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Googleshng - January 21 '03- 2:00 Eastern Standard Time

Wait. Not the cow. Me. Someone linked me to a web comic featuring the exact same characters and situations as the other couple thousand one too many times... again.

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How does Texas factor in here?

I know you guys do a great job and I depend on all of your detailed information, but I'm going on a Long Trip to Vegas (by car, from Texas) and I wanted to find some info about the Lunar Legends game for the AGB. PLEASE HELP ME

Lunar Freak in Texas

aka James

ps - keep up the great job, long time fan

If you want to know if Lunar is worth playing, yes, it is. If you want to know how it stacks up to other versions of Lunar, well, no more anime cutscenes or Working Designs translation, it's easier, and the graphics are better. Think that about covers it.

Lots of Questions


This email has questions concerning most things with the exception of iced white chocolate Mocha. Enjoy!

1)Is FFTA being developed by the same guys that developed the OG FFT? And aren't half the guys that did FFT also guys that worked on Tactics Ogre? Everything seems so criss-crossed yet makes perfect sense in my head.

I am officially giving up on trying to keep track of the individual members of development teams, as they have an increasing propencity these days for splitting up and moving around like crazy. I can be reasonably certain it's a good chunk of the same people, and likely the same basic engine behind the gameplay.

2)Have you heard anything about the anime Now and Then, Here and There? The cover looks good and I dont want to read the back. (spoils the movie)

I believe I have, but don't recall it. Sorry.

3)The Gamecube-GB player is coming out in Japan in March. (about $58) If and when it comes stateside are you planning on getting one? I'm tempted but that kinda goes against the reason why I invested in a GBA in the first place.

If for some odd reason I have the money, I'd like to get one yeah. Ironically enough, I'm never playing my GBA more than half a meter from my GC, so it would be nice to be able to upgrade my screen and controller.

4)The Gamecube shows a lack of dedicated RPGs. However, it has other quality titles like Metroid, Monkey Ball, and Ikaruga (import) to float it. Where do you think the GC is headed? Judging by history, we might see an Ogre Battle game on it in the future. (The only OB game that didn't come out on a Nintendo console/handheld was Ogre Battle Gaiden.)

I guess that's it.


The GameCube actually has a fairly decent number of RPGs out with more on the way, it's just that most of them are ports off the Dreamcast, and Sega still seems to practice some sort of anti-publicity. The upcoming games include some original stuff which looks interesting though, and then of course there's the various games various companies are evidently working on but not revealing names for too.

"I hate that thing I know nothing about which may not exist!"

Hi Google, I am the all powerful SuperSaiyan!!!

What I've been hearing for a while now is that theres gonna be a sequal to FF VII and I'm interested to see if any of this is at all true?
Cuz if it is, then theres gonna be a lot of people that are gona be in a pile of preverbial doggy doo-doo.

Well thats it.

There was already a sequel to FF7. FF8. They went on to make a few more after too. I assume however you are refering here to the direct storyline sequel (or possibly prequel) to FF7 currently in the planning stages, which was announced a couple months back.

New Age Retro Hippie used toothbrush!

Hi Goog,

Nonono. It's 28:06:42:12, not 28:06:15:12. Never forget 42. It's The Answer, you know.

Anyway, my question for today is: Do you like Earthbound? I tried it a couple of days ago, but I loathed every bit of it. The humor is fine, but everything else is just... really bad. Why does everyone seem to love it? Well... I'm sure you get this question every two days or so, so just ignore me.


Well hey, 3 out of 4 isn't bad seeing how I only saw it once.

Anyway, some high points of Earthbound include of course the general insanity, the fact that you can rename your whole party, dog, favorite food, and main attack spell, and of course it deserves some MAJOR credit for how it handled random battles. Once you're finished with a dungeon, monsters will try to avoid you, and if you can finish a fight without taking a hit, the game saves you the trouble of watching it play out and just gives you the cash and money. More people seriously need to do this.


28:06:15:12 is the number that Frank tattoos on Donnie after he wakes up from meeting him the first time.


Or at least close enough. I think that's the last column title I can do after a movie I saw that day for a while though.

The Last Laugh:

Of I go to finish yon mammoth update!

Googleshng "Hey! I may be ugly and hate filled but... what was that last part?"

Donnie Darko doesn't really have much going for it besides the countdown and Frank...

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