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David Looney and Brian Rogovitz - March 23rd '02- 2:00 Eastern Standard Time

Yes it was just supposed to be just me, TRC, but while on IRC bemoaning my lack of letters LordBrian suggested he should co-host with me. Although he is my mortal enemy and we will fight to the death one day, I thought it might be an interesting idea. So let's get this columntype thing started

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Jadam Stikes Back!

Hey you crazy, Wakko, Turkey.

What would you consider an ideal class for a main character (and possibly main villian too)

Also, do you forsee a Lord of the Rings or Time Machine RPG, like they did for Mr. Potter?


Generally main characters are fighters, since you are stuck with them for most of the game and spend some portions of the game just using them. SO I think that works, I would love to see a white mage main villain, just to see it.

LotR is the prototype for the fantasy genre, so it would make a damn good RPG. I would rather a tabletop one for it though, cause then you could play as ents and stuff. As for Time Machine, dear god I hope not, wasn't the movie bad enough? Games based on movies are almost always 2 times as bad as the movie. And in the case of Potter is lends itself to an rpg, because of the magical setting. Books, IMHO, make good templates for RPGs.

My Enemy
Though you didn't ask me, I shall respond as if you did. The obvious ideal class for a main character is an immortal. It works great in all situations except for those battles where you HAVE to lose to move the story along. Man I hate those battles. And the ultimate class for the villain was already done in FF5: Mother Nature. Down with Mother Nature, go Big Business! Microsoft wants to turn you into zombies and feed on your brains!

Er, moving on...I foresee a LotR RPG, but not a Time Machine one. It just wouldn't make any sense to spend the amount of time necessary to make an RPG for such a crappy license. Of course, if I never saw another movie -> game conversion again I couldn't be happier.

(Hee hee...white mage villain. You pansy.)

El Barto esta aqui

Greetings, he who goes good with gravy and mashed potatoes,

In lieu of my rambling incoherently today, you get random coherence!

1) You're a pimp, Edwina is one of your girls. Get to work...

2) Since I recently got to play some of Final Fantasy on the WonderSwan Color, I must say that I REALLY REALLY REALLY hope it gets ported to the GBA and released in the US! The game is so much better now that, as one person described it, it's almost a religious experience!

3) Since Sony owns Verant (the makers of EverQuest), and has a partial but significant stake in Square, I think that many people's fears about cheating in FFXI are greater than they should be, and hopefully are baseless. So, assuming Square gets help in making the game world safe from cheaters, what are your thoughts on the game?

4) If Kingdom Hearts and Xenosaga come out on the same day, which one should I play first?


Good with Gravy:
1) That would make me more money right? That's a good question, when is Rockstar gonna come out with a Pimpin game? I mean we have GTA and SOE already, why not go all the way?
2) Man your religion must suck then. Seriously though, I would think they are gonna rerelease them on the GBA, cause well, why not?
3) As long as the guys that localized FFT, and the guys who did the reprint of FFT are keep far far away from FF11 then I think I might play it once or twice. ORPGs just aren't my thing. Massive or not.
4) GTA3! O wait.. Well from what I hear, Xenosaga's battles are hard. So I would go with Kingdom Hearts, just because of how trippy it looks.

Good with Fava Beans:
1) I sure am. Thank you for noticing.
2) Sure, they may rererelease those game on the GBA, but there's still no guarantee that they'll be translated (or retranslated). But seriously, FF1 blows, upgraded or not. I'd much rather see FF4 on the GBA than any of the first 3.
3) As far as I'm concerned, the idea of cheating doesn't factor into my opinion of the game at the moment. I'm going under the assumption that there will be none, so as to give the game the best possible light. That said, the best possible light is pretty damn dim at the moment. If rampant cheating DOES end up happening, well, the light will go out altogether.
4) The question is meaningless to me, since I will not be getting Kingdom Hearts. I like trippy -- but I don't see this game as trippy. I see it as a stupid idea that never should have happened. So, Xenosaga all the way.

Elder Godtastic

Hey Brian and David whoisdoingQ&Atonightaswell,

As you (should) know, E3 is just around the corner, so I was wondering what you're hoping to see over there. Personally, I can't wait to get my mitts on Zelda and Mario, but there are sure to be tons of other playworthy titles.

