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Googleshng - January 15 '03- 2:00 Eastern Standard Time

So anyway, how 'bout them zombies eh?

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Reading PC Fantasy

Hey Goog,

I consider myself an avid RPGamer. I have been playing games since the Intellivision days. That would be around 1984 for anyone who cares. Anyways onto my questions:

1. Is it just my family/friends or do other people's family/friends call RPGs, "Reading Games." It was not uncommon for anyone I knew to say, "have you beat that reading game yet?" or "Oh, that's one of those reading games."

Yeah, that's just you.

2. Why do you think that we are getting all of the original Final Fantasies on the PSX except 3? Do you think that it would ever be localized and packaged with another game, perhaps Bahamut Lagoon?

They might throw over FF3 and something else if they get bored, but I highly doubt it'd be something they'd have to translate. FF3 and Mystic Quest maybe. Still though, why not just play FF3 on the GBA?

3. I am looking for a good PC RPG. Any suggestions? Shadowbane looks tempting, but online games are addictive! (4+ years of Ultima Online.)

Keep up the good work, and thanks for being so darn enjoyable to read.

- MicroStout

Anything by Bioware should do nicely. Balder's Gate, Neverwinter Nights, Fallout, Arcanum, etc.

Simple call really.

My dear, from what I have read recently from your news page, there is a bonus if you pre-order Xenosaga now before you buy it in stores. At the same time, there is an entirely different bonus offered if you pre-order the new Zelda game before February.
Namco offers free merchandise as their bonus while Nintendo offers two bonus discs with their game. So, my question to you is...

Could you name the pros and cons of ordering one over the other?

I know both are awesome RPGs, and both are worth pre-ordering for their bonuses alone!
However, if you only have enough funds for just one and not both, then what do you think would be the positives of picking one over the other? Keep in mind those bonus discs for the NGC will probably be out again later in the year, and those bonus merchandise from Namco could easily be bought online from either their official web site or an auction site like EBay after Xenosaga has been out a few months. I am quite interested for your reply on my question.

Huge Dreamer

So let's see, which do you want more?
Two games, one of which has never been released before,
a shirt?

Seems pretty obvious to me. Plus the other thing to consider is which game will be harder to track down later? My guess is Zelda since again, two games, one of which has never been released before.


Hey googleshng,

I'm just hoping you can help me out with something. What's a good way to upgrade my ARMs in Wild ARMs 3? I'm tempted to put a lot into shot, but the pay-off isn't that great in battle. I can't seem to find anything that defines Weight or how effective Hit is as well... (except for Gallows - I through a level or 2 into Hit for him). I just don't want to find myself maxing out the levels of my guns and they turn out pretty horrible. What's a good strategy do you think?

Thanks a lot.


P.S. How's that new job treating you?

There's really two viable strategies for upgrading arms. Go with raw power (which I recommend for Clive), or go for gattling fun. Every point you put into weight makes it cost 1 less FP per shot when you go gattling. So, putting in just a few points does squat, but if you dump in enough, it snowballs to the point where you can get 10 or 11 shots off with some people, assuming you have the ammo for it. It works out a bit better than just upping power for Jet, although you should keep in mind that things with high defense won't take much damage from those 10 shots.

Oh, and with Gallows, I'd just pump up the Critical. He'll never do decent damage really, might as well make him a bit luckier when he does attack.

Oh, and I suppose yon new job is being a bit rude to me, what with not telling me whether or not I have it.


Does RPGamer not support direct links to pictures anymore?


Uh, RPGamer has NEVER allowed people to link directly to images or movies. There was once a time when that rule wasn't enforced by the server, but it WAS always there.

Gotta get the expansion, Civ 3: Play the World.
Vikings, arabs, even good old Celts!

Bah! I shouldn't have to pay extra to play as my favorite civilization! I miss diplomats too...

The Last Laugh:


Googleshng "Ach! Zombies!"

There, pretty as a picture.

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