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Googleshng - January 2 '03- 2:00 Eastern Standard Time

I was planning to give today's column some sort of title related to The Magnificent Ten from Giant Robo, but then I noticed today was 1/2/03. I am a slave to numerology...

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In related news, my mother just quit smoking.

Oh my (insert deity here), you play M:tG.... somewhat unsettling and fluffy at the same time. Anyways, I've got a Xenosaga question. A friend and I are arguing over whether or not the stories will connect between Xenosaga Ep 1 and Xenogears. He says they are just based in the same universe. Little help here?


That's played. Past tense. I kicked the habit back around Mirage like 90% of the Magic community. Although I did recently post that set of rules to a complex Magic varient on my page.. anyway though, back to the matter at hand.

While Xenogears and Xenosaga are different chapters in the same story, I wouldn't expect a heck of a lot of common threads. There's something like 10000 years and three games between the two. The most I'd count on is for the end of Xenosaga to be a reinterpretation of the intro of Xenogears.


This symbol: <3

is creepier for <3 reasons:

1. A heart that is rotated 90 degrees to the left will not function well. Various vital tubes will rip or twist and a clot or asystole of some sort will probably result. It is creepy that someone therefore says "Bye" or "Love" followed by "Malfunctioning death heart".

2. A large number of inane people use this symbol for horrible purposes, much like smilies and other emoticons. Example:

funkyKEWLGrrl: so bret aked me out11!

lindapotato4evr: awesum!!!!!

bretlikesboobs: hi girls

funkyKEWLGrrl: hi bret :* <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3

<3. If you are like me and do not put up with emoticons by and large, it is "left angle bracket three", not "heart" or "love". Therefore, it is very disturbing for someone to abruptly close their email with "left angle bracket three." Although it does sound kind of cool.

"Honey -

Dinner is on the counter. Salad in fridge.

- left angle bracket three,


I have no idea what possessed me to write this. Possibly Reise, I have been feeling a bit sad today.

- WobblyFork

Ah, but there are a few corrections I must make. First off, if your heart didn't work when tilted to the side, we'd all have to sleep standing up. Second off, < is not a left bracket. This: [ is a left bracket. This: < is a "less than" sign. That just makes it all the more creepy though. It could be someone saying I have "less than three" years to live or somesuch.

Recent FF game characters

Just thought I'd comment on Squall's antisocial behavior. The point was he felt abandoned by everyone. Grew up in an orphanage, never knew his parents, and when his "sis" Ellone left, that was the last straw. He even tells Rinoa (well talks at her, she's unconcious) that he was afraid of depending on people for a fear of being abandoned by them. So that explains why he was such a rude bastard.

Quick question. Does Paine seem like a cheap replacement for Lulu? Her outfit could be an Al Bhed bastardization of Lulu's outfit, she has the same colored eyes, and at first I thought she was Lulu. I'm getting the impression Square didn't want to let Lulu go.


Hmm... there is some merit to your theory, but I prefer to stick with mine. Specifically that Nomura is a dirty-minded freak who constantly recycles his old designs.

Oh, and before you go flaming me, yes I do realize that a huge variety of big name artists constantly recycle character designs. Especially Rumiko Takahashi, but I digress.

In any case though, Lulu is definitely the most interesting character in FF10, so hey, if you have to recycle someone...

The Last Laugh:

I am so very very tired. I'll try to be more witty and upbeat when I update Fan Art this weekend. In the meantime enjoy Andrew's columns and the copy of GTA: Vice City it seems like 90% of the population got for Christmas.

Googleshng "zzzzzzz"

There's a Mac and a PC on opposite sides of this room. Bad for feng shui.

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