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Googleshng - January 23 '03- 2:00 Eastern Standard Time

For once I'm glad it's Thursday. While I normally love doing these columns, when I'm sick like this there's a certain appeal to being able to just sleep for 72 hours straight if need be. Mmmm.... hybernation...

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4 Quatro... I rented some weird NES games.

Salutations, my fine host- A few oddball questions for you... 1- Is Xenosaga going to be as "epic" (loooooong) as Xenogears was. Sure it was a good game, but COME ON. No one should have to sit through badly pixelated characters and horribly dubbed cut scenes for more than one disc (although I'm sure Xenosaga will do a better job in the visuals department)

I've heard conflicting reports as to the length of Xenosaga. 20 hours, 50 hours, 80 hours. Heck, I got the figures of 50 and 80 off the same freaking page. The important part I suppose is how long it feels. If it has the same sort of plot/gameplay ratio as Xenogears, I'd guess you'll be groaning still.

2- Any news from the fanart front? I read you expect to find one by the end of the week.

Well more specifically, I plan to sit down over the weekend and finish going through the giant mountain of applications then interview the best five over the course of next week. I feel really bad for the people I've gotten rejection letters out to so far though because I'm not throwing those out to the worst ones first. The process is actually based on the order they came in.

3- Do you create fanart? And what kind of fanart appeals to you (cutesy, dramatic, etc.)

I would if I could draw. No wait, if I could draw I'd be too busy working on this little pet project of mine. I'm kinda proud of this though.

As for what I like... glossy looking pictures of a super deformed version of the entire case of a game doing a variety of silly things I suppose. More generally, everything besides pictures of the the same 5 characters people always draw. Especially when I was updating the archives! Lulu, Lulu, Lulu, Lulu, Sephiroth, Sephiroth, Sephiroth, Sephiroth...

As you can see, I'm a visual arts nut (one of the few who think graphics are the most important aspect in a game)

Also, do you think Trigun would make a good game? I think it would make a good platformer/adventure game.

- Squee (heehee)

I really couldn't see Trigun as a platformer, but it would actually make for a pretty darn cool adventure game if done properly. You could make a really counterintuitive gun game too! Instant game over if you accidently kill an enemy!

Go-go Gadget Go Board!

Hey goog,

I was thinking about the time that you had an ebay auction for nothing, and it made me think. You should auction a guest hosting position on there. I'll bet you'd make a small fortune and make someone very happy.

Speaking of guest hosting, when I was a guest host on March 16, 2001, the link for that column is broken. I'd like to read it again sometime.

One last question, do you play Go? I've recently started playing again, and I'm very addicted to it. If you don't play, you should get into it. I think you'd like it.


That nothing auction was actually Chimerasame. Anyway though, while there is a certain appeal to auctioning off guest host spots as I'm currently in serious need of money, there's the little matter of the severe ethical problems with that concept. Oh, and I'll look into that link.

As for playing Go, (I REALLY need to break that habit some day) I tend to avoid it. I only know one person who plays it, last time I played him he mopped the floor with me, and since then he's spent three years in Japan honing his skills against people who've dedicated their life to the game. I don't really have the time to build up enough skill to have a chance against him.

Good games.

Dear overworked and underpaid Goog,

What are your thoughts on the new look for Zelda? I personally think it is a nice change, and the expressions are so funny.

With regards so warm that my fingers are melting the keyboard, Willy3

PS: Is the remake of skies of arcadia going to be good? I've got some money to burn...

When I first saw the graphical style of the new Zelda I laughed my head off... that's a GOOD thing mind you.

As for SoA, (see?) the original version is one of the greatest games ever made. I don't believe they're changing enough for the GC release to smurf that up, so you can bank on it being great. Of course, if you already have the original version and you're wondering if it's worth getting yon port, I've got a major bias due to poverty.

Art, Fan Art Fan.


I was glancing through the Fan Art section and noticed that you asked for submissions involving monsters. Now I'm no artist, but that comment made me recall that I've never actually found decent pictures of Mag Roaders, except for on the side of this RPGamer picture:, as well as a page from the FF3 strategy guide somewhere in my attic. So this got me thinking: does the Fan Art section take requests? Mag Roaders have been my favorite monsters since, hm, I think since one of the Oz books had a species of creatures like them.

Don't work too hard,

- Mag

Nope. If the fan art director had that much clout, I'd have had all sorts of weird stuff commisioned over the years. Of course, plenty of artists out there do custom stuff if you ask them nicely. So you can just bug the best artist you know, or hope someone sees this and is sufficiently bored I guess.

The Last Laugh:

I just remembered another really smurfed up NES game I rented once. It was called Baby Boomer. The cart was blue, and it was a gun game revolving around a baby crawling along at a steady rate. The point wasn't to shoot the baby obviously, just the stuff trying to kill it, but there's just something WRONG with that concept...

Googleshng "HIII guy!"

It feels like every oraface in my head is filled with peanut butter... except my mouth. Great. Now I'm hungry...

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