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Googleshng - March 12 '03- 2:00 Eastern Standard Time

There's a phenominon when you run a column like this. Every so often, a certain statement will be made that sets up some sort of mental resonance and causes 100 or so people to all write the exact same letter. I've gotten pretty darn good at avoiding it over the years, but every once in a while it manages to happen. Like today for instance.

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Three little questions.

Dear Google,

I have three short questions for you, sir:

1. Do you think that Albedo sounds a little like Weird Al? At least in the laugh?

Emphasis on the little, but yes.

2. Is Dragon Warrior VII worth getting for $10?

I'd say so.

3. Now that you've beaten Xenosaga what are you going to play next?


I'm going to Disn- er, I mean I'll probably get back to trying to actually finish an Ogre Battle game.

Cultural differences are fun!

Xenosaga spoilers for their own sake
Dearest Google,

Like many other of your denizens, I've been playing the interactive movie that is Xenosaga. I wanted to know what you thought of the religious imagery in the game? Such as naming the Zohar after the 12 Apostles, the image of KOS-MOS on the cross, and Shion's password to operate her. Is it just Proselytizing or condemnation? It could go both ways. I personally enjoy it, and though I'm not Christian, I can see how it could be skewed as offensive. Your thoughts?

On a lighter topic. I'm not sure about how much of an Anime fan you are, but you should really check out the OVA series FLCL (Furi Kuri). I laughed, was confused, and generally just had a good time. The soundtrack by The Pillows is worth a watch in and of itself.

Till next time,


There's an old saying for situations like this. It goes something like "Those wacky Japanese and their completely arbitrary use of Christian symbolism!" Of course, I suppose that's balanced out though by all the movies made in this country where any sort of monk is guarrenteed to have supernatural powers.

Cubey fun.

Googleshng, o pale green one,
So it's the desire to power... hmm. Well, I take German class, and that is the literal translation. It could also be translated literally to say "The will[desire] to make" or "the will[desire] to do." That is why, "Was machst du in deiner Freizeit?" is "What do you do in your free time?" I have to learn more phrases...
Anyway, I have been wondering something. I never had a Dreamcast or a Gamecube, but I have heard great things about Skies of Arcadia, and would like to get Wind Waker and Metroid Prime. So, 2 questions for you-
1. What is the premise of SoA? What I've heard about exploration sounds really good, and I would like to play it.

Well, Skies of Arcadia is about a bunch of pirates, with airships, living in a world where there's nothing but open sky and cities build on flying rocks.

2. Are these games worth getting a GC? I mean, if I got a GC and one of those three games, then got another of the three when I was done, would it be worth it?
"[humorous quote]"

Well, I can't say for sure whether Wind Waker is worth owning since it isn't out yet, but everything Miyamoto touches turns to gold, so it's a safe bet to make. The other two I can say with certainty most definitely make the system worth owning though, as do several others.

Getting a lot of conflicting answers here.

Der Wille zur Macht is directly referencing Nietzsche, so I'd translate it as the will to power over desire for power, as that seems to be the most common translation for Nietzsche's works.

Will to power was one of the basic concepts of Nietzschean philosophy, and was the heart of what seperated the "supermen" from the regular person.


This is the last thing I'm going to post on the subject from an e-mail that doesn't end in .de.

I seriously have something like 100 letters just like this.

Xenosaga spoilers most of you clearly know already.
On the subject of Shion's fear of thunder... did you somehow happen to miss the storm raging on during the flashback scene where KOS-MOS, you know, killed everyone Shion cared about? Actually, most of the traumatic events we've yet had glimpses of in Shion's life seem to have occurred during some thunder storm or other. So... I would imagine thunder doesn't exactly bring back the happiest of memories for Shion. But that's just my theory. It's also possible Thor, the god of thunder (and sometimes host of Q&A columns) killed her father, right before her very eyes. Using thunder so loud, his head exploded.

Curse that thundergod and his sexy, sexypants!


Uh, I was never questioning the internal rationalization for yon "Eek! Thunder is scary!" scene. All I'm questioning is why so many games out there have the same exact scene, and why in Xenosaga, yon thunderphobe has so darn many lightning based attacks. Suppose I should have included reminders of the scenes so many people are pointing me at in that last letter yesterday though.

I got a few like this too..

I would like to blame the media for ruining my rpg experience with Xenosaga. For all of us Xenogears fansd, we couldn't help it but think of Episode 1 as more info and direct references as a true prequel to Xenogears. Now that I have played this game, I am utterly dissapointed. It was a great game, but as for relations to Xenogears, we may just have to wait until Episode 2. Ahh yes, the infamous Eldridge crsh, how I will bask in the glory of episode 2. Now if that let's me down, I will go into a depression to last my whole life. What do you think about the media's role in hyping up rpg's?

Tim Christen

OK... the media made it pretty clear as I recall that Xenosaga takes place something like what? 10,000 years before Xenogears? Just how much of a connection were you expecting under those circumstances?

Anyway, as for the media's hyping of RPGs, personally, my thoughts are that it's unbelievably uneven. In this country for instance, people will run something like two dozen stories for any given Square release, speculating about all the little tidbits of information the company tosses out. Everyone else's stuff tends to get a brief passing mention if they're lucky.

Of course, that's still not as bad as all the free press the mainstream media gives to everything by Rockstar.


This has nothing to do with anything, but your old issues/new issues title reminded me of this.

Why ?


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é (ALT+0233) you mean you aren't an upgraded version of eliza??!

Do you want me to be an upgraded version of eliza?

The thunder thing.Well I call tell you why some Japanese are scared of thunder because demons ride down on the thunder to eat children or something like that.It's folk tale but it's pretty funny.

Ah, this one vague comment made all that identical mail worth it. No seriously, it did.

The Last Laugh:

Lightning lightning lightning...

Googleshng "Gwaaaaaah!"

March 13th is not a day on which it should snow.

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