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Michael Bischoff - November 10 '02- 2:00 Central Standard Time

Everything seems to have run according to plan. My DVDs are in superb condition, my alma matter's football team was destroyed, I received lots of letters, and I received signature picture submissions! Now, if the Dolphins manage to beat the Jets tomorrow night my weekend will be complete.

The bulk of my letters consisted of replies to what previous Suikoden characters are making an appearance in the series latest incarnation. Many of these characters' names by mere mention are spoilers (and I don't have the game yet, a dark side to this job I now see). Therefore here is a complete list of all the characters I received from most of you, but beware the evil spoilers! You have been warned. Now, let us finally move onto the letters!

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A pimpin lengthy correspondence

hi Kam ! long time reader, first time submiter.. well this would have mad e a lot more sense sending it to Goog but i couldn't wait him to be back for my FF sequel rant !

First I should start by stating the obvious: FF contunuity, as suggested by the site's poll, is blasphemous. First and foremost, the setting for ever y single Final Fantasy is one of a big, completely explored world when you finish the game. If you take the world of Suikoden, which is separated by countries, regions and the likes.. you can actually make a sequel/prequel since the talked about regions next to the game explorable terrain is off-limit. You have unlimited potential right there.

So how could a direct sequel/prequel fit in a FF game ? The only game that i can think of to have one of those is indeed FF7. the concept of a prequel where Aeris' mother is the protagonist and is waging war with the Shinra or something is somewhat plausible.. but then you'd need to have a big boss that you would kill and Aeris' mom would get whacked afterward... could be done... would produce more of a dramatical endind than a happy one thought. but i'd go for that. And as you said there's this whole idea of Vincent background not being covered that could add a lot to the plot. Oh and i'm all for a new combat system but you gotta keep those materias... i mean..they did exist for a loooong time (as the planet creates them itself with Mako concentration). Just a different use of it.

The sequel concept is also conceivable.. as Nanaki's tribe lives on at the end of FF7.. of course you could use a hero who's Red descendant, having heard his ancestor's tale, he roams the world for adventure.. but that's plain cliché. and you'd need a new human race.. or something..

On a completely different note here i've been wanting to ask you guys about some freaking stuff i found here at I was talking with a friend about the suckiest rpg we ever played... and suddenly Thousand Arms for psx came up.. i mean.. it did suck. So back home I looked for Thousand Arms on your site curious about the rating you guys gave it... boy was I in for a shock... not only did the rating was pretty high.. but you accepted a reader's review (Mr Chupon's) which, in my humble opinion... is either a error or a direct insult to Atlus for publishing such crap. just how was it ever accepted ? the guy goes on and on about how "pimpin" good this and this is without any reference to the game whatsoever ! even the rating is given in a "pimpin'" phrase or whatnot !

the link: oh wait.. could this "spoof" thing actually mean something ?

thx and keep it up you're doing real great !


Another opinion on this whole silly "sequel" deal with Final Fantasy graces the column. Of course it has the RPGamer comunity buzzing as evidenced by the reaction to the news on our forums. I'll sum up my opinion again for those who missed. I find the whole concept of Final Fantasy storyline sequels insane, but, if a Final Fantasy VII sequel were to be produced with the focus on Vincent, I'd probably give it a shot.

As for the Thousand Arms review, it seems there is just a simple difference of opinion going on. Mr Chupon's spoof review of the game is just that, a spoof. It was meant as a joke and thus should be taken as such. Of course, when it comes to hilarity and satire, nothing holds a candle to The Onion.

I love it when people insert their own line breaks

Hi Divine Wind. I have a bunch of annoying questions for you!

First, some FF6-related obscurity: I seem to remember hearing somewhere that, if you beat the game with just 4 certain characters, you get a special ending. One FAQ I found said it's Celes, Edgar, and Setzer, but who's the fourth? Maybe they're not neccessary, but I want to do this, and 1 more character could make quite a difference.

I've not heard of some special ending, but I can tell you the fourth character would happen to be Sabin. Now, I don't want to spoil anything but you actually have to get Sabin back. If any one character can make a difference though, it is Sabin.

