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   2003: Year of the network malfunction.  

Googleshng - January 1 '03- 2:00 Eastern Standard Time

So yesterday afternoon, my cable modem goes down. I gripe and gripe and only just now get it restored. Then of course I poke around and find out that the maintainers of about 20% of the pages I view on a regular basis had the same problem.

Well yes I only regularly visit about 5 pages but... HUSH YOU!

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Not to be rude, I am sad to see Silk leave the fanart post, but she said Aufwiedasen. I assume she was trying to say "Auf Wiedersehen," a German farewell. Not to worry, though, I have seen many mistakes far worse than that. Heck, I've made far worse mistakes than that. Anyway, good luck holding up the fort at the fanart column.

I need to take German sometime.


The quote is from a little kid trainer in Pokemon. It's been 2 years since I stopped playing and I still remember where it's from.

BTW: Found the GBA Kirby--they had a few copies left at Best Buy the day after Christmas. And I've already beaten it at 100%. (I haven't lost it!)

Card Captor Ribby

Correct you are. Here's your tilde. ~

Odd Questions

First, are you a legend in the video gaming nerd circuit? This just came to mind recently, so I figure I ask you while I still remember.

Second, was it justifiable for Squall to act antisocial as he did in FF8? Looking over the plot of the game, I couldn't really see the reason behind his antisocialness as being justifiable when he told comatose Rinoa the reason behind his behavior on the bridge to Eshtar.

Thanks for your reply.

Huge Dreamer

Am I a legend? Not really sure. Hard to see the border of one's own card. If I am it should say Summon Legend right down there though. If I am I sure hope I'm red/black.

Anyway, I found Squall's personality completely believable. Heck, half the people I know who played it were saying the exact same things as Squall right before he said them. Come to think of it, I sure know a lot of anti-social freaks...


Happy New Year!

- Galvatron

... I suddenly feel like a character in a really smurfed up Christmas special. Like if I turn around I'll see Grimlock in a Santa hat.

So uh, thanks. Happy New Year to you too.

Hey Google, can I have the first quickie of 2003?

Nope! #2 for you! Better say please next time!

Hello to you and 2003.



Ah, the ever creepy "<3" strikes again. Somehow it's just far more unsettling than ♥.

hi this is Matthew i have question i know that star ocean 3 is coming out 2003 right do you know want mouth it is coming out

It shall come from the mouth of Zardoz as he showers the people in guns! In Japan, this is due to take place in February.

The Last Laugh:

As pointed out in that letter way up there, RPGamer is currently between fanart hosts, and I'm filling in between now and when we hire someone new. This of course means there will be an update this weekend or so, so if you've been waiting for the section to come back from the dead, or you know someone who has, now is the time to send in the stuff you've been sitting since September.

As is applications for the job outnumber pieces by about 20:1. I'd like to get that a bit more balanced by Sunday, you know?

Googleshng "So much for THAT resolution..."

Ah well. I'll start next week.

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