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Googleshng - January 14 '03- 2:00 Eastern Standard Time

Very sorry at the lack of a column yesterday. To make a long story short, while I had no problem getting a ride to a friend's house for his birthday over the weekend, I had a heck of a time getting back here to civilization.

Speaking of civilization, what's up with Civ 3? No Vikings!

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I think that there should be more female characters in RPGs. I think that female characters are usually more interesting than male characters, and I prefer using them in all types of games than their male counterparts. I also think that there should be more non-human characters in RPGs(e.g. Mog from FFVI). I think that more RPGs should have female characters as the main characters. Also, I would rather have a main character that is not your typical male, age 15-25, blade weilding, knight/soldier/mercenary who ends up saving the world. How come a kid 13 or under or an adult 30 or over be a main character? I know that there are main characters that start out as a youth and then grows up, but I would like to see the main character stay as a kid. These are just some of my opinions that I would like to see in future RPGs.

What do you think?

Yi Lang

There is a disproportionate number of female characters in games in general these days really, I don't think you want to go and make that worse. I think the reason most characters are your standard human male age 16-25 though is that quite frankly, so is the average person who plays those games. It's a pretty standard trend to make characters resemble the target audience. Main characters all having the same job though, that one there's really no excuse for. Heck, I'd even be happy to see the occassional main character who uses an axe!


Google, I await your egotistic reply however I think I can brave it as I enjoy the humor in all your sarcasm and self-promoting wit. Also I find your answers helpful to the RPGamer.

Egotistic? Uh, either you don't know what that means, or you read too much into stuff. The only thing I ever do that could be construed as egotistical is print the occassional letter that complements me, and quite frankly, I don't really have any control over how people start their letters.

1.First of all I have a birthday this month and I am torn between Xenosaga and .Hack. What should I buy?

Well, it's somewhat surprising that you don't have enough family and friends that you can get two games for your birthday, seeing how that seems to be the case though, go with whichever appeals to you more. I mean, Xenosaga is by the same people as Xenogears, and I get the impression has more cutscene than gameplay making up its completion time. .hack on the other hand is that game everyone but me around here seems to be drooling over while I for some reason have never so muched as looked at screens from it.

2. Is the secret ending to kingdom hearts a hint at a sequal or is it what square wanted to show us as their alternate plan for the games graphic system?

One would assume the former.

3. This isn't a question but, I think that Final Fantasy is under appriciated plot wise. This game has an intense plot that no one seemed to think much about. It is about a shattering of the pillars of religion, it is about a quest for the truth about God and evil and an attack on organised churches. This is better told than most books and I think it deserves more recognition.

There, take your best shot.


I assume you meant to say Final Fantasy Tactics as the plot of Final Fantasy doesn't cover religeon at all, and if anything is rather overrated. I mean, the only time anyone ever says more than a box worth of text is when you win.

Anyway though, yeah, FFT has a pretty impressive storyline, which is probably unappreciated by most since there's something like 60 characters to keep track of, and the character you control isn't one of them. Oh, and it isn't really an attack on organized religeon in general. It features a religeon really closely modelled after the Catholic Church which is pretty darn evil, but it never gets into anything like how adding a beuracracy to a belief system causes problems. Lunar 2 sure as smurf does, what with it's pay-save points and all.

Again with the name wrongness

Am I the only one who is in complete awe with Namco's upcoming Venus & Blood? The artwork is beyond words, the music in the many, many clips I've seen is delicious, the battles look terrific, the cast of characters is incredibly orginal and diverse, the storyline seems awesome (from what Japanese I understood)...but I fear it'll never show-up on American soils. Does rpgamer have any info concerning Namco's intentions with this gorgeous game? To understand my point of view, just download the newest movie on rpgamer. Amazing I say. And who composed the music? It sounds like Sakimoto-san...I need that game, how about you? Ciao!


Assuming you're talking about Venus & Braves, no, there hasn't been any announcement as of yet whether it plans to come to the U.S. Don't let that dishearten you though, Namco U.S. is always rather quiet.

The Last Laugh:

I don't mind you sending me letters on the weird little topics Andrew brings up for the weekend, but seeing how I don't like stealing his letters, if you're going to do that, PLEASE do it with the topic from the weekend that just ended, not the one that has four of my columns before it.

Googleshng "Sorry again for lateness"

Being stranded places sucks.

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