've played some that really enraged you.


I'm all for having players jump through hoops to get the best stuff in a game, and I'm all for sticking fun little mini-games in RPGs. First off though, don't do both at the same time. If I'm playing an RPG, it's because I want to play an RPG. It's not that I want to play, say, a haphazardly designed fighting game. Don't force me to do so.

The other issue of course is that a lot of developers lately will throw in mini-games which have no merits whatsoever. FF10 is a good example of that really. It's one thing to put players through a long series of fights, or a giant dungeon, but there's nothing remotely fun about, say, pushing a button 200 times in a row. There really is no excuse for forgetting the cardinal rule of game design: Games exist to provide fun.

Insane Zelda type ramblings.

Yes, WW Link is supposedly the direct descendant of Oot Link. I read that 100 years passed between the two games, but to me this seems a little too short, as 100 years would place WW Link only 2 or 3 generations after OoT Link (especially considering how old the characters could live, what with their athletic, healthy lifestyles) It sems that if OoT Link was WW's grandfather, there wouldn't be such a "legend" feel about it. and 100 years seems like an awfully short time for Hyrule to be re-attacked, lost, and forgotten, and for the world to change so much.

So here's my theory as to how many generations have passed between the Links:

Gen1: OoT Link and Princess Ruto have a half Zora, half Hylian child (they ARE married, don't forget)

Gen2: this freak who we'll call Luto is rejected from society and sets out on her own. She meets another outcast, Skull Kid (who hasn't grown since he lives in Kokiri Foest). He leaves the forest to be with her, grows up, and they have a child.

Gen 3: This child is slightly more normal looking than his parents (as the Freak gene is recesive) and is accepted into the Gerudo society, where he fathers a child with the lonely, desparate women.)

Gen4: By now, the children look normal and can live normal lives in Hyrule.

Gen 7: a few genereations later, Navi returns to the Link family. Due to her presence (fairies have been scientifically proven to be radioactive and dangerous to those who are not used to ehm) unlocks the freak gene hidden in the link fairy. Gen 7 gives birth to:

Gen8: Grandma. This is WW Link's grandmother. Which means...

Gen 10: WW Link and Aryll

By my estimation, this would put anywhere from 6 to 8 hundred years between the two games which is a much more believeable timeframe, and also provides an explanation as to how Link got so darned weird looking!


PS: I can't tell what's worse: that I came up with that or the fact that somebody actually read it.

There's all sorts of things I could pick on in this letter, but I think I'll go with your assumption that people don't have kids until there're at least 50 years old. I mean, recheck your math there, that's pretty darn off.

Besides, how long do you expect people to live when the chief staples of their diets are those chickens and pigs that go berserk when you try to slaughter'em? I mean, the death toll on farmers must be staggering...


(RBYGS and C)

There you go! I didn't mean to snub Crystal, but, it was the only one I didn't play.

Although now I have tried it (my friend Jennifer had it...and had named her pokémon after N*sync members...but anyway, that's another point of oddness). I didn't know they had animations for the pokémon! I wonder why they took that out... Oh well, at least in R/S they have little sprites specifically for every pokémon. Makes things easier to organize.

All the same, too bad R/S didn't have the animations and night/day changes (although Wurple will evolve different was depending on if it's early or late aparently). Then again, I guess those are two things I don't mind giving up for the run button!

And as long as I can catch a Staryu and have my Starmie I'm good on old pokémon being missing, for now.

Anyway an actual question, I read somewhere that pokémon began development in 1991, and was actually released first in 1996(or was it 1997?). Is that about right? 5-6 years of development?


Yes, it really is baffling how many more features G/S had than R/S. Maybe they thought they were getting a bit too complex and needed to rope things in a bit. The catch of course is that now they have people out there who want a new game where you can travel between 4 continents collecting 400 or so Pokémon. Of course, those people will have their own problems if that actually happened.

Oh, and incidentally, it's been my experience that wurmple actually evolves based on the version you have. I tried getting it up there at a good 6 different times of day and always got the same thing, people with Ruby got the other form.

Also, that development time frame seems pretty off to me. Of course, it did take them 8 years or so to devise a decent interface...


any news if phantasy star 1 remake will be coming to the usa?


I'd give it pretty good odds, but it isn't nearly far enough along to get an official announcement there.

The Last Laugh:

Still snowing. Odd phenominon.

Googleshng "Boing!"

I'd be disturbed if anyone knew the reference in that column title.

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