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Googleshng - April 3 '03- 2:00 Eastern Standard Time

I have some fairly surreal letters today. I think I'll print a few down in the quickies.

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Stats and Speculation

Hey Googleshng,

About the letter yesterday about the pokémon numbers in Ruby and Saphire :

There are 386 pokémon total in the, I suppose, newly updated pokéverse.

Only 202 of these can actually be caught between both Ruby and Saphire. There are 6 different pokémon in each version that aren't in the other (which seems less than the other version but anyway...)

Ruby/Saphire adds 135 brand new pokémon, and 67 in the game are from previous versions (RBYGS), which means there are 184 which currently have no way to catch (even though they are programed) unless you have a code breaker or game shark...

I was sort of dissapointed they didn't program the previous worlds like in G/S so you could get the old ones, but oh well. I guess that just means there will be a Pokémon Topaz and Emerald soon or something...


I've been meaning to check those actual numbers, thanks. Anyway, I'm guessing that the next Stadium game will let you bring older Pokémon into R/S, why else throw'em all in?

Oh, and "(RBYGS)"? Why snub Crystal there?

Giant robots are good.

Hello Google,

I wanted to write in today about two different things, starting out with Xenogears. I must say this is an excellent game. I'm rather behind the times, as I'm only about 20-25 hours into the game (only get time to play on the weekends), but so far, the game isn't as confusing as I've heard, but perhaps that's only till later on (It still however is complex). I will admit there's been plenty of WTF?! moments in the game, but the story does a good job (so far) of filling us in, like on how Sigurd and Citan know each other and such. I will also say that the graphics are pretty good, and the anime cutscenes are nice.

Now, don't get me wrong, I have some questions. I've heard somewhere that Gainax of Evangalion fame had a hand in Xenogears, but from my impressions of the game, both the character spriting and the complexity of the storyline, it seems that the team who did FFT had a hand in this. Am I correct on either of these points?

Also, am I right in claming that Hammer in fact the first RPG character to utter "MAD SKILLZ!"?

Hehe. Now for my other topic. You asked a while back to write in about obscure RPGs, and I wanted to share mine. I don't know about the Obscurity of this per se, but a very good and in my eyes over looked TRPG is Vanguard Bandits. A very excellent game, combining good Mecha-fighting action, hilarious dialogue and a great story, as well as a KICK-ARSE final battle between Bastion and Faulkner if you choose the right story path. Ah, arent't the fruits of the Working Designs tree great? What's your opinion?

Thanks for reading through this,

Zero T. K.

P.S. Escaflowne RULES!

P.S.S. Can you tell I'm a mecha junkie? :P

Gainax animated the cutscenes from Xenogears, the FFT folks weren't involved, and yeah, Hammer started the fun of MAD SKILLZ.

Vanguard Bandits is probably the game most underrated by me. I love the sucker, but for some reason I always seem to forget it when listing off good TRPGs. Come to think of it, I have some more endings to get in that.

Past and present.

Heya Google,
Why should it matter if Link is left or right handed in Wind Waker. Doesn't it specifically say that this Link is a descendant of the Link from Ocarina of Time. And while it is possible that they would have the same handedness (is that a word) there's a chance they might not and that's ok because they are different people. So really the whole argument shouldn't have any ground anyway.

Question: Is it just me getting old and biased or does the overall quality of these "next-gen" RPGs seem a little weak compared to their 16 and 32 bit counterparts?

Maybe I just like old-school.
"Life is study"

Zelda scholars will tell you there's like 3-5 different Links, Zeldas, and so forth, born hundreds or thousands of years apart, all happen to look the same and have the same names, and are presumably all related. So presumably, none of those Links ever marry any of those Zeldas, because that'd get you into some serious inbreeding. All those Links are Lefties though for what it's worth though.

As for your question, that's MOSTLY just you being grizzled and nostalgic. Back in the 8/16 bit games, RPGs were all more or less the same, as they all appealed to the same little niche market. In the 32-bit days, that changed, and people who would never touch, say, Lufia 2, started lapping them up, so people started making games appealing to all sorts of different people. The bulk lately are targetted at people who don't actually want to play games, just read stories/watch movies (that's the biggest demographic oddly enough), and so those are the ones that get hyped to high heaven. There's still as many games coming out for people who grew up playing the classics as there ever were though, they're just not as visible. Take the Wild ARMs series for example. They'd all be right at home on the SNES.

Yon influx of interest is also the reason we get totally messed up stuff like Koudelka these days incidentally.


where can i find a site to veiw techno file on the nec system(game system) having problems

I might have been able to answer that if you had some sort of sentence structure, but as is, that's gibberish.

My son is doing a report on Japan and he needs to do the Alphabet in Japanese can you help us????

Thank You

Patricia Spencer

I'm an odd person to ask on that one, and it's a tricky question to boot, but here's some quick info for you I suppose. Japan actually has three alphabets. Hirigana, katakana, and kanji. The first two are pretty straight forward, but the third is a set of several thousand characters. I happen to have this lying around too for what it's worth too. Each symbol there is a consonant-vowel pairing. "Ah ee oo ay oh, kah kee koo kay koh, sah shee soo say soh..."

The Last Laugh:

Freaky fact: Over the two days when I was playing hookie for Andrew's little joke, I received SEVEN international phone calls from people stuck in games we cover. Did you ever wake up and realize you were a one dimensional character? It's kinda creepy.

Googleshng "I even have the giant coke-bottle glasses."

OK, fine, they weren't all phone calls, some were e-mails. Still though.

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