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Googleshng - January 8 '03- 2:00 Eastern Standard Time

Generally I start every column with some boring little anecdote of what I did that day. Figures that I'd forget to do anything prior to this column eh?

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Oh for smurf's sake!

Hi, Googleshng!
Remember that just before Christmas there were post online that all the consoles were going to drop 50 bucks again. Then everyone posted again saying that it was just a false rumor. Well I was wondering if you knew or heard something about the prices in the near future. I am dying to know, because I do not want to get a ps2 now and a week later find out that I could have saved 50 bucks.

Since heard that the game xenosaga was going to be censored I decided to avoid the series. I read that what they cut out was really minimal, but it is still character development and censorship. Yeah I heard that the character looks young, but it still takes away from story. Think starting an on-line petition for monolithsoft to eventually released an unedited version would be a good idea? I mean one game is edited today next we could have a stream of slightly edited RPG's, because characters look young or they hJapaneseanse culture. If they are in any way anime style games, RPG's, etc. You really can't avoid young looking characters.

Also for someone who asked if Fruits Basket is worth watching after the 6th episode. I say yes, very much so. From that part and on, there is a lot of character development, and you get to the violent and sad love stories of the characters that are cursed.

If you want to keep on top of hardware price drops, the best way to do it is honestly just to go up to the counter at your local game store and ask. They're more prone to keep on top of that sort of thing, and won't go lying to you since the extra $50 they'd get off you would be offset by the many games you refuse to buy there afterwards. That and I doubt they pay the guys behind the counters on commission.

Now then, moving on... "Since heard that the game xenosaga was going to be censored I decided to avoid the series." That is the second stupidest thing I have ever heard someone say with regards to whether they were going to buy a game, trumped only by the time someone told me they knew they would absolutely hate FF11 but were going to buy it anyway.

In any case, things get changed around one way or another in every single game out there when brought to the U.S. Things get added in, things get cut out, encounter rates are adjusted, translations are botched. In extreme cases only one part of a multi-part game will be brought over.

In Xenosaga's case, the only modification I've heard of is that after the game was released, they looked back at one cut scene and noticed that the way it was animated some people might misinterpret it as something dirty. So they decided to reanimate it for the U.S. release. That sure as heck isn't depriving you of character development, and it isn't quite censorship either, being the self-imposed correction of a mistake.

Oh and another thing. A- Video game companies as a general policy ignore all petitions. B- EVERYONE ignores online petitions. C- If they did acknowledge them, it'd be the publisher you'd nag, not the developer.

By the way, I still can't figure it out. What exactly were you trying to type when you said "hJapaneseanse?"

People really don't pick on LoD enough.

Bad translation examples


Dart: Oh no... Shana is going to cook!
Shana: I am saddened by what Dart said


The Sadalfus aristocracy lost power with the fifty year war as Algus is trying to regain his status by becoming a knight

They set up us the bomb!

- Galvatron

Your accurate lambasting of LoD balances out your referencing of Zero Wing. I still say FFT gets too much of a pounding on the translation front. Take a look at how often, say, Illusion of Gaia will switch person and tense in a single sentence. It's freaky really.

Tech support time.

I know this isn't an RPG question but then again you did put my Metroid timeline question in.

I heard today that if you cheat on GTA: Vice City too much that it will kill your PS2. What I heard is that your PS2 won't ever turn on again. I heard that if you beat the game with a file with no cheats then you can cheat on the game and not have to worry about killing the PS2.

Since many of your readers (and you I assume) have PS2s and might have Vice City I thought that they'd like to know about this.

Do you know if this is true? I've been pretty worried about this since I'm borrowing the game from one of my friends and there are two save files on my memory card (my friend doesn't have a PS2 memory card). One is one that we both play (mostly him) with cheats and the other is one that I play on my own with no cheats. He perfers to use cheats and uses them a lot on it.

-Robo Hick

As a general rule of thumb, no videogame can actually do damage to a console unless you do something like throw it at extreme velocities, or smear it with jelly. They're read-only. Now, a game could in theory royally frell up a memory card, but that's another story altogether.

This is a bit more upbeat than what I said yesterday.


I've recently discovered RPGamer, and have enjoyed faithfully visiting the Q&A portion of the website. The past couple months there has been much talk regarding the design and writing of RPGs for design studios - most recently with a letter from Brian Nelson (posted 1/7/2003). I'm not certain the angle of his inquiry, whether actively seeking a job, or researching the educational steps necessary to land a job writing RPG dialog. Regardless, I visited the Bioware website today and noticed that they have a position posted for writing game dialog. Offers a look at the expectations that Bioware has for starting positions along this career path.

Along similar lines, I think Bioware's Neverwinter Nights toolset (Aurora) is a great way to create your own RPG campaign (provided your story fits within the setting and constraints of this D&D engine). A possible option for those inspired to create... but would prefer to avoid an over-abundance of programming.

Finally, with your revelation of possible new employment, is there a correlated chance of you leaving your duties as the Q&A host?


Yes, PC game development is a bit more accessable than console, particularly with the bulk of developers being based in english speaking countries.

Anyway though, seeing how any job that I might seek is a demeaning little minimum wage sort of thing I'd just be taking to pay for my net connection and the amassment of new games, to make sure I can continue to do this here to the best of my ability.

That and anime.


how do you program the gbc?

That's a rather odd question to ask in this forum, but I'm fairly sure most GBC programming is done in assembly. Of course, I'm also fairly certain that nobody out there is still actually making GBC games in this day and age, rendering the point a bit moot.

Did the person who felt abnormal amounts of gloating flow out of them as they typed you that email ever stop to consider that your comment about breasts in that rant was sarcasm?

... anyways.

- WobblyFork

Probably not. I didn't either. I just reread that trying to interpret that sarcastically and it just doesn't work. I mean, if that line is sarcastic, you are then operating under the assumption that I consider my breasts far too small, and thus I want these pills advertised at 3 AM, which would by extension make that entire paragraph sarcastic, which would then extend to the entire body of it, and do you honestly think I BELIEVE that munching coral makes you grow an extra brain?

The Last Laugh:

Off I go to do something annecdotal... or something.

Googleshng "Boing!"

Off I go I say!

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