This isn't RPG-related, but what the hell. Did you guys see Resident Evil, and if so, what did you think of it? I was rather impressed, though I must admit that I walked in expecting absolute crap. I was happily proven wrong (or just lucky to be in that frame of mind).


Ho Alexwhowaskindenoughtohtmlhisletter,theworldshallsoonbeyours.
I am looking forward to the big 3 cube games, FF12 and NWN. Let's hope this is the last E3 we see it at.

I have yet to see RE, though I have heard there are reason to see it, none I can say in this column though....

Yo, Alex.
What I want to see at E3 is Squares plans for the GBA and Cube nicely fleshed out, screens and all. No more of these rumors and speculations. I also want to see a subbed-only version of Xenosaga. And yes, the triple whammy of the Mario-Zelda-Samus triforce of almost-better-than-sex goodness on good ol' Cubey.

As for the RE movie...well, you have to go into the movie with a certain mindset. If you go in expecting another crappy video game movie, you will be pleasantly surprised (especially with the amount Leeloo gets). If you go in looking for quality cinema, then save your $7, as you will be greatly disappointed.

Lackey Letter

Heya TRC.

Tell me something: Why do I always end up restarting when I'm 3/4ths of the way through a game?Most recent victim of this: FFX. In addition: What RPG are you looking forward to that's being close to release? Me, I've got a 3-way Tie 'tween Arc, IWD2, and Breath of Fire 2. Dragoont

Head of Guides:
Hey how did you get out of your box?
~stuffs Dragoon back in his box~
You are supposed to be writing me FAQs... don't make me get the poking stick.

I have no idea why you restart RPGs, I have enough trouble finishing the ones I start, much less starting them over.

Well if NWN comes out this year, I say that, if not, then FF11 I guess. I'm not really looking forward to any rpg releases. I always wait for stuff to come out before I decide if I want to buy it.

New Media Grunt Supreme:
I assume you start your games over because you have a fear of commitment. You are afraid that if you finish the game, then you will have no choice but to get married to it, have children, and ultimately be forced to do laundry, wash dishes, and cook dinner by your extremely independent, fatheaded and feminist game of a wife. Learn to stand up for yourself, man!

Looking at the spiffy new Upcoming list, I would have said Arc...last year. My interest has since dissipated, leaving Tactics Ogre to move into its place on my most anticipated list.

Those who come out of the woodwork

Heeeeeeeeey TURKEY!

Remember me? Anyway, my question is about Yoshitaka Amano. Besides the Final Fantasy games, what other games has he done concept art for? Also, do you know where I could get ahold of any of his other works?


Mega.. wait no... and I go with what LB said earlier "probally". I would say give his website or Ebay a shot.

Actually, I said "probably," because I can actually spell. I said "probably" because I wanted to look all smart when I could answer this properly. Amano has also done artwork for Kartia and the (sadly, Japanese-only) serial RPG, El Dorado Gate.


TRC and LB:

Question: when Grandia Xtreme is getting there and if it's worth getting.
The other question is How does subbing work?

Miss Deep

X-treme TRC:
1) I don't know and I fear a game with Xtreme in the title ( see also Extreme or EXtreme) 2) My Enemy can answer that for me.

eXtreme Lordbrian:
1) If by "there" you mean here, and if by "here" you mean North America, it looks like the date is set sometime in October at the moment. That is, of course, subject to change.
2) It is good to see you know your limitations, TRC. Again, I have to assume you mean subbing "anime." Anime subbing is (if the group at all cares about quality), usually a long and time-consuming process. First, the episode must be found (either by downloading, recording, or ripping) and translated. This translation is both timed (making sure the subs line up properly with what is currently being spoken) and edited (changing the translation "Engrish" into nice-sounding, error-free English -- or whatever language it was translated into), not necessarily in that order. After this is done, the script may be "styled" in order to make the subs look nice (changing the fonts, adding additional subtitle effects, etc.). Finally, the whole episode is encoded into its final form, which is downloaded and seen by anime fans everywhere.

Talking to Ourselves I

To my mortal enemy,

I hope you enjoy your brief control of Q&A, because I can guarantee that Chesh won't be happy when he escapes from wherever you locked him away.

Speaking of new indices, how do you like the recent changes to the front page? Good enough to frame and hang on the wall, or so bad you wouldn't even wipe your butt with it?

