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Googleshng - March 5 '03- 2:00 Eastern Standard Time

If I can't update my page soon, I do believe I'll snap.

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It isn't always worth it to play Devil's Advocate.

I feel I need to respond to what was said about cheating in RPGs yesterday. There was an extremely good article about this on IGN a few years back, just don't ask me to find it.

Accusing everybody who uses cheating devices with video games of being a loser is a sign of intolerance, bigotry, and prejudice. There are millions of people who are mentally disabled and may be unable to develop good strategies or even pay attention long enough to reach level 50. Should these people be prohibited from playing RPGs? If you plan on responding with, "If he's in college, he's probably smart enough to figure these games out," how do you know he isn't an idiot savant who may do extremely well in school but is unable to understand the Materia system? I think before you go around insulting people, you should consider the state they're in and make sure you're actually judging them fairly.

If you want my opinion, I think RPGs should have a debug mode built in, for anybody who wants to use it. Obviously, there should be a warning that doing so may detract from the gaming experience, but if somebody doesn't want to cheat, he doesn't have to.

"Intolerance, bigotry, and prejudice" you say? Well considering the matter being discussed here is cheating at video games, that's not really a fair assessment. I think we can fairly say that everyone looks down at cheating in any area. When you're cheating at a single player video game, that's just pathetic. Especially in a game which is so easy to begin with that it requires no strategy or effort whatsoever to begin with.

Now, to be fair, there are SOME reasons when it's OK to use a cheating device. Like, if you're working on a strategy guide and you need to see every item description at once. Most often though, the situations where I hear about such things are the situations where someone will brag to me about how cool their Diablo 2 character is now that they've hacked the file to give themselves an extra 200 skill points.

Finally, before we leave this issue, you realize I hope that your savant theory doesn't hold water, don't you? Oh, and let's not forget that extrapolation of the statement "cheaters never win" makes them losers by definition.

On a much less preachy note, how's Xenosaga been treatin' ya? I have to agree with you on the whole anime thing. Sure, the game may be stuffed with cut scenes, but each FMV has the quality and caliber of any movie or anime you could name. Have you tried the card game yet? If so, what's your favorite strategy? Finally, who are your favorite characters for fighting? Mine used to be Shion, chaos, and Ziggy, but then I discovered that KOS-MOS is much, much better than Ziggy, at least in terms of dealing damage.

BL Alien

I am really really impressed with the amount of effort that went into that card game. I mean, not only is it surprisingly deep, but they even wrote some good AI for when you play against the computer. I haven't taken the time to develop a strategy though, as I'm trying to catch up with people who had all weekend to play it.

Oh, and yes, KOS-MOS is pretty much the most useful character.

Long question, short answer.

Dear Googleshng,

How do you type with boxing gloves on? Oh, wait... wrong question. :)

What I meant to ask was "Why do some people just not understand RPGs?" Take my roommate for instance: on a couple of occasions, he has walked past while I'm in a battle and asked me, "Are you still on that level?" or "Do all the levels in this game have the same music?" I try to explain that most RPGs just have one or two themes for when you are fighting, and that they also don't always have "levels" per se, but certain areas outside of battles will have music unique to their area. Unfortunately, this usually prompts either "Man, don't you get tired of that song?" or a topic change to: "How is choosing stuff from a menu any fun?" He also has asked me, "Is there actually a game here, or do you just watch movies?" in regards to Xenosaga, but that is an understandable mistake. :D (Sorry... it's just such an easy joke, and it's a true story.)

Don't get me wrong; my roommate is a great guy. He just prefers sports to video games, and when he does play, it's usually Mario Kart or something like that. But, I mean, even my little sister likes RPGs to some extent. (She got hooked on Chrono Trigger a few years back, and she used to love watching me play various RPGs so she could follow along with the stories.) Why can't my roommate understand the kick-arseitudeness of RPGs?

I would assume his lack of understanding of the genre comes from him never having played one. Which isn't to say he'd necessarily love them if you shoved one down his throat.

He has a pretty darn good point about the music though. More developers need to vary random battle tracks.

On a COMPLETELY unrelated note, which Final Fantasy games do you think can spawn good story sequels (a la FFX-2)? Obviously Seven left the door wide open, whereas Eight and Nine had pretty conclusive endings, but what about the SNES/NES games? Do you think any of them could spawn good sequels? I don't know about the viability of the storyline, but I certainly would find FFVI-2 to be an interesting game -- no magic, world in shambles, and I would get to play as Sabin and Mog again... :)

"Say something normal, like... er... um... Douglas" "Meh!"

If someone held a gun to my head and told me I had to make a storyline sequel to a Final Fantasy game, I'd go with FF6. The whole rebuilding from the ashes of a destroyed world angle has a lot more potential than the happy ending you get with most of the rest.


In-famous slime,

Xenosaga is without a doubt, the best PS2 RPG to date. The other day you said Xenosaga has no world maps. There is one, a certain "Foundation" has a giant space island. The world map is done the same way as Chrono Trigger's. I love how you enter the Foundation for the first time.


That isn't a world map. That's a town map. Xenogears had those too. A world map contains every location in the game, generally with random encounters and physical boundries.


self gratification! i, for once, know the quote! its from xenosaga at the Kukai Foundation's Gear Shop where the SPASTIC "mysterious old man" hits you up for parts. -> elliott

You are correct sir! ~

The Last Laugh:

Green Q&A Host needs food badly.

Googleshng "Eat your food, don't shoot it!"

Ah, memories.

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