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Googleshng - January 6 '03- 2:00 Eastern Standard Time

As you may know, RPGamer's fan art department is currently between hosts. So on the one hand, I'm holding down the fort over there, and generally renovating it, so the new host doesn't inherit weird prehistoric directory structuring and whatnot. More importantly though, I have this giant mountain of applications I'm digging through, and didn't have the presence of mind to set up a nice filter, so your letters are buried treasure today. Now off to get my shovel...

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Eh, I've got the space.

It would be nice to help me out by printing this but since it is not an actual gaming question....
Anywho, what is a good action or funny anime, or both. Not counting Record of Lodoss War, Trigun, Slayers, Escaflowne, Soul Hunter, Sorcerer Hunter, Any anime on TV, Evangelion, Any Gundam, Nadesico, Ranma, Urusei Yatsura, X, and I think that's it. Input would help, if you do answer than I have new found respect, because this has nothing to do with games. Thanks

Those Who Hunt Elves. Next!

You people care entirely too much about not caring.

Greetings Google,

I feel the need to comment on the whole "Could care less" thing.

Let's think about it for a second. "I could care less" means, if I'm not mistaken, that it is possible for me to care less. If my caring level equals 100, it is indeed possible to care less. In fact, anything other than 100 itself on a scale from 1 to 100 is less than 100.
Let's move on.

If "I could care less" could mean anything from 2 to 100 on a scale from 1 to 100, this would mean that someone whose caring level equals 1.5 could not care less. Since the scale is from 1 to 100, caring anything higher than 1 means that one could care less. So, in conclusion, "I could care less" means that my caring level would have a value being greater than 1 and less than or equal to 100. "I couldn't care less" means that my caring level would have to equal 1.

Now that I've cleared that up I can, without causing any more confusion, declare that I couldn't care less if this gets posted.

I suppose I should add a question. What GBA RPG coming out in the near future are you most excited about? Personally, I'd have to go with the new Seiken Densetsu game.

- Dain

I think that just about covers THAT issue. Anyway, the next GBA game on my list of things to get is Pokémon 3, what with it being out in the next couple months and all. It isn't necessarily the game I'm most anticipating mind you, but you did specify the near future, and I don't think anything else on my list will be our until fall at the earliest.

Eep! I'm rusty...

Phantasy Star 2 spoiles ho!
Mr. Google, a question for you...

I got PSC at Christmas a while ago, and I must ask you something... Who won at the end of Phantasy Star 2? The good or the bad? I couldn't figure out if the good survived or what?

BTW, I ask of you to edit out the part in blue. There may be those who didn't play it yet, and I don't want to spoil the ending with it.

Hige Dreamer

OK. Since you have evidently seen the end of PS2 a good decade or so more recently than I have, I'm going to assume you're looking more for details on the aftermath of the game than a recap of the specifics of the ending cuscene there. So...

I wouldn't really say the badguys won. I mean, it's not like they destroyed the world or anything... OK, fine they did. But just Palma. That still leaves two out of three!

I wouldn't really say the goodguys won either though. I mean, not only does the primary center of human habitation go boom, but destroying Big Brother has this unfortunate side-effect of causing a general collapse of society, and taking out all the various machines making Motavia and Dezoris fit for habitation.

So really, PS2's ending doesn't work out too well for ANYONE. Except me of course, because it leaves Motavia a nice happy desert planet teeming with sandworms again for the setting of PS4. That answer your question?


why are toes shorter than fingers?

Well, humanity's ancient ancestors were monkies who for one reason or another decided to leave the trees and run around on the plains instead. Having prehensile feet doesn't really work to your advantage that way, and it's really easy to trip if you're running with super long toes, so evolution eventually shortened the things.

Is Paine an Al-Bhed?

OK, this is one of those letters that assumes companies tell the press absolutely everything anyone could possibly want to know about their upcoming games, but for some reason they just sit on that knowledge. We don't. So, if you want an answer to this question, you'll have to just sit tight and wait for Square to start trickling out little insignificant details like they do with all their games.

The Last Laugh:

Aside from a fan art update, I also threw up a rant over the weekend for those who care.

Googleshng "Vitriolerific!"

Now for some Tim Burtony fun.

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