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Googleshng - March 4 '03- 2:00 Eastern Standard Time

Just about every letter here is on Xenosaga. Makes sense I suppose. Anyway, let's get into it.

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One game does not a trend make.


I should have stated in my last letter that I was speaking strictly of PS2 RPG's. I admit I haven't even touched the Wild ARMS series. I did however play Skies of Arcadia on the dreamcast when it first came out. I liked the gameplay but I got annoyed with some of the cheesy dialogue and the annoying shouts during the battle sequences. Have these things been remedied in the cube remake? I was thinking about picking it up for the cube anyways since I don't have any RPG's for it.

Uh, if you're being annoyed by characters shouting things in SoA, the only thing I can think of that you could be refering to is the special attack names, which you could always skip by hitting start.

Onto the real reason for my letter. I was thinking, with the recent trend of RPG's being cast in a futuristic setting it would be nice to have a "universe map" or a "galaxy map". Something along those lines could have some rather innovative features such as areas of space which would require upgrades to your ship to traverse though (an asteroid field may require a certain type of targeting computer, or a sector of space could require some high radiation shielding, etc.). The map could be complete with wormholes to reach other systems and later in the game could be upgraded to a space folding type system. Instead of being attacked by random monsters while in space you could have something akin to the airship battles in skies of arcadia (with an option to remove being attacked altogether with some type of stealth mode. I didn't like being attacked all the time. I just wanted to zoom around for a bit). Anyways, those features combined with a complex story, a good battle system, and some nice dungeons would make for an excellent RPG dontcha think?

-Lich King

Oddly enough, Kingdom Hearts works a bit like that. That catch of course is that not a whole lot of effort goes into it, and it really doesn't fit in with the rest of the game. The idea is nice though.

Oh, and in the meantime, there's always stuff like the Escape Velocity series, which last I checked is getting ported over to Windows after a mere 15 years or so.

Have I said one bad thing about it?

Personally I think your being a bit hard on Xenosaga. There is a game under all of those cutscenes and a remarkably deep one at that. The tech system is very well done and there are some enemies that require more than a bit of strategy to beat. Other than that it more or less seems that Xenosaga doesn't muck around by making you do all the stupid and pointless stuff other just as linear games require you to do to advance the story. For example rather than making you find and talk to fifty different people by just wandering into the next room and hitting X, Xenosaga takes care of a great deal of it for you, only making you do this so that you can learn an area before it becomes awash with enemies.

That's my bit, thanks for listening

I don't believe I have said anything bad about Xenosaga, so I don't see how I could be too hard on it. It's a pretty good anime series, and the gameplay wedged in occassionally is right up my alley. The only complaints I could really make this far in would be that you can't tell what you have already when you're buying new equipment, and basic attacks have animations up to 30 seconds long. Any other complaints one could make would just be complaining about the format, which is just plain stupid. If you're complaining about how Xenogears makes you watch a solid half hour of movie every time you finish a dungeon (plus some 10 minute segments in the middle of that dungeon), it's a bit like watching Rambo and complaining about all the mindless violence.

Behold my analogy!

Is the interactive anime good so far(xenosaga)? I was going to buy it with my measly Wendy's pay check but other things came up and I ended up spending all my cash else where. Supposedly my mother is going to buy me it for my B-day ,which is probably true but that's not until the 23rd and it's killing me. Of course like all other Xenosaga enthusiasts I'm a big fan of Xenogears.

On an unrelated note have you seen Jin Roh: Wolf Brigade( I think that's how it's spelled)? I've been thinking about buying it. Also I don't know if you've seen Evangelion, but if you have... who the hell is Lilithe? The last angel kept calling Adam that.

Anyway that about raps it up...uhhh.... have a nice day!

"Every citizens final duty is to go into the tanks and become one with all the people."-Shenji Yang(Datalinks)

Rich Graf

Please please. "It is every citizen's final duty..."

Anyway, Xenosaga is quite nice thus far. I'm still amazed at how challenging the gameplay actually is.

Oh, and you're very very confused. Lilith is the thing on the cross. Everyone calls it Adam because, well, that's where everyone expects Adam to be. It's like when you play Stratego with bombs in the corners and your flag in the front row by a lake.

Go team go! Please!

My wife had a dream last night wherein she was told that she's been playing too much Chrono Cross. Is that possible? Anyway, I've looked at several guides and tried several things, but I can't seem to access any of the characters' dual/triple techs. What am I missing?

My first guess? The fact that there's only like 5 total in the whole darn game. If that isn't it, make sure everyone has enough points to do the move. Defending for a round always works.

Random Stuff

"You know... Gummi Bears REALLY encourage violence. I mean, you can only eat them for so long before you start torturing them."


I know I say that a lot but I don't recall doing so publicly recently. This reminds me though, if anyone reading this was at NonCon, I need a picture of you know what.

On to other pointless ramblings.

I've played a bit of XenoSaga, and so far, it certainly does look like an interactive movie, I'm just curious if you know if the movies continue at the rate they do for the first hour or two, or will there be more gameplay as the story progresses. I can understand having a few large movies at the beggining, because you want to introduce the basic plot, but beyond that, movies should be used only at relatively important plot points.

Chunks of gameplay get longer, chunks of solid movie get longer, bosses get longer...

I've always had a problem with finishing RPG's... I'm at the final boss in at least 6 games I own, and I just can't bring myself to kill them... You ever have this problem?

I actually have the opposite problem. I'll spend the whole time through a game trying to make sure I get pretty much everything, then when I notice it's just a couple hours until the end, I say "smurf it" and just go win.

SoA rocked. <= had to add that in, it's probably one of the top 10 games I've ever played... if not one of the top 5 ^_^ The dreamcast had several good games, I was really surprised when sega pulled the plug... It was the most promising console since... snes...

Well here's the thing with the DC. It had a ton of good games, the full support of Sega, and a lot of press, "but it's a Sega console." That keeps people from buying stuff.

Odd financing

Hidey Ho long lasting slimey one with minty fresh breath,
So I noticed that my birthday is coming up and I also seem to have over $300 of money lying around my house and nothing to do with it. I'd buy Xenosaga, but my friend already got it, so I'll borrow his copy after he beats it (which will probably be soon). So then I was thinking I should buy "Wind Waker", then I thought, "Wait I don't have a GameCube". After all of this deliberating I decided to scan our local Software Etc. I was scanning the used PSX shelf and noticed a copy of Lunar: SSSC was shoved in there for $35. I don't know if I want to get it because I loved Vangaurd Bandits, but only thought the demo of Eternal Blue that came with it was so, so. And so...
Do I:
A.)Buy a Gamecube and Windwaker?
B.)Snag that copy of Lunar that I found?
or C.)Just buy GTA: Vice City and waste my brain mindlessly ending the lives of innocent humans?

Any help on how to spend my hard earned(?) money would be greatly appreciated.

Uh... by my math, you should be able to afford all of that with cash to spare. Otherwise, you might want to skip Lunar if you don't like what you've seen, and you might want to skip GTA on the grounds that everyone else in the world has it and you could just borrow it.


Hi, I would like to know if there is any information regarding a sequel to Chrono Cross for the playstation 2.

Thank you.


The Last Laugh:

Ah, good old familiar back pain. Nothing like sleeping in a hotel room to make you really appreciate the sort of comfort one gets from a futon.

Googleshng "Why HELLO Dr. Lucky!"

It's the anti-Clue.

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