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TRC - December 14th '01- 2:30 Eastern Standard Time

Today hasn't been much fun at all, between things I can't talk about and things I don't want to talk about, today has down right sucked. That and the job hunting failed. I'm glad I'm not a hunter/gather otherwise I woulda died a long time ago. Speaking of food, I might want to eat soon, 24 hours without food isn't as fun as it sounds. On with the show.

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More Draconic Questioning

To whomever is capable of answering my question,

I've got a quick question. I guess you could figure that out through my greeting though...

Anyways, where in the heck is the World's Tallest Tower in Dragon Warrior 7? You know the place where your revive Melvin. I've resorted to FAQ's I'm so clueless, and I can't even find the answer there. They tell me to go west of the Medal King's Castle, only one problem, I can't even find that.

Thanks for the help.

The Marshmallow Man

To whomever needs the help

I've got a quick answer for you.

The tallest tower is to the west of the mountain tower, you need the magic carpet to get to it. And have fun, that tower is.. FUN. If you don't know where the Mountain tower is, it is to the northeast of Hamelia ( the town that was flooded. )

You're welcome for the help

The feathered one.

Horrifyingly Mogglish

Greetings (carolers sing) TRC

I wonder also what do you think scared you more than anything in a game? I have to say that the Borgan bromide in Lunar 2 along with saying that Kuja is a male.

Imperial Mog

Well again you didn't define scary, I would say that hands down the most disturbing scene I have ever seen is in Dragon warrior 7. It is in the present day Falrod. If you have gotten there you know what I mean. It just freaked me out. And if you haven't played Dragon Warrior 7, it's just your loss then, eh? Okay if you really want to know highlight this: How the robot is stilling serving her master food even though he has been dead for hundreds of years.. and how it is happy when you bring it back to do it some more.. something just wrong with that. See?

Hi.. Jaydam

Heya Turk. Got a pair of questions for you.

The first, do you think the Harry Potter game (which Paws says is a RPG) will spark other popular series to bring out video games. IE., The Narnia series for instance. The second, is what video game would you like to see remade into a PlayStation2 game, like Squaresoft did for Final Fantasy IV and VI?

-PEI Jay

1. I don't think any of the classic series will ever be made into games, because well no game company is approaching the owners of them to make them into games. That is unless they are made into movies, then they might. What I am wondering is where the heck are the new Lord of the Rings games at? I mean the movie comes out in less then a week. Maybe they are waiting for the other movies first?

2. That would be a darn good question, since I don't own a PS2, but let us say I did. Then... I don't know. I am sorta against games being remade, I like them being rereleased and tweaked, but not remade. Since when they remake it they have a tendency to foobar something up and make it worse then it was before, but if I had to make a choice I would say...Beyond the Beyond. It sucked so much the first time, I doubt they could mess it up a second time. Though I really don't want to give the challenge to Sony, something tells me they would be up to it.

Perfectly Flawed

I feel that "the perfect RPG" (as if it could exist) works where everything in the game works with everything else flawlessly thus creating a game in which your sucked into its world and instead of sitting in your chair playing some game its like you're there, you're a part of that world but your in it so much its not realy something you think about.

Well besides the enormous advance in not just AI, but graphics that would take, I don't think I would like it. Or at least not in every game. See I play games to escape from reality. We all do, and when they become MORE real then real, I just don't see myself enjoying it quite as much. It's the same problem I have with some movie effects today, they are SO real, they are just distracting. Your suspension of disbelief is broken. That would be the other problem, if the game was that engrossing and that REAL, something that is not real would ruin the facade. IT would take a lot to get past it. This is just me though, most people would prolly enjoy them.

That idea does give more leverage to the people that say games are too violent, when the game because so real it might as well be real, then isn't it too violent? I would think so.

Most RPG's are not like that and instead they have little anoyances and problems that keep you from being a part of the game and instead can make it frustrating and tedious. Now there is no game that has not this flaw to some degree but some have less then others and even the smallest problem could keep a game from being monmental.

I have sent you this letter because i am curious about what you feel "makes an RPG what an RPG should be"

I look forword to reading a fellow gamers comments and outlook on this subject.

Yours truly,


What makes and RPG what an RPG should be... that would be the question, wouldn't it? To an extent ALL games today are rpgs, and all games are, but that would be cheating, because no one considers games like Street Fighter RPGs ( even though you do take on a role..). The definition of an RPG is very very murky, especially in the recent years. With games like Metal Gear Solid and Soul Reaver blurring the line between RPG and Action game, most people feel only games with magic, and monster battles should be consider RPGs. Even though that idea is myopic and limiting. What RPGamer uses as a rule is either if the company pushes the game as an RPG or if someone can convince everyone it should be considered one. Which is why we don't cover Deus EX, even though I consider it an RPG. I know I didn't answer the question, so sue me.