And...for lack of anything better to write, visit Guides, Guides, Guides!

And now excuse my while I slip back to my fortress of solitude to plan your ultimate and horribly painful demise.

-- LordBrian

Mortal Enemy:
WE are writing to ourselves, aren't we so cool.

I didn't lock Chesh away, I just slipped the Hand some money and they took care of him.

New front page is squished, and I don't like the black/blacker text for interaction. The CSS is keen though.

~Stabs LB~
I knew it, you would try to help me, but no... noo. you had to link to media. I shall see you at dawn, and we will settle this once and for all.

Talking to Ourselves II

To my bitter rival,

There can be only one, who is the victor: Cloud or Freud, Loto or Chrono, Me and You.

Also, how long have you worked here and what have you gotten? Since we don't get paid and all.

soon... so very soon your tyranny will end --TRC

Bitter RivalC:
Cloud (Freud is a moron, Cloud's just messed up), Crono (because Loto sounds dorkier than Erdrick, believe it or not), and, obviously, me. Why, you ask? Because I am a Lord, and you are just a stupid bird.

I have been slaving away uploading media for just about a year and a month now, and I'm still going strong. Well, strong in the sense that I'm still doing it, at any rate. Over the course of my work here, I have acquired the following: one (1) box of really good chocolates, one (1) nifty Lain wallscroll, one (1) eternally-promised Evangelion wallscroll, and one (1) also eternally-promised package of something called "shapes"...I think those are made up, though. I would one day like to be able to eat square, and Lain wants to get some hot side-by-side action going with Rei. Ah well, someday.

You keep saying soon, and yet I'm still here. When will you decide to back up your empty threats?


Dear Transportation Remote Cantaloupe

In my recent game playing sessions, RPGs haven't seemed to interest or entertain me. This concerns me deeply for you see I have always enjoyed playing RPGs in the past and found their intellectually stimulating gameplay far more enjoyable than the gameplay found in the majority of other genres. lately I find myself playing an alarming amount of fighting games, racing games, First person shooters and God help me, 3-d platformers. I fortunately have still been able to keep myself from playing - the lowest of the low - sports games, but I fear that if my faulty state of mind continues that this dreaded and indeed grotesque scenario may not be completely out of the question. Am I truly insane, or is this just a 'phase' and may pass in the coming year or when I finally get a PS2? TRC I need your help.

Your assistance in this matter is most appreciated

~From the pen of Lord Brian's #1 fan: Geothermal

HA HA Lb's #1 FAN? Come on man, we know he paid you to say that. And playing non rpgs is bad... how?

Well hello, Geo, my good man! So happy you could come by today. I know what you're going through, and I think many avid RPGamers have felt somewhat...apathetic towards their genre of choice at least once. Every so often you have to break away from the menu-based battles and slowly-paced storylines and just play something with more action. So do what I do, and break out the SNES and replay some of the greatest action games of all time. Soon enough you'll find an RPG that will draw you back in, and all will be well with the world.

And as for TRC spouting those horrible lies... ::LordBrian pummels TRC to within an inch of his life::

TRC, Can I have a cookie? - GuruClef

if you answer me these questions three.... LB:
He can't give you a cookie, for I have stolen his supply. It all worked out for the better, though, because they sucked.

Is it just me or have I been getting a bit lazy lately? I mean... I haven't written a review in about 3 weeks! Seriously though... What game are you guys looking more forward to: Xenosaga or Final Fantasy XI?

Peace out, brothas!

Zachary 'ASV' Lewis

I hear you, I have been busy with work, I assumed it was the same with you. Since I have yet to play XenoGEARS I will go with FFXI, though I am really looking forward to FFXII more.

There is Only One:


Since it is just I, TRC, you can tell Lordbrian has been vanquished and now there is just me. But I can't rest on my laurels for he shall rise again, for like Dracula and the Belmonts, ours is a never-ending feud.

Seriously it was fun doing Q&A again after having not done it since December. So much has changed since then. Let me check my list:
Obscure References only 5 people get... CHECK!
Killing my mortal enemy, if only temporally... CHECK!
Referencing Comics... CHECK!
Referencing Transformers... CHECK!

Well that means the column is done. Tomorrow is me again. LB might be here depending on how long it takes his evil form to come back together

 LordBrian "I'm not DEAD!"

 he's dead

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