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Googleshng - January 16 '03- 2:00 Eastern Standard Time

The title of today's column serves to show how stupid it is to remove the E from words that start with "Ex-" in the hopes of discouraging others. Or something.

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What's with the sudden explosion of pop-ups? Now every time I to go RPGamer I get 2 or 3 pop-up screens, but this wasn't happening even a week ago. What's up with that?

Well, considering that RPGamer doesn't have any pop-up ads, I would have to assume the ads you're getting are actually being created as you leave another site, or by something else you may be running, like Direct Connect.

Looking for a little action.

I just got a financial aid refund of a little over $1700, and have big plans for it. In a word, PS2. (If you remember me, I'm the die hard Dreamcast fanatic, who flamed you because the DC wasn't being manufactured anymore, but that's not the point) Anyway... I was wondering, are there any big action/RPG titles out there that actually live up to the hype? I'd rather not shell out $40 for a game to find out it's a dud if I can help it.

Remember me not in malice, my flaming days are over (provided PlayStation 3 is backward-compatible, that is =P).


Hey, I'm not in charge of DC production, don't look at me.

Anyway though, getting to your real question, "Are there any PS2 ARPGs that live up to their hype?" Quite frankly, no. I can find one person who actually enjoyed Dark Cloud, and a pretty good number of Kingdom Hearts fans, but that's it.

As far as Kingdom Hearts goes though, while it does have a fair deal of enjoyability due to the insane plot, the actual GAMEPLAY is just plain disgusting. I mean, it actually has a little attack/magic/item menu in the corner, so if you want to use a healing item, you have to stop defending yourself or moving for a bit to do so. I'm not even going to get into the camera.

Fun fact: My answering of this question has likely caused 50 people to begin plotting my demise.


Dear Google, Can you tell me the meaning of the symbols on links shield in Ocarina of time? What does the shields picture represent? Triforce above Redbird in the center and a triforce piece below. Also I have noticed the piece under the Redbird seems to be darker than the triforce pieces above. I would appreciate the answer, I have been wondering since 1998 when I first took notice of this!! Thank you!! Michael

I'm actually going to have to go out on a limb here that less thought went into the imagery of Link's shield than you give credit for, and that yon bird and extra triangle are just there to fill space. If anyone has any elaborate theories though, feel free to share.

11 in 2?

Hey Google,
Final Fantays XI, I've heard many different rumors about when it's going to be released, seeign as I throughly enjoy the Everquest series and most of the Final Fantasies I decided to reserve it at EB and they told me the release date is March 5th, then I heard other rumors that we wouldn't be gettign it until summer, which do you think sounds more realisitc?

I don't trust rumors as a general rule, particularly seeing how Square hasn't really tried to pin down a harder date than "sometime this year." If it was going to be out as soon as March 5th though, I'm fairly sure people's dates wouldn't vary so much.

Art de la fan

Earlier, you have talked about being out of work but looking for a job. Good luck! No, I am not being sarcastic- I wish you luck on finding a good job. Just an idea, but you ought to have that send letters to the Q&A column send in a few ideas on jobs in case you can't get one you apply for.
I guess I should ask a question... Ah, I have one. Let's say you play a game without a set storyline, like D&D, and send in art of a character you made. Is that considered fanart or just art from a character from a game? And what if it is fanart from a game you make? What is that considered?


I'd never say I'm out of work. I have plenty to work on, I just live in an area where there's an amazing shortage of paying jobs is all. Anyway, the ruling on what the fan art section will accept is fairly simple. If we cover the game, you're good to go. Some of the best art submitted over the last year in fact is of the characters people created for online games. Games you've made yourself are out though, unless of course we actually cover those games... but in that event it'd be official artwork and that'd be the wrong place to submit it.


I have a quick question. On shopping websites (like or, if a game gets extra stuff when you pre-order it, would you be able to get that stuff online or do you have to pre-order it at the store?

As a general rule, you get your pre-order goodies either way.

Hey, haven't sent you stuff in awhile. Anywho, ever heard of an anime called One Piece? Is it worth buying if you have? And, do you think any of the upcoming Growlanser's will be good? Thanks for your imput as always.

One Piece is best described as a combination of Pirates of Darkwater and Dragon Ball. Take from that what you will. As for Growlanser quality, I would assume yon new games would be on part with the old.

The Last Laugh:

Enjoy your weekend everyone.

Googleshng "Mmmm... Farscape."

Gadzooks this was a tiring week...

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