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Googleshng - January 30 '03- 2:00 Eastern Standard Time

Not that more than three of you out there should care, but I'm in a strange situation right now.
In one month- I've been invited as a guest speaker to this year's Non-Con. I'd love to go, but I only know one person with a car in the tri-state area, and he'll be in Texas.
In two months- I've been invited to spend a couple weeks touring northern Japan with the majority of expenses paid. I'd love to go, but I'm a couple hundred bucks short of the airfare.
In three and a half months- Someone has agreed to pay my way to Anime Central on the condition that I wear a hideously uncomfortable costume. I'd love to go, but the offer may have been invalidated by me forgetting something I promised I'd do.

So anyway, the point here is, I'm right on the verge of being able to go on a lot of fun little trips save for a nasty little catch each. Weird to have so many of those at once. Oh wait, I just said nobody cares didn't I. On with the letters!

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"Jerry's ideals of purity of body bring him into conflict with Tom."


Just some clarifications for yesterday and some questions.

1)Hmm. What I was trying to say with the whole Metroid GBA and lack of controls thing was that there was less options. No grappling hook and no vision enhancer. I do agree that the Hold-R-for-missiles thing was lame but it sure beats using the select button. Thered be nothing worse than cycling thru missiles and power bombs to hit something with a charged beam. (Second-to-last boss, for example)

Here's an idea for you. Have R toggle between missles and non-missles so you don't have to hold 4 buttons to fight that one boss.

2) What kind of setting do you prefer your rpgs in? I'd like to see an rpg set on a tropical island paradise. (Think Mystara from FF2 US only with palm trees) But then again the setting I prefer is usually based on the place that I live. Right now, I live in the tropics. But when I lived in a snowy place, I liked games that took place in an Alpine setting. (Castlevania: SOTN, the first part of Tales of Destiny, and the snow levels in Ogre Battle)

Original. That or a nice variety. Or a nice variety containing something original. I mean, it's honestly pretty weird to have an entire world where everything looks the same.

3) A non-random generated Lufia sounds great. I really enjoyed Lufia and Lufia II but skipped the GB Lufia for the simple fact that a game of all random dungeons is lame. A game with one, two, or three optional random dungeons is cool. However, I think a game with all random dungeons has great replay value but zero play value.

Random dungeons don't HAVE to suck. Look at Diablo 2. Of course, to be fair, D2's dungeons are pretty much random in name only.

4)Did you have any problems with the puzzles in Lufia II? I spent maybe 4 Thanksgiving hrs on the puzzle where you had to move the blue and red blocks into a certain pattern. And then I spent another hour on the puzzle with the musical tones. I figured it out after I turned down my music and turned up the game music.

I don't generally get stuck with puzzles... except in System's Twilight.

5) Just to clear up your statement about Tom and Jerry being the #1 anime in Japan: I don't believe you've seen it. From the bootleg, taped, fan-subbed version I've seen, the anime takes place in NeoNeoNeoTokyo. Tom is a helicopter-flying, shrouded, scientist who only wants to see people brought to the next evolutionary level by merging man and machine. Jerry is an angst-ridden teenager having to come to grips with the power of his hyper-charged plasma-beam katana and his responisibility as the last surviving member of the Nezumi Clan. Jerry's ideals of purity of body bring him into conflict with Tom. Warfare ensues as Tom sends his inter-dimensional, time-travelling ninjas with laser ninja blades to, and I quote, "slice him a new orange." However, Jerry, aided by the undead soul of his grandfather reincarnated as a Pachinko machine, defeats the ninjas by hacking into their brains and causing them to explode.


You managed to write a paragraph that grows on one. Strange.


Mr. Google,

In the past few months, I've gone through the worst video game spell that I can remember. I was unable to finish Ico despite the great enjoyment it gave me and I have declined purchasing any game since FFX (I think that's almost a year). My only source of salvation was to be Devil May Cry 2, which I was looking forward to with great anticipation. Imagine my horror when it got decidely mediocre reviews. FFX-2, too, looked semi-intriguing, but I don't really feel all that gung ho about it, and Xenosaga is increasingly looking like a $50 movie which I won't have time to watch. Ergo, I'm worried. Is this the end? The beginning of the end? Intermission?

Please help,
Mournful in Minnesota

Well, now that Sega's out of the hardware biz, they're porting games out to everyone else's consoles. While they may be terrible at marketting and they went through like 5 systems in a year, they ARE actually one of the better developers out there. I'd particularly recommend Skies of Arcadia. .hack has a lot of fanfare around it too. You can dip into the PC world and grab some Bioware games. Oh, and then of course there's the option of taking a break from buying new games and spending your money on something more worthwhile and fulfilling. You know, like food for the homeless or home insulation or anime.


Hi Google,

i only have one thing to bash and that is Ultima,Omega Weapon from final fantasy 10 how they were embarrassingly easy it was pathetic.and a question WHY? the weapons from final fantasy 8 where much harder.

I'd blame it on the fact that FF10 is the easiest FF game in general. I mean, how can you expect really challenging optional bosses when you effectively start with the second best equipment in the game? That's like being surprised that you can win Grandia without ever taking damage, or that nothing remotely notable happens on disc 3 of LoD.

The Last Laugh:

Wow. I had surprisingly little to print tonight. Oh well. Time to extract my bed from under a cat.

Googleshng "My shrink was right! God DOES hate me!"

I said how useful is the spork. You know, that spoon/fork thing you get at Kentucky Fried Chicken?

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