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Googleshng - January 9 '03- 2:00 Eastern Standard Time

As you're reading this, or before, or after, I'm interviewing for a day job to ensure I can keep stuff on the table or whatnot. So uh, wish me luck or congratulate me or console me or something. Bah, just read these letters.

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FFA Questions are rare.

Hey Goog, gotta quick question for 'ya. I tried sending this earlier, but I dont think that it was sent.

I have been taking a nostalgic trip through FF6 the past few days, after about a year of neglect. ANyways, tonight I tried to look through the bonus menu(as I am playing the FFA version) and whenever I try to load the data from my memory card, it says that it can't find my system file. It has no problem reading my saved games. Could it be that I accidentally deleted it from my memory card a year ago and forgot about it? Or does it just mean that I haven't unlocked anything new yet?

Thanks a bunch!

If I recall correctly, once you win FF6 in the anthology, it lets you save a little system file, which opens up all the little extra bits. Presumably if you had such a file, you have since deleted it yes.

PS2 games

Hey Goog,

I was just wondering if you are looking forward to .hack//infection? OO and can you recommend any RPGs for the PS2 besides FF10?

Ramza Beoulve

I'm actually not particularly excited about .hack for some reason. The whole RPG-based-on-anime-series-based-on-MMORPGs concept just doesn't click or something. Anyway though,if you're looking for new PS2 RPGs, I'd have to suggest Shadow Hearts, and maybe Wild ARMs 3, depending how you like the approach that series takes.


Sup Google I just wanted to tell you "I beated teh crono triger"... Oh, and i wanted to ask what this MasterQuest verison of Ocarina of Time thats supposed to come out with the Wind Waker if you reserve it by Feb.16. I have not the slightest clue as to what it is.

Second i wanted to ask you about these memory cards for GameCube that have 250 blocks and 500 blocks. My bro told me they the files one has saved. The only problem I have ever had with memory cards is buying ones that arent made by the manufacturer of the console


The happy little Zelda extra is the expansion they had planned for the 64DD. Essentially it's the same concept as the Second Quest in the original Zelda. Specifically, it's more or less the same game, but the dungeons are totally different.

As far as memory cards go though, there's huge memory cards available from Nintendo, so that should set your mind at ease.


DO you know a game designers web sites.

See, this is the sort of question one can only answer with the help of proper grammar.

Hello, my name is Hiero. I had a question, if it is not any bother.

I was looking through your site for wallpapers to use on my journal, found a few, but then when I put the urls, they would not link to the selected ones. Is there a reason for this?

Thank you for your time.

Well, our Themes section is chock full of wallpaper, but seeing how RPGamer (much like every other web page out there) is not too keen on bandwidth piracy, you'd have to download them and host them yourself.

The Last Laugh:

Hi ho, hi ho, a-hunting jobs I go!

Googleshng "Ohohohoho. Ahahahaha."

I refuse to put this pun into words.

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