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Michael Bischoff - November 9 '02- 2:00 Central Standard Time

Salut mes amis! There ain't too much to say except I did manage to beat Valkyrie Profile, so now I can knock another game off my incredibily large backlog. Maybe I can get to work on Tactics Ogre: The Knight of Lodis and finish up my nostalgia run through Super Metroid before Metroid Fusion is released. As I mentioned yesterday, if anyone thinks they can top the lame signature picture that I have, feel free to submit me one. In return you shall receive mention in the column and receive fame, fortune, and a nickel for your trouble. Finally, in regards to today's column title, I could tell you what it means but then I'd have to kill you...

And if you even guess what it means I'd still have to kill you anyway...

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The untold link between Subway and Kingdom Hearts

The Kingdom Hearts soundtrack from Japan has the short version of the PLANITb remix as well as the full version of the original version, both in japanese. To get a longer version you need to pick up Utada Hikaru's single "Hikari" which has the full length remix, the original version, a karaoke version, and another remix that my friend describes as "lounge". I personally prefer the Japanese version of the PLANITb remix and the English version of the orignal. No clue why.

Hey, our personal preferences can be quite weird. Take Subway for example. On my roasted chicken sandwhich I prefer the works: vinegar, oil, veggies, hot peppers. However, when I order a steak and cheese, I just get onions, tomatoes, olives, and barbecue sauce. That's as best a comparison as I can come up with.

Kudos RPGamer. Kudos.

Hi there, k,

I think the "What constitutes an RPG?" question has become irrelevant. I used to wonder about such things quite a bit myself, until about a year ago. That's when I realized a simple fact: I love video games. I don't care whether they're labeled "adventure" or "role-playing," I just want to play fun games. The lines are blurring now more than ever, but I contend that it simply doesn't matter.

As for which games RPGamer should cover, then, you have a bit of a pickle. Personally, I think you all do such a great job I wish you could cover every game. Sort of like ign, but good. Of course, that's neither feasible nor particularly desirable for most. Thus, I shall leave it up to the wise heads of my favorite site to determine what they will and will not cover. Just know that I would never, ever complain that RPGamer was stretching too far in covering a particular game.

-jaraph, a fan of video games

I'm in the same boat as you. Video games are simply awesome, and I too find growing pointlessness in trying to define genres. Besides, that takes away time better used for gaming!

We are RPGamer for a reason, so covering all genres of games is most certainly out of the question. Our judgement on what is an RPG or not is certainly sound, even if we do cover Pokémon Snap. ^_^

More finality about Final Fantasy

About your comment on the Final Fantasy games not supposed to have sequels, the Final in the title was only put there because it could have been Squaresoft's last RPG if it wasn't successful. There wasn't ever not supposed to be sequels. Of course, I might just be saying this because I'm totally obsessed with FF7(greatest RPG of all time!)

I guess I should ask a question, so...How much do you think a copy of FF2 would net? 'Cause I've got a copy right here and I was wondering if I could get rich off of it.

'Da Man

Indeed, Square was banking their entire future on Final Fantasy. We all know how the rest of the story goes. However, until now there have never been direct storyling sequels to any Final Fantasy game, so each game was a "Final Fantasy" in its own right. That was the point I was trying to make. Don't worry about your FF7 obsession, for I dig the game too.

To answer your question, I'm assuming you're talking about the American FF2. In that case eBay is your friend when trying to determine what you can get for it.

Welcome to the Suikoden 3 help desk!

I have read that Pesmerga is not in Suik 3... I am saddened.

Just out of curiosity (and mostly because Im too lazy to look) what characters do return in Suik 3 from the previous games?

- Galvatron

As far as I know Apple and Nash Latkje are the only returning characters from previous Suikoden games. If anyone else out there knows otherwise, feel free to correct me.

Muppet Ocean 2.5: Kermit's Revenge

To my darling,

I'm recently playing through Star Ocean 2 (don't laugh at me, I'm slow), and my Playstation keeps randomly freezing up on me. It's happened probably a good fifteen or twenty times now. The freezing reached a low point yesterday when I had to get up and reset the system three times in a single half-hour. Is anyone else having this problem? Is this a sign that there's something wrong with the game, or that there's something wrong with my Playstation? Are there muppets living in my sock drawer? Am I crazy?

With all the pieces of my heart,
Dr. Teeth and the Electric Mayhem (or maybe Carolyn Chen)

I certainly hope it is an old Playstation One because then I can provide you with help. My guess is that your Playstation is beginning to show its age. The motor might be giving out or the laser might not be as strong as it once was. Of course you can always try flipping the system upside down to see if that helps to fix any of your problems. 'Tis a common fix. Your game is probably fine, unless you it's been scratched into oblivion. I'll assume you treat your games with the upmost care though and place most of the blame squarely on your hardware.

You're not crazy, but from personal experience, muppets especially love residing in the sock drawer. me on this one.


If Friday's column was brought to us without any corporate sponsorship, what do you call that banner ad at the top?

- Google

Michael: You're right. That makes me a Hypocritical Oxymoronic Pessimistic Optimist™.

The Last Laugh:

Tomorrow morning I'm taking a short little hour-long Metra train home from college. At which time I will receive my brand spanking new copies of Demolition Man and Fortress on DVD. Good movies to write a Poli Sci paper on eh? Also rounding out the weekend is seeing my former high school take on a nine-time Illinois state champion in the football playoffs. Needless to say, I'm going to watch the poor guys (my high school, silly) become compost. Tomorrow is my last day though, so send me some excellent letters so I can have an excellent sendoff. The column will be up regardless of my relative business. See y'all tomorrow.

Kamikaze "Ich bin Gott"

The hidden text you seek is out for lunch. Look elsewhere.

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