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   Turkey IV: Revenge of the White Meat   
TRC - December 13th '01- 1:30 Eastern Standard Time

Turkey IV: Revenge of the White Meat, this time it's personal.
Not really, but you know you would go see it, for the excessive violence and gratuitous nudity. Something for everyone, except kids. Guess I need a rewrite then. Anyway let's get this party started!.

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It hasn't even come out yet!

Why can't Square get people like Alec Baldwin and Ming-Na to do the voice acting for FFX. I thought the voices were great in FF:TSW, and would have thought they'd try to use the same quality for the game (not necessarily the same actors, I was just giving examples). Or even hire some people from Viz Video. Their english voice actors are great (from my Ranma 1/2 experience). It seems like plenty of actors are willing to do voice overs. Look at all the recent animated movies here in the US.

Maybe it's because the good actors charge too much money? That would be a shame.

I think they could have afforded to hire the better voice actors. Though the First Impressions review said the voice actors were not bad. I'm just disappointed that it appears they "cut corners" on the voice acting.

What do you think?

Well for one, good VAs cost money, especially like the stars you mentioned. Also the Viz Video people are either under contract or work just as a group ( like Ocean Group, the people that did Beast Wars and Beast Machines ).
I don't think it's cutting corners, in-so-much as not wanting to pay an arm and a leg for VAs, since they are in the red.

Lunar 2 Stuff

Hello ‘ mighty not-slimey One,

I have a question for which I could probably find an answer by looking in a walkthrough but I don't want to do this because I wish to avoid spoilers.

In Lunar 2 for PSX, does the bosses' levels vary depending on the main character's level as in Lunar sssc?

Thank you !


I'm the feathered one. Remember that. And as far as the people I asked, they don't think it is like that, so have fun playing it. I should buy that some day. Right after I open and beat the Breath of Fire 4 game I've had for a year.

Draconian Questions

Hey TeeAreCee, :P

Why the heck would they re-release Dragon Quest IV for the PSX, and not the GBA?! It seems pretty pointless releasing more games on a console on the verge of being put the rest in the coming months.

As far as Dragon Quest V & VI goes, Enix better think clearly to what console they re-release those games for. But here's a HINT Enix.. make it the GBA!

Thanks, peace


Well the obvious reason would be that to code for the GBA Enix would have to recode parts of the game and make a new graphics. Although DW3 color is one of my favorite games it is limited by how small the screen is on the GBC, that's why your names can only be 4 letters. Also every 3 games in the Dragon Warrior series are trilogies, so if one is on the PSX, chances are all 3 will be. I seriously hope that 5 and 6 come out here. Considering anyone can play the PSX game on the PS2, the PSX is hardly dying. Also according to Rico, Enix wanted to use the DW7 engine.

Final Fantasy 8 Help

In the Ask LordBrian column on the 12th, N52 was wondering about a way to find Energy Crystals in FF8.

There is a bit of spoiler in here.

There's a truly, truly simple way that involves no cheating or exploits, and will not only get enough Energy Crystal for all your upgrades, but enough to have 99 Pulse Ammo for Irvine and STILL have as many more as you want. This can ONLY be done once the Lunatic Pandora has passed over Esthar and monsters are running loose in the city.

You need the following GF abilities equipped:

Encounter-None (it just makes it easier)
Junction 100 Death to Status-Atk for someone with a 255% chance to hit
(Squall, typically)
Do NOT have the person with Death have Mug equipped

This isn't really necessary if you've been drawing good spells alot, or have been using the stat Plus abilities, but you can also junction something big to Vitality and Life for the person with Death, and Auto-Protect if you've got it if your characters are fragile.

Go to Esthar.

