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Googleshng - March 13 '03- 2:00 Eastern Standard Time

Two weeks a day from now, I am scheduled to slip into a deep funk of despair. In the meantime though, Blizzard has announced a new unit for the WC3 expansion: The Pandaren Brewmaster. They're so spiffy.

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That's a whole lotta vowels.

Could you please tell me how to pronounce Nobuo Uematsu (Music creator of FF series)? I say his last name like You-eh-mot-soo. And I know somehow I'll be wrong. So Could you please tell me how to pronounce it! Thanks in advance!

You pretty much have it. Just drop the Y from that You. Oo-ay-maht-soo.

Must... resist... urge... to quote... old... song!

I'm not really sure why the Japanese like to put people with unreasonable fear of lighting in their games, but don't they seem to have a tendency of placing unreasonable fears in their media?

For example, what's up with almost any given anime having someone who gets a fever, and then someone who reacts to that character having a fever like they're going to die within two hours if they don't get in bed and put a wet cloth on their forehead? Serious. I know fevers can be a little dangerous, and you do have to get off your feet, but really, in anime characters act like it's the worst thing someone could ever get.

Um anyway, tangent. Rpg question. Are you going to pick up the Final Fantasy Origins? I had a chance to play Final Fantasy 1 redone on Wonderswan Color, and I was honestly impressed. Strangely I remember playing that game when I was yonger all the time, but now a days I can't stomach to play through it anymore. But the remake is nice, if not only for the option of not swinging your weapons at the air if the previously targeted monster is already dead.

Do you know what other features are on the FFO disc?



(What is up with releasing FFO for playstation and not game boy advance anyway???)

My guess on the fever bit is that if you're only going to have one character get sick, just once, ever, you'd better make it count.

Anyway, I personally have no interest in FFO for the same reason I passed up the Phantasy Star Collection. In both cases, the only game I'd be picking up that I don't already own is what people generally consider the worst in the series. That GBA musing is a pretty valid question though.

Inevitable Xeno-talk.

Any thoughts on Shion's password to the KOS-MOS system ("Ye Shall Be As Gods") being the same phrase the gets plastered all over the monitors aboard the Eldritch?


I seem to recall XG saying "you" not "ye" but I wouldn't read too much into that. I mean, it's not like the intro to Xenogears involves some sort of machine going berserk and killing a bunch of people or anything.

This person doesn't seem to realize he's part of the problem.


Ahh, it is so nice to see RPGamer giving Xenosaga a deserving 7.0. Now, I have been sitting back here, reading your column (which I usually enjoy) but as of late it would seem that the RPG gamers have a bit of a Xenosaga fetish and it is quite sad, too bad only about 2% of them can understand the game's story and dramatic depths. But a 7 is the perfect number for a game that is being hyped more than a friggin Final Fantasy. Id like to read your column again someday without a mention of Xenosaga, but for the last month it has been a little difficult sir.
Personally, I think a lot of gamers are missing out on an even better game- Dark Cloud 2. This game is amazing, it has so much effort put into it that it makes the game mechanics of Xenosaga look like Dragon Warrior 1. You can fish, golf, collect infinite ammounts of treasures. build cities, it has so so much depth (despite a kindergarden story-line) but it is much smarter than any Zelda game. You can even catch fish and have them war each other in a colloseum-tank for the love of pete.

Anyways what do you think of Dark Cloud 2?
How do you think it compares in quality to Xenosaga?
Finally, When will this Xenosaga obsession end? Its like getting hyped up over Luigi's Mansion. Cripes!

Miro Hinton

By mentioning Xenosaga, you yourself keep mention of it from disappearing today. I think by this time next week it won't be the only topic of conversation, but still a prominent one for a good long while.

Dark Cloud 2 looks fairly interesting, but to my understanding, it's a pretty long action RPG, and those have this bizarre habit of sucking despite good premises.

Oh, and your saying "7.0" has somehow triggered my brain into raving about review scores a little bit. Personally, I say nobody sure ever try to use a scale of more than 5 points to judge anything, because quite frankly the most you can really do to quantify an opinion is to stick it under one of these headings:
Awful, Pretty lousy, Eh, Good, Unbelievably good. People who end up with a 50 point scale because they total points from 5 different categories are even worse, as that requires you to make the assumption that all those categories are equally important, which they aren't by any stretch of the imagination, especially since with games, one is usually labelled "Fun."

Oh, and yes, I realize RPGamer uses a 10 point scale, but we also grade on a curve, and you know, I'm just rambling at this point.


"If you can read this, get a life you FREAK!"

Hey, you had to read it too.


No I didn't. I had to write it... which is much worse really.

The Last Laugh:

Googleshng! You just had a major vein ripped open by an angry cat! What are you gonna do now?

Googleshng "I'm going to pass out from blood loss! Wooooo!"

Well, blood loss and having been awake for 19 hours.

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