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Googleshng - February 25 '03- 2:00 Eastern Standard Time

Always fun having the flu isn't it? Yesterday I woke up at something like 11:30 PM, drenched in sweat, with various nasty fluids flowing from various orafices. Getting a straight 20 hours of sleep does wonders for your immune system though, so today I'm all set to answer some questions.

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As if I wasn't nauseous enough...

I'am experinced rpgamer my first rpg was FF7 back in 97.
When I first played FF7 it was like heaven it had a strange effect on me, I played it from beging to end at least 5 times more i'm sure. Since then I've been playing no other type of videogames but rpg's I even took it back and played the rpg's I missed out on(FF4, FF5, FF6, Chronotrigger, Breath of Fire ect.. I later came across Xenogears it gave me the similiar feeling to FF7. Then i've played games like Grandia(only the first 1) and Skies of Arcadia which were specatcular but no FF7.
But as play rpg's they become less and less appealing its not what it used to be.
So tell me.
Will their ever be a games as great as FF7 will i ever feel that good about playing an rpg agian.
Is it because I getting old.

This is honestly a pretty common sentiment on behalf of people who never played an RPG before FF7.

It always bugs me when people confuse developers and publishers...

Hey Goog-

I read the Lich King's gripe about strict linearity in PS2 RPGs, and I wanted to bring up Star Ocean 3 as a not-too-far-off alternative. Enix is generally good about giving you time to do your own thing in RPGs, and I dug Star Ocean 2 enough to beat it, so I think Star Ocean 3 will deliver. I hear Dark Cloud 3 isn't bad either, and I may be wrong, but that's an open-ended series too.
On the flip side, Xenosaga comes out in five days. (Four, really, since I'm writing this at 1 A.M., Friday morning.) It's definitely a linear game-Japanese sources report there's actually a one-to-one ration of cinematics/cut-scenes to gameplay-so I'm waiting with a mix of insane glee and skepticism. (Mostly insane glee.) We've seen similar projects before, in "cinematic" games: Metal Gear Solid, Silent Hill, Resident Evil, where a good chunk of game time is solely devoted to sitting back and watching stuff happen. Still, they're all action-oriented games. My question to you: what do you think about such a plot-intensive RPG, where you don't have intense action between story segments? I'd be interested in hearing your take on it. Thanks.


To my recollection, Star Ocean 2 was so linear that you frequently couldn't revisit a town after leaving it. Oh, and I assume you meant to say Dark Cloud 2 there.

As far as Xenosaga goes, I suppose it's really a matter of perspective. If you're looking at it as a game, what I've heard isn't good. If you're looking at it as 3D rendered anime series though, you're getting like 80 episodes on one DVD, and that's quite the bargain.

On a related note, I rationalized purchasing Shenmue on the grounds that, worst case scenerio, it's a classic arcade collection with a long intro.

Cause and Effect

Hiya Googleshng :D

I wanted to comment on this:

" often do you see any real character development in an RPG besides someone suddenly overcoming all their self-doubting during a special cutscene/boss. I suppose the whole perfect hero or total whiner thing really comes as a side effect of the standard save the world plot. If people dipped into motivations like'd probably see some more diverse personalities."

In my favorite video game (Tales of Phantasia!), saving the world is more of a... a sub-plot of sorts. You're told about it a couple hours in, and you do something about it around two-thirds of the way through the main plot. Then you go back to the main conflict, which is that revenge thing you spoke of.

And although the personalities in that game are great, they're not big in the development.... (I've been told that they fixed this in the PSX version, but I haven't been able to play that yet.) They're all very similar to the way they were in the beginning. I guess the main character is in the "spotless angelic optimist" category.

So, uh, I guess "revenge =/= better chara development" was my point.... Though "revenge = better plot," imo.

I can't say anything about the curses though....


I wasn't saying that having a plot driven by revenge made for better character development. I was just saying that when a game has a Save the World sort of plot, it makes it hard to do anything with the main character besides making an angel or a whiner. I mean, philanthropy and anti-heros just don't mix.

Not an RPG but eh...

Hey there, g,

Last week you mentioned Metroid Prime as the most pleasant surprise of last year. I'm not sure if I was too surprised, but I definitely loved it. Anyway, I've got a couple of questions for you (I don't think the questions are spoilers, though the answers have the potential to be).

First is there any benefit to beating the game with 100%? Or how about beating it in a set amount of time? Also, do you know what the deal is with hard mode? I've got a ton of games on my stack, but I want to make sure I've done everything worth doing with this one before I move on. Thanks a bunch.

-Ben, a fan of video games

You aren't surprised that a no-name U.S. based development team actually managed to smoothly transition Metroid to a 3D first person affair? Wow.

Anyway though, time doesn't do anything for you in Prime, but finding everything let's you see nifty concept sketches.


heloo i just want to ask how to use masamune , i got mars crest and mars sigil, but masamune still doesn't work, aeorn only deal 9999 damage not 99999, can us help me, thx a lot

Maybe you should try, say, applying the Mars bits to the sword.

how do you work the switc in scenerio events

That's one of the vaguest questions ever.

You're mistaken, the dancing woman in question (in the well and upside down) is actually a cameo appearance from that girl in The Exorcist. Weird movie. Weird cameo. Eh?

It must be asked: What the deuce are you talking about?

The Last Laugh:

3 days until NonCon...

Googleshng "Wanna BET?"


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