One of the screens in Esthar (not far from the Airstation or that funky healing thing in the street) has a walkway on the left side running up into the distance, with another walkway running off to the right partially up the screen. On this right walkway, there will be a shadowy figure standing there. Talk to him. He'll say "HEEHEHEHEHEHEHEHEEHEEE!" or something similar, and attack you! It's an Elnoyle. Have the person you junctioned Death to whack him until he dies (shouldn't take more than a hit or two), and grab the Energy Crystals that he drops EVERY TIME. He will NOT drop any Energy Crystals if you Mug him, because Mugged monsters will never drop treasure after the fight. Now simply run out the right exit of the screen, then come back and talk to Mr. Elnoyle again. Do this as much as you like.

Anyway, that's it. Not exactly quickie material, but hey.


Somewhere out there, someone is thanking you. I don't have much to add, except when are you gonna write me an FAQ? ( what? you thought I would go the whole Q&A without mentioning my section? *cough*RPGuides*cough* )

Here Kitty Kitty
Possible Golden Sun Spoilers


I've been playing Golden Sun for about 10 hours now, and i just have to say that it's a great game. However, there are some things that are quite annoying, namely the Djinni that's sitting in the fence in Kolima. The owner of the house with the fence says that he has a secret and not even his family knows what it is. Hoping that he would tell me how to get that Djinni, i used Ivan's mind read spell and learned that said secret is "burried deep in the forest". So i went back to Kolima forest and searched every nook and cranny but could find nothing. Am i missing something that's so obvious that i can't see it or am i in the wrong forest? Or is it possible that his secret has nothing to do with the Djinni and i just wasting my battery power searching for it?


Go behind the tree house the fenced in area is connected to and there should be a secret tunnel to it. What the meaning is of what he says is beyond me, since I haven't played the game. I just looked in a FAQ. I tried to get it, but best buy was out. Woe is me.

Hyu Callings

Gobble Gobble,

Long rant coming on a variety of subjects, but Iím not sure where to begin. So here goesÖ

Tales of Phantasia: I figured Iíd throw a Namco ad in here to start off. If you like imports Ė buy this game! Itís miles ahead of Tales of Destiny, and better overall than Tales of Eternia/Destiny 2. The PlayStation version is fantastic, and makes Working Designs look like a mere rewrite. Really. But you have to see it to understand. But my question is, why did no company ever pick it up? Itís a fantastic game, and the ďmature scenesĒ would have played well over here. Oh well, some things in life are a shame.

Hey pimping out your favorite game is what this column is about to some extent. I played TOD and enjoyed it, and everyone I have talked to has enjoyed TODII. So I would give TOP a shot if it came out here.

Tales of Destiny 2: What happened to RPGamerís ToD2 contest? I got bored of waiting for my application to get marked and sent back with a perfect score, so I just went and got the game. But I wouldn't mind getting another copy, since we have two PlayStations in the house. Any word?

Well since the dragon is asleep, sometime soon is when the results will be posted.

Funny Game Experiences: Mine is Zelda, NES-style. Who knew you were supposed to use silver arrows on Ganon? So what did I do? I swear my 6-year old form set a world record for smacking the pig with the broadsword (that sounds so wrong): 46 times! And never once did I think to use the arrows. Many, many years later, I tried the arrow. I won. End of story.

Aaaah good old Zelda. That would be so funny, if it wasn't so sad. I remember when I would sit down and see how fast I could beat that game, I know I had it below 3 hours with everything, last time I did it.

Gaming Piracy: Iíve read recently that the FBI is doing a crackdown on software pirates, mainly movies, PC software, and games. Iím completely against this, and not because Iím saying I pirate, but because it attacks our freedoms. I should be free to purchase software at a cheap price, and yet Iím not. Therefore, is it so wrong that I pirate? In a word, yes. Itís to be expected to pay up to $100 for any piece of software, but when companies like Microsoft charge a whopping $450 (all prices Canadian, by the way) for Windows XP Professional, itís just too much. Maybe if the prices were down, weíd be able to afford the things, and we wouldnít resort to piracy. As for gaming piracy, the stuff is minor on a monetary value sense. Most gamers will pirate a game if theyíre unsure of the quality. If it turns out to be extremely good, theyíll either: A) buy the game, or B) buy all future games. Itís the same with MP3s. I got sent one MP3 from a band by a friend of mine, and since Iíve spent well over $300 collecting albums and singles. While there are those who donít do that, the rest balances out.

