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Googleshng - March 17 '03- 2:00 Eastern Standard Time

Without the ability to update my page of rantings for the last couple months, I have been spending my weekends engaged in creative products that really show how much I'm losing it. Case in point, this weekend I sat down and drafted the rules for a tabletop RPG in which all the PCs sit around playing tabletop RPGs. People who have seen previews really seem to dig it actually, but still, that's not the act of a healthy mind.

Oh, and yes, I will make it available to the public later.

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Anime and Naming Convensions

hey google,

you know the slayers anime yeah? Don't you reckon it is the biggest mick take of every japanese RPG out there? its so cool! lol. They blow the concept of a solid RPG out of the window, where the random battle become tiresome and are ended with one fireball (a.k.a when the bands of heros were tracking down lina and co)!!

In another point, don't you think that FFX-2 would make a great remake of FF3? and also I reckon that FF11 should be called 'final fantasy online' and be a subgame like FFtactics and they should make FF11 another single player RPG! ^_^


No, Slayers is more inspired by tabletop RPGs. If you want an anime series that makes fun of console games, check out Magic Circle Guru Guru.

As for FF11, yeah, you're right. By calling it FF11, people who normally wouldn't by an online game might pick it up! How terrible that would be for Square!

Lots'o'Xeno Questions

Xenosaga spoilers.

Greetings from the new guy to the column... That would be me incase you are wondering. Alright, how is Xenosaga going to cut us off right in the thick of the plot? They didn't even really have anything resolved. Sure you got to save Miltia and all, but nothing was answered and now I gotta wait god knows how long to find out anything. Hell, they didn't even put any cool religious stuff in except for like the mention of the Zohar Emulators names. Oh, and the crazy scientist guy reading scripture.

When a game has "Episode 1" in the title, you should expect it to leave a ton of plot threads hanging. You seem to have missed out on a truckload of arbitrary religious symbolism though. Let's see, off the top of my head there's Jr's 666 on his hand, the word gnosis, all sorts of talk about turning into pillars of salt...

Alright, my question, a previous letter said that Fei was in the end of the game. Where? I didn't see him.

In the ending movie. On a white glowing background, playing with blocks.

Also I heard that there were three parts that were changed or censored in the american version. What are these.

"How ironic, you've finally accomplished your lifelong dreams, and only for the amusement of the one you have grown to destest... That would be me, if you haven't figured it out."


In Japan, Aldedo sticks his hand into MOMO's just to look through her memories, and uses a knife to hack himself apart. It's not like you're really missing anything.

Previously, on Quantum Leap

Hail Noble Slimy One,

I have to ask, what's up with the Fanfic section these days? It seems to get updated once a month if that! I need my fanfic fix! And will not do, since 99.9999999% of what's posted there is complete and utter crap. (This is an improvement over a year ago, when all those completely pointless and poorly written lemons adorned every page. Come on, people, grammar is not a fundamentally difficult concept, nor is spelling. Run MS Word's spell-checker. You'd be -amazed.-)

On a slightly more game-related note, have you played Tsugunai? If so, is it worth playing?

Last I checked, the last word on why the fanfic section is so behind on updates went something like "Yes yes, sorry. It's been a real hectic couple of weeks around here but I'm working on an update right now." Same goes for the music section there.

As for Tsugunai, well, it has a fairly unique premise, and some interesting game mechanics (for example, you get summons by making tangrams), but the overall presentation is a bit lackluster, and the pacing is slow, so I haven't really gotten into it.

The Last Laugh:

Yesterday it was 50 degrees outside and I was tempted to set up the air conditioner. I suppose having snow on the ground for four months straight really changes one's definition of normal temperatures.

Googleshng "Muad'dib!"

I'm glad Skiffy's finally airing that Dune sequels mini-series. No more of that logo popping up during Farscape.

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