Second, I know that you can upload Suikoden 2 data to Suiko 3, but what does it do? Does it do anything different if you use S2 data that youve uploaded S1 data into (Meaning, you have McDohl)?

Unfortunately I own neither Suikoden 2 or 3. This did come up in another letter though, so my suggestion to the readers that do know the answer is to pummel Google with letters. Either that or Goog knows already and will kindly mention it tomorrow on his own behalf.

NOTE: Don't send Google ANY letters with the answer to this question. One will be printed regardless and it would help to have some questions to go along with it. - The Management

Third, do the characters in FFX have last names? In every FF since 6 most characters have had both first and last names. Did they change this for some reason?

You know, I haven't seen last names for any of FFX's characters either. As for why such a change would occur, I'd guess either laziness on Square's part, or simply leave it as another mystery of the universe.

Fourth, what is it that makes Guado different from humans, anyway? I mean, besides the funky hair.

And last, a shameless plug!

"What's wrong with the way I'm dressed? I like this shirt."

That would require me to have played the game to really know I'm thinking. Since I'm a college student it's imperaive that Final Fantasy X become a greatest hits game, so I can afford it on my meager income.

Send in your conspiracy theories now!

You wanna know something that's crazy?
I've been playing the KH sound track when I'm working at Subway and i always get people commenting on how they enjoy the music.

I'm not sure sure but this may be teh start of something.............something BIG!

Renegade King

This proves that video game sound has come quite a long way since the days of Pong. You know what is funny though? Some modern movies still use those very sound effects when showing a couple kids playing with their Playstation 2. One must imagine that in the world of movies some sort of dimensional tear has left game sound in a relatively primitive form. I'd like to see you come up with a better explaination!

Star Ocean 2 Help

To Dr. Teeth and the Electric Mayhem,

Although it's possible your Playstation is on the fritz, there are indeed copies of Star Ocean 2 floating around with problems on the first disc. I have such a copy...while playing through on my copy, the game would freeze, tell me it couldn't read from disc, etc. What I found worked for me was to load up Disc One, and then mid-game swap it out with disc 2. Since the entire game is on both discs, the game will think its reading disc 1 and play should continue without further problems. The only drawback is that the FMV's for disc 1 are not programmed on disc 2, although after the town of Clik's big thing happens I do not believe there are any more FMV's until the half way point of the game. If your copy is like mine, the hang ups should be long and gone by that point.

Hope that helps, Star Ocean 2 is a blasts and I hope you dig the rest of the game.

Michael Haley

After playing through SO2 myself and reading some FAQ's about it. I found that the game will just randomly freeze on you. Especially in the dungeon where you have to find the right plant. It sucks, but just turn over your playstation and rush through that dungeon, after enough tries, you'll make it. Oh, and if you can avoid battles while in that dungeon, do it, cause that's when it froze most for me.


It's never good when bugs on any console game are missed by the beta testers. As you can see, we gamers will always come up with our own solutions to the problems somebody was paid to fix. Jerks...


Are you as excited for the upcoming Xenosaga as I am? The very screenshots themselves are more than impressive. Would you recoomend the original?

Michael: Why not? I spent 70 hours on Xenogears, so I say knock yourself out! =)

My sig pic is 10x better then yours is! BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!
-Ed Walker

Michael: OH YEAH?! Well peer below and you'll be quite surprised! TAKE THAT! ^_^

If Squall and Cid are the same height (5' 8"), then why does Cid look so much shorter than Squall in Kingdom Hearts?

Michael: Perhaps someone laced Cid's cigs with shrinking potion!

The Last Laugh:

See that beautiful signature picture below? A benevolent reader named Jesse was kind enough to whip it up and send it to me. Jesse also reccomends Suikoden 3 to y'all. I did receive two other submissions that were also quite good, but I prefer this one personally. Thanks to those two that took time out of their day to concoct something though, I'm quite appreciative. Doing this column wasn't much fun from the 56K connection I have at home, and I can't wait to get back to the goodness that is the college network. Before I depart, I'd like to give a big shoutout to my mediaites, without whom, there would be no screenshots or movies on this site. Send them an email of praise for all the hard work they do. Kamikaze out.

Kamikaze "Chief, you can take this job and shovel it!"

That's "take this job and shove it."

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