And if you think about it, piracy is still a form of getting your software used. Thatís exposure. A lot of people will end up recommending a game afterwards, which leads to more sales in actuality. Itís all about the testing.


ďI like really intelligent, delicate men.Ē

--Nurse, Tales of Destiny 2

Hey, this came up last time I did Q&A. Cool. Anyway, first and foremost, most game companies are out to make money. When you don't buy their games, they don't get money. Therefore they don't want you to steal the games ( and yes it is stealing. )

Blahblahblah, the rest is justifying doing something that is wrong. Yes I have done it, but that doesn't mean I think it is any less wrong. If that doesn't bother you, then pirate away. Just don't whine when the FBI knocks on your door. Also I know they are really cracking down, a person one of my good friend knows got arrested.


Turkey-mon, ^5
Do you see Christmas as a sort of 'Round 2' after Thanksgiving? You know, like, rounding up all the remaining gobbly-ones. Anyway, happy holidays,

I hate christmas, I hate thanksgiving. No it doesn't have anything to do with the fact people call me turkey. Although this year is looking much better than years past.

Is Hoshigami worth the insane amount of self-wetting that I'm doing now?


The Dragon says it plays just like FFT, when he played it at E3. Take that as you will.

Wotcher, good chap! How are you this bally old morning, eh what? Care for a cuppa tea before your column doodad? Splendid. Toodlepip!

-- TSG, who prefers Chocolate Milk. Mmm, sugar.

~puts it into an english to english converter~

Aah, I am good today, and I have my own tea, so no thanks. Nice to talk to you.

Wotcher chap! Howís yer father? Care for a cuppa tea, guvnor? Toodiepip!

What is this... Bad british day? Top of the morn' to ya governer.

Greeting (turkey sing) TRC
I wonder what is the scariest thing you've ever heard? What was scariest for me is to know someone is the product of inbreeding since I have run into one in real life. How do I have some clone of myself? I wanted instead a mob of fangirls.
Imperial Mog

Well since I live in Texas, I can deal with inbreeds, I dunno. Do you mean scary as in Scary or just horrifyingly ugly? Just Scary... seen some strange things in the woods. Horrifyingly Ugly, once saw a 500 pound man in a speedo. I know how to make clones, but I can't. Those damn government guys, wanting the clones to them.... but I've said too much.

Dear TRC,

Since I know you're doing the Q&A ... when are you gonna give me the credit I deserve? You know as well as I do that there's always a good woman behind every successful man... so mention yours.



my better half

moving on.

I want to buy the authentic japanese version of final fantasy X and I am reluctant to get it online and I don't want any illegal burned copy. I live in Canada and everyone I ask tells me to look in magazines or go online and most Playstaion magazines are american so can you tell me where I can find the imported japanese version of FFX or ultimately a good reliable and safe, reliable place to get it online?Oh ya and If I do get the imported version of the game can I ply it on he ps2 in north america because my friend wad telling me that the japanese and northamerican ps2 are formated differntly is that true?Or are they the same?

Well, first off, most game stores import games and will import them if you ask. As to where to get them online? I don't know. Also, the PS2s are different, so you can either mod it or get a japanese one. I don't know if the PS2 has a mod chip yet. Some game stores will also do modding.

Before I fly away:

This was fun. I hadn't done it in a long time, and I don't think I offended anyone this time ( I hope ). So all is well. If you don't mind me, I am gonna go to sleep and then go search for a source of income.

 TRC "1 week 6 days"
 cleaning my room sucks!

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