Qaulity products
Hey TRC,

I think my PlayStation just died. When trying to boot up Lunar 2 and Final Fantasy Tactics, it either doesn't recognize the PS disc or gets to a point in the credits load and gets stuck (keeps spinning the cd though.) Any help with what should be done? Or should I just get a PS2 (I heard there are some PS games that are incompatible with it though).


Surprisingly enough this has happened to me before, just wait till it stops recognizing your Sony memory cards. Anyway what you do is turn the system off, take the game out, put it back in ( yes it does help ). Then turn the system on and sit it on its side. I have no idea why that helps, but it does for mine. Also threats of violence seems to help coheres it.


Final Fantasy I and IX spoilers!

How do you do? Remember waaaaaaaay back in FF1? I do. I saw this fanart titled "The Final Battle." It showed the light warriors standing on this platform, surrounded by the orbs, staring offscreen. Garland was behind them, cackling, and I thought "What on earth are they looking at?" The it hit me. Chaos? I always assumed that Garland was chaos, that the final boss was his transformed state. I mean, he doesn't go anywhere. What else could Chaos be? Where could he have come from. It's not like Garland introduced him (i.e. "Now, fight my ultimate monster!") So what do you think? Is Chaos just another tack on zero development final boss (cough*Necron*cough), or is he Garland, in the nude? Moreover... WHO THE HELL IS NECRON?

Thanks. ^_^

Chaos is what is known as an 'Oh crap we have no final boss' boss. There was no explanation of what he even was, or why he was/is Garland. Explain this to me, How, if you killed Garland in the future does he know you in the past. Or explain this, if you go back in the past and defeat the fiends, how do they exist in the future?

Neocron is another example of 'OSWHNFB' boss. He is the essence of death if I remember right.

Letter from the Editor


I was wondering what your opinion was on the FFX voices, if you've heard them yet. I'm personally less than ecstatic about them. From what I've heard, the actors make no effort to lift themselves out of overdramaticized, stereotypical speech patterns. I dearly hope I'm proven wrong, though.

Also, I'm wondering what exactly there is to complain about regarding the price of software. Most quality games seem to be coming in around the $40-$50 range, which is certainly reasonable. Quite frankly, I don't see why anyone should expect to pay under $100 Canadian for an OS not intended for home usage, but that's just me...


1. I haven't heard them yet, though I will eventually. I am not keeping my hopes up. It is a console game, which are known for their cheesy voice acting ( most of the time anyway ). I would be more surprised if it was actually good.

2.And let's not forget most of that software that is expensive isn't intended for anyone to use, it is for pros and business people, so they can easily afford it. If anyone wants to talk to about this, go to Rico's section, and send him an ed.


"Tales of Eternia (the Japanese version) has exactly the same amount of voice acting on the world map as Tales of Destiny 2 (USA version). In other words, no character development, simply messages of "Go there next".

Actually, this is not true. I am currently playing Tales of Eternia, and if you camp on the world map, you will get interaction between the characters. However, if you use the select button (it got you voice chats in Tales of Phantasia), then you only get "Go there next."

That's all, just being nitpicky. Thanks

Ok, if you say so. I wouldn't know.

When will the Xbox leave the shelve so there is room for more PS2?


When MS gets bored trying to rule the console world I guess or gets enough money to buy Nintendo.

Turkey-mon, ^5

Hehehe... you're lady scolded you at work.
Wimp. *snicker*

- tuinte

PS - Would a Turkey/Angel baby get its wings from the father's side or the mother's?

Hey she didn't scold me she just.. suggested I mention her. Yeah.. that's it.

Considering she is an angelic cat, I don't think I want to even begin to think of it.

How do I kill Han in suikoden2?

By dropping his hp to 0!
Seriously you just listen to what he says and act right. Or at least that's what the FAQ I read said.

Alright. My question is just this: When is Golden Sun 2 coming out? Because the game cuts off halfway through, and it's upsetting! Okay, that's it.


Sometime before the end of time. Or within the next 2 years. I'm not a fortune teller, unfortunately.

Before I fly away:

Tuinte was supposed to guest host with me, but he disappeared. I think I might of upset him, whoops. Anyway this is my last day here for who knows how long. Hope you enjoyed it more then I did. Cause I enjoyed it a lot. I can see why goog did it for so long. Anyway your host tomorrow won't be chesh, it's Chimerasame. Send him oodles and oodles of letters.

 TRC "tui, tui, where for art thou tui?"
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