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Googleshng - March 6 '03- 2:00 Eastern Standard Time

What made me think of Multiple Santa? I haven't the foggiest idea.

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I ain't afraid of Gnosis.

Xeno type spoilers from here until I say otherwise.

Ok I'm pretty far into Xenosaga and being a RABID Xenogears theorizer from those days I couldnt help but conjure up a few thoughts. I know the events of Xenogears are, oh say, 10 thousand years away, but I think I've come up with something.
The Gnosis are all biological. They travel in biological ships, LIVING ships, everything is organic. They use latent self powers as opposed to holding a mechanical object such as a gun. Now think, DUES was a living organic weapon. I mean the entire purpose of the human civilization on the world that Xenogears takes place in was to create FLESH for his full revival.
Humans 'true' form in XG was the -Wels-[haha, xeno pun baby]. But what if you connect the transformation of Commander Cherenkev during Xenosaga to the transformation of the humans in XG. The Commander transformed into a Gnosis. I believe that DUES is a Gnosis being of some sort enslaved by the humans and used for a weapon in conjunction with ZOHAR. This is why the 'true form' of humanity in Xenogears is the -Wels- or GNOSIS because DUES' self resurrection protocol 'Persona' created these humans. DUES, a Gnosis, bearing beings with his genetic structure.

Do I have a point? Or am I tying two granny knots with a loop and it aint happening? ->elliott

I'd have something to say, but I'm too busy snickering at "DUES."

OK, I'm done now. You've got the whole Zohar reactor on the ship from XG, and you've got the whole connection between Zohar and Gnosis thing going, so yeah, your theory holds some water there I guess.

I think the weirdest thing plot wise in Xenosaga though is how nobody ever bats an eye at chaos.

You know what? I'll tell just you when spoilers stop.

Dear Google:

Does the length (or lack of length) to Xenosaga make you want to scream too? I just beat it. Level forty. Not even 50 hours in. It's like, 'whoosh, what's going on, oh, to be continued.' So irritating. Any news whatsoever that production on Xenosaga 2 has even started? I worshipped Xenogears (speaking of which, I have to call my cousin and ask for it back, phooey on exams, I need to replay it now) and this was an amazing game too. Or at least an amazing half a game.

Anyways. Am I the only one who thinks that silver haired kid who seems to be in control of everything is Ramsus from Xenogears? I know Elly and Fei are in Xenosaga. Well, Fei's just a little flash at the end, but there's Elly throughout it. Or am I just being hopeful and looking for more connections than there really are?

Thanks. And please, please tell me they've atleast started on Xenosaga 2.

Well, it's fairly standard RPG length, so no, I'm not bothered at all. Anyway though, Proto-Fei and Elly are pretty much required to be in there, but Ramsus doesn't really get that sort of billing. Plus, uh, WHICH silver haired kid? There's a lot of them.

Those wacky perverts!

More games need monotonal voices from the sky telling you about all the stupid things you just did.

My friend and I were discussing it earlier and we came to the conclusion that The Xenosaga is going to take a very, very long time to complete, unless Monolith comes up with away to speed things up. You have a couple years in development, though those times obviously overlap, then you have about a year between the Japanese release and the US release. At this rate we're going to be well into, or even beyond, the next generation of consoles before it's all done. One things for sure though, it'll be an awesome ride. Nothing quite like ship-to-ship battles at near light speeds through a hyperspace collumn. We also worked out that, with six games, probably coming in at least 50 hours a piece, it'll be, at the least, 300 hours of game. That works out to 300 hours of some of the best sci-fi story work I've ever seen. I just hope they don't pull an eleventh hour cancelation of the series on us, a la Farscape. I think at that point I just have to curl up into a little ball and cry.

I should probably have a question, so how about this. Is it just me, or did the character designers of Xenosaga end up marketing to every single erotic fan-fiction button possible? It's like they went "Ya know what, it's getting harder and harder for doujinshi writers to cater to all aspects of human depravity, let's give them a break, huh guys?"


So would you be refering to the love triangle between the cyborg, the midget, and the 12 year old girl there?

End of spoilers


Remember, kids--it's illegal to emulate a Zohar unless you own the original monolith and are just making a backup copy.

I can't believe how long it took for someone to make this joke.

I ordered a cheese burger!

Is this really such a great accomplishment as to demand public attention?

Gauntlet! Green Q&A Host needs food badly! GAUNTLET!

Now if only that blue elf would stop nabbing all the food.


Well he's probably just nervous about his upcoming sex/species change operations.


Are those Japanese characters in your sig? If so, what does it mean?

- Dace

Yes they are, and the obvious.

The Last Laugh:

Quickies. They're what's for dinner.

Googleshng "I love how Xenosaga holds off on the random Christian imagery for a good 15 hours and then just splatters it everywhere all at once."

Congratulations Pee Wee Jay Sherman

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