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Googleshng - March 10 '03- 2:00 Eastern Standard Time

So over the weekend I noticed that A Clockwork Orange was on the Independant Film Channel. It's one of them there classics I never saw for some reason, so I fixed that. While it was pretty much exactly what I was expecting, I was rather surprised to learn that IFC evidently has a pretty darn open policy when it comes to nudity.

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Fairwell to Eds.

Hey what the heck happened to the editoral section?  It hasn't been up for like 3 months and before that it wasn't updated for like another 3 months (I think the last update was on like 9/02/02).  I miss reading other people's viewpoints on the state of RPGs. :(!

Well, basically it goes like this. RPGamer switches over to a much nicer message board system. People who were previously writing editorials go "Hey, why don't we just write message board posts instead? They go up quicker." So then the editorials section attrophied and disappeared, and I loosened up my policy on posting pure opinion letters.

Case in point.

Dear goog,

   I know this is an Andrew topic but I would just like to discuss a game I just bought, Vanguard bandits. This definitely has the funniest RPG line ever. One of the princess' guards, Hadal, says in battle, "I just filled my Depends with joy!"I personally like when Iome is searching the guards for the key and she says, "It's smaller than average but it should do the trick!" Truly, it is a Working Designs game.


Ah yes, the creepy old lady from Vanguard Bandits. I seem to recall she also does a good bit of talking like Yoda. Really, there's a lot to like about that game in general. If nothing else, the main character is a bloodthirsty Oompa Loompa who ends up with a mech that can take on ten to one odds and not break a sweat.

I really wish people would mention what game they're talking about in their letters.

Hi, I just wanted to ask you how much it costs? I seem to be interested and has it came out in America yet? I have Rpg maker 1 but it seems not as good as this one. I like this one so I was wondering how much it costs? So please tell me if you ever find out or if you know how much yourself. I thank you so much for taking your time to read this email.

       Yuber_Chan ^_^

Assuming you're talking about RPG Maker 2, it's slated to be released in June, should be the same price as a standard game, and is designed more towards making Dragon Warrior 7/Wild ARMs style graphics than 16-bit sprite based stuff.

Cooking skills.


   I am greatly anticipating the release of star ocean 3.  Now that it is out in japan (27th Feb. I believe) has there been any indication of date that we could expect it stateside?  I have been holding off buying everyhting else to save money, and I need to know how long I might have to wait.  I really think that star ocean 3 will be great and I hope they still let you get over 100 levels.  Thanks.


The best date I can give you is "Fall." Hope it helps.


so what does der wille zur macht mean?

Bearing in mind that all the German I know is from translations of Magic cards, it means "The Will to Power."

The Last Laugh:

OK, I have to get this off my chest. What is the deal with RPGs featuring scenes where some girl on your party has a nervous breakdown due to a lightning storm? I can name at least three fairly recent games that do it, without ever bringing it up again, or having any real sort of context to mention it to begin with. Plus in every single game on my list, you have a character on your party with some form of lightning or electricity based attack that doesn't seem to bother her at all. Is there some piece of Japanese folklore I've never heard that sheds light on this, or is it just a recent cliché?

Googleshng "I really don't like thunder!"

Just for that I'm going to use lightning spells to kill everything from here on out.

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