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Googleshng - March 24 '03- 2:00 Eastern Standard Time

Today's column title brought to you by someone playing Eternal Darkness across the room.

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Everyone loves Crystalis

Okay, I don't really have any idea how obscure or un-obscure this game is, but I adore Crystalis. This was my first RPG and I still can't get over how cool it is. I must have gone through it a hundred times...made easier by the amusing Game Genie (Whee! Infinite MP!) If I weren't busy trying to defeat both Lunars before finals hit, I think I'd go play it again. Hmm...maybe I will anyways.

Ah, good old Crystalis. The plot's the opposite of FF6, weapons aren't necessarily better than older weapons, and the disguise spell was always fun.

I spy with my little eye, something that starts with P.

Just before the Saturn disappeared, I managed to get a pre-order on what I believe is a reason in and of itself to own a Saturn - Panzer Dragoon Saga. (There's also some amusement value in watching people go "Huh?" when you mention it ^_^;...) It was responsible for my first all-nighter with a of the veyr few times I sat there with a new game for 14, 18 hours straight. (Anymore, I have to snatch time to game around classes and other life.) Dusted off the Saturn over Christmas break to start playing through it again, and now I'm regretting that the Saturn is currently with my family (overseas) and not on campus.

There's also Persona 2...which had the wonderful innovation over the first game of making the dungeons third-person with easily understandable maps. I'm ready and willing to send a petition with anyone who wants to tell Atlus to bring over Innocent Sin (they were released as two games originally, but are sorta linked...even if Eternal Punishment *does* start off with errr - seeing as how it's in the instruction manual, it's not much of a spoiler - reality having been reset...). Interestingly enough, the overseas bases in Europe anymore have copies of Eternal Punishemnt EVERYWHERE - they've started marking them down to 5$. It's kinda boggling considering how hard to find the game is here in the states.


PDS is one of those games where people hype it to high heaven just because it's so hard to find, but if you actually do find it, it really IS cool. So uh, sucks to be most people.

Even if companies looked at petitions, you still wouldn't get a U.S. release of the other half of Persona 2. It'd be a low profile game released for a dead system by a publisher that really dones't have much of a hype machine.

This is like asking "How do you KNOW Shadow is Relm's father?"

Xeno spoiler, but only if you're hyper-paranoid.

Hey goog,

I just beat Xenosaga a few days ago, and I was wondering about the flash of Fei. How do you know it's Fei, it's just some kid playing with blocks. It probably is Fei though(well, Able actually). Xenosaga has got to be my favorite "new school" RPG. I really should play Xenogears, hopefully, I'll be abel to trade my friend Devil May Cry 2 for it. He obviously has no clue of the value of either game.


The fact that he looks just like him works well enough for me.

Quoth the raven...

Well, my favorite game is not really all that obscure. It is the often hated and thankfully never duplicated: Secret of Evermore. I love the story of a kid from Podunk, U.S.A. who ventures through with his dog that is a wolf, poodle, toaster that shoots lasers, and I can't quite recall the last one. Anyway, I thought that the battle system was pretty good because I really liked Secret of Mana and the Magic system was kinda stupid but it was at least different.

Anyway, on to my dilemna: I have about ten RPGs that I have and have either played sparingly or not at all. They are: Breath of Fire 1,2,3, Suikoden 1, Zelda Ages, Zelda Seasons, Zelda WInd Waker (on Tuesday), Xenogears, Metroid Prime, Star Ocean 2, Kingdom Hearts, Final Fantasy V, VI (which I have played 50+ hours at least three times but never actually beat to my knowledge), Legend of Dragoon (that damn hitting buttons at the right time makes me angry 'cause I am so uncoordinated), RPG Maker, Threads of Fate (not played as Mint, Panzer Dragoon Saga (I am not sure if this actually works) and probably a few more.

I know this is a lot so if you wanna put it up to a vote or something that's cool too.

S. H. Silver
-Will think of a snappy quote later.

Secret of Evermore's biggest problem: Like Secret of Mana, it had experience with various weapons and spells. Unlike SoM, this went by each individual weapon, and there was a strict limit on the number of times you could cast the better spells. Also made character building tricky when your dog can kill everything so easily.

Oh, and incidentally, that isn't much of a dillema. I'm sure most people reading this WISH they had ten unplayed games to choose from. Why don't you just roll a d10 if you can't pick one to start?

I get so many letters like this...

Hello, i'm writing in concern of the upcoming ff origins. by ANY chance is there a ff3 hidden or anything? will squaresoft take it out in a new pakage? i just can;t believe square is taking ff3 away from us!!! once i saw an "onio kid" in the menu of ff6(in ff anthology of course) is the game somwhere? or is square never releasing it? it's the only one missing....thank u for your time

No. Companies don't release collections of old games and throw in an extra without hyping it up. Square might rerelease FF3 in some form or another in a year or so, but there's no guarentee of it.

The answer should be obvious.


Why on earth doesn't RPGamer cover the MEGA MAN LEGENDS series? You cover the BATTLE NETWORK games. The LEGENDS games are as much RPGs as, say, THE LEGEND OF ZELDA. What's the deal?

-- VIVI = Back Mage #66

RPGamer covers the Battle Network games because they're RPGs. RPGamer doesn't cover the Legends games because they aren't RPGs. RPGamer covers Zelda, despite it not being an RPG, because quite frankly, our readers would bite our legs off if we didn't.


How do you play Xenocards in Xenosaga? I bought the game starter and booster packs but I don't know how to use them. Help me please.

Go to an EVS point, use the card passport.

The Last Laugh:

Remember kids, food is part of a balanced diet!

Googleshng "Part of an unbalanced diet too I suppose..."

Not part of a balanced diet: Rocks.

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