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Googleshng - March 25 '03- 2:00 Eastern Standard Time

Zelda is in a truck heading towards me right now. Shame i won't have it for another two days.

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Clearing up Personal matters

Hey Google,

Persona 2: Eternal Punishment is indeed a relatively fun game. But I'm not sure what the Saturn-owning writer intended to say. Persona 2 is available on the original Playstation. I should know, as I own it. :) So if you really wanna play it, go to Toys R' Us (in NS, Canada) and get a copy. They had oodles of EP when I was there. (maybe not anymore...?)

It is not a Saturn exclusive... Although Panzer Dragoon Saga is. :)

I haven't really got anything more interesting to say. Dark Cloud 2 is fun. Exams and final projects are not.

See ya,


In Japan, there are two games. Persona 2: Eternal Punishment, and Persona 2: Innocent Sin. Only one of these was ever translated, and both were released long after the Saturn bucked the kicket, so I don't see where you'd get the idea someone would think they were Saturn exclusive.


All Xenosaga questions have spoilers. Ever notice that?
Xenosaga, that crazy game. It just keeps me making me wonder.

Today's ponderance: If KOS-MOS could just randomly absorb all the Gnosis that were attacking the Elsa after your party smashed up Cherenkov/Gargoyle, why did everyone go OMG HELP GNOSIS HURRY AND EVACUATE when the Song of Nephilim started playing at Kukai? I suppose maybe there were slightly too many... or something...

And how come the Mayor of Sector 27 was able to stand there for about 40 minutes, four feet away from a Bugbear, and make it out just fine, whereas the damn thing would chase me if it saw me within a screen's lenghth from it? That is one tough Mayor.

Well, to your first point, KOS-MOS makes some cryptic comment about that little trick hurting if I recall correctly. To the second, monsters ignore you too if you stand still. Makes it easy to time shooting stuff.

If you want some oddities though, why not pick on the fact that you can get items from VR sim, pick on how little Shion knows about the robot she's been building forever, or how nobody ever asks what the deal is with chaos or Jr. Or you could always pick on how very little they get into Ziggy's backstory.

It really is amazing how many people bring up the Saturn when you talk about obscure games.

Was skimming the column and Sega Saturn popped out at me, prompting the memory of one of my favorite early rpgs. It was for the Sega CD and it was called Vay (pronounced Vie) and you went around collecting these dragon spheres? Anyway it was similar to Lunar, in that it had little anime cut scenes and I think it was by Working Designs, but I actually liked it better.

I discovered some monster that when defeated gave tons of exp, so at the end of the game it wasnt too difficult to get a high level, though this particular slime was hard to kill because it escaped the first round of battle. The other note-worthy thing I remember is that one of your early party members gets killed by the evil emperor bad wizard guy early in the game. Character death pre-FF7!


Uh, you say "Character death pre-FF7" like that's a rare thing. MOST RPGs kill off someone at one point or another. I mean, heck, look at FF4.

Fun with Pessimism!

As far as RPGs go, I would say I have to agree with you in most respects. Therefore I would like help on whether to buy the Buffy the Vampire Slayer game on XBox. I have heard nothing but good things about it and I think I can get it for relatively cheap.

Licensed games suck roughly 99 times out of 100. Actually, the odds are probably worse than that, but I don't feel like counting every licensed game out there.

Now for a question: Which do you think will be more dissapointing FFXI or FFX-2? Right now I am leaning towards FFX-2 with Yuna having guns as being a bit crappier.

S.H. Silver
-Ze goggles, zey do nothing! -Renier Wolfcastle as Radio Active Man

Well, how disappointing a game is depends on what you expect out of it to begin with, so that's really a personal thing. For example, it would be impossible for FF11 to disappoint me at all, as I have absolutely no interest in it whatsoever. Therefore, FFX-2 would have to be the more disappointing game, unless it's actually better in practice than it looks. And honestly, if you actually read up on the game rather than base your opinions entirely on screen shots, it actually has an awful lot of potential.

P.S. I hated FFVIII for a different reason than most. You couls get a perfect character it only took you about a 400 hours to do it. I got about half way on Squall's speed and quit. P.P.S. I accidentally deleted all my FFX save files...but I wasn't mad at all. Shows you how much you really dislike a game after you think it was all right. P.P.P.S. Darling Nikki by Prince is the freakiest song you will ever love.

You realize your PS here is longer than the rest of your letter.

Ah, monkies.

I've trained a band of monkeys to wait by the local game store and bite the legs of anyone that tries to pick up a copy of the new Zelda before I do. Unfortunately, I believe that my Zelda enthusiasm has infected them, as they seem to let by people that give them shiny jewels or bananas.

How can I appeal to their inner ape? Perhaps some antacid tablets in their mouths would do the trick?

-Mike Lemmer

Well, it seems a bit late to worry about Zelda shoppers. Still though, next time just use marmosets. They're too small to be bribed much, and have a better angle of attack.

The Last Laugh:

By my math I should have Zelda, Zelda, and Pokémon Saphire by uh... Thursday's column. Bah!

Googleshng "Need games quicker for faster question answering..."

Psst. New quote on index.

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