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Googleshng - January 20 '03- 2:00 Eastern Standard Time

This weekend sucked for reasons I'll probably throw into a rant soon enough. Let's just get into the letters.

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Hey Goog,

Have you ever had an area in a particular RPG that you just plain enjoyed hanging out in for as long as possible before advancing the story? For me, I always enjoyed hanging out in Zozo in FF6 and the airship crash site in the beginning of FF9 myself, those were both really cool places. What about you?

Robust Stu

There's a few places like that yeah, although usually it's just for the music. The Magitek factory in FF6, anywhere you can hear the spiffy tower music in the Phantasy Star series, not to mention the little club in PS4 where it played the jazzed up Fantasy Zone music. In Skies of Arcadia it's always nice to just hang out where you have a good view of a reef. Shenmue has the arcade. Anyway, point is yes, such places are fairly plentiful.

Who wears short shorts?

How come people were talking so much about Yuna's outfit when Rikku's is a bikkini top and a thong covered by what looks like a very wide belt? And why does Paine look like a girl is some scenes like she's supposed to and a boy in others?


To answer the first part of your question, A- that's more or less how Rikku always dressed, and B- people are more bothered by Yuna showing skin due to the whole meek little martyr attitude she has. It's like if they made a sequel to FF4 where Edward and Cid were both in pink frilly dresses. Cid would bug you more.

As for your second question, uh, I'm just going to have to label you sexist and move on I guess.

You people realize the number is "googol" right?

Yo (10^10^100) - "plex",

*turns Q&A into a Lurkers Anon meeting*

I'm a Lurker. And I can change.

1) Googleshng, are there any RPG's out there that you are _really_ looking forward to? I used to be a FF-aholic, back in the day, but I haven't played anything except DDR since FFX. What have I been missing? I rented Xenogears once, and loved it, but I can't find it anywhere these days. Also, I don't think I'll be looking forward to Xenosaga, since sequels are nevvvver good (look at FFX-2).

OK, so you say sequels always suck, yet you evidently enjoy FF10, the sequel to a sequel to a sequel to a sequel to a sequel to a sequel to a sequel to a sequel to a sequel. Plus the only example of a bad sequel you can name is a game which is still in development, therefore nobody should really be able to say whether it sucks. On top of all that, Xenosaga is a prequel, not a sequel, and the only prequel to an RPG I can name off the top of my head is Lufia 2, which rules quite frankly, but you need more than one example to make a case there.

All that said, no full blooded RPGs are really jumping out at me today, but new Zelda and Castlevania games look pretty spiffy.

2) Googleshng, dear, what is SquarEnix's first little soirée going to be? I haven't really cared about them, but it my be amusing.

That would be the unfortunately titled Drag-On Dragoon.

3) Is FFTA worth buying a GBA? Can I get a price estimate on the pair? (I know, I could just call EB, but I'm lazy).

Once again, I can't give an opinion on a game which isn't out yet, but regardless of whether FFTA is worth playing, it's worth owning a GBA. I mean, it has a larger library of games than any other system in history, and has actually gotten some of the best games released in the last few years to boot.

4) Mega Man Battle Network Trading == bad thing. Martha Stewart would roll over in her grave, if she was dead and heard about it.

Saigo no Omoi) Why is the sky blue? Why is the grass green? Why, for that matter, is milk blue and purple?
Saigo no Saigo no Omoi) Is clotted milk good for you? I hope not...

Peace Out!
"The world will not be destroyed, it will only--" "Turn into a disco ball!"

Uh, you could always trade chips in the MMBN games last I checked. Incidentally, I've heard like a dozen weird baseless conflicting rumors about MMBN3 over the last couple days, and not a one of them can be substantiated in any way. So, I'll just continue to ignore them for now.



Hi. I'm sure you've heard the news about Final Fantasy Origins being released in North America this April, and I was wondering if you were looking forward to it? I really am, I never got a chance to play FF1 on NES except on emulators(I never did achieve owning that cart) and I never played FF2 ever because it was never released here and I'm not into stealing.

But on to my question, has the new version of FF1 in FFO been toned down in the difficulty?


Evidently they decided to make the difficulty adjustable, but was FF1 really all that hard to begin with? Anyway, I have absolutely no intention to pick up that particular little collection, because I already own FF1, and I've never heard anyone refer to FF2 as anything other than as a terrible excuse for a game.

The Last Laugh:

There. The column is up, now time to hit Fan Art.

Oh, yes, and to set a couple records straight:
  • As of when I wrote Friday's column, RPGamer had never any pop-up ads on the site, although every so often someone would sneak one into a banner and we'd have to smack them.
  • Saturday, this Xenosaga ad deal started up which includes your standard banner, that little countdown thing which shows up on the main page no more than three times a day, and (just to keep up the fun tradition of proving me wrong in my sleep) a pop-up which shows up no more than once a day.
  • Like all ad campaigns, this is somewhat annoying, but you should be somewhat relieved to know that while it's a whole lot more lucrative than most ad deals we strike, all procedes go straight into server costs and not one person on staff sees a dime there. Plus you know, we all probably see these ads more than you do.

Googleshng "All work and no... uh... the other thing."

Yes, I did catch the Afterlife reference up there.

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