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Michael Bischoff - November 8 '02- 2:00 Central Standard Time

Forgive the title fellow capitalists. I was at one of those fun anti-globalization demonstrations today (sans the rioting) . It was a hoot. Anyway, as the search for a permanent weekend Q&A person continues, I have been thrust into the limelight for the next few days. For those of you who don't know me, my name is Michael Bischoff (aka Kamikaze) and I am Head of Media on this glorious website. Seeing as our Head of News hosted last weekend, I guess it's only fitting that I get a shot this weekend. Anyway, if you're interested in anything more about me you'll be wise to check my staff bio. Now (brought to you without commercial interruption or corporate sponsorship) onto the column!

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Step 1: Research the answers to questions posed.

O.K. Ever since i first heard the opening song form the game (Kingdom Hearts) i fell in love with it, so my questions are

1)Is the PLANITb remix of simple and clean onthe sound track and is it in english like in the game?

After my research I've concluded that yes, the PLANIT B Remix is in the soundtrack. However, seeing as it is only available in Japan, I would also conclude that the piece is in Japanese.

2)Is there a longer version of the remix and if so is it also in english?

My research further indicates that there is no longer version of the remix.

3)Is there any more info on an entirely english soundtrack release in th U.S.?

Thanks lots,
Jimmy Tucker

Finally, there is no informaton indicating any stateside release of the soundtrack. You can cross your fingers and pray that it will; beyond that I wouldn't try getting my hopes up too much. As always, if we receive any information otherwise, our newsies will be on the story like rabid dogs.

Step 2: Take abuse from a fellow staffer. =\

Heya Kami.

Here's a multiparter:

1. Would you enjoy a sequel to FFVII? What other FF game would you like a sequel to, if any?

*See!? Hard questions = abuse!

Would I enjoy a FFVII sequel? Tough indeed, and here are a couple things I think it needs for me to even remotely give it a thought. First, if they continue from where the ending left off, I can't imagine the plot will be worth sinking my teeth into. The game could work as a prequel if you focus Vincent, a rather underdeveloped character I think. If it is simply another adventure with Cloud, I'll be disappointed. Second, a BRAND NEW battle system should be thrown in. I think most of us gamers would like something new, rather than a rehash or improvement on the Materia system. If the game is pretty much brand new, save for a few plot similarities, I think I'd give it a play.

Now, let me just invalidate everything I've just said. The whole concept of Final Fantasy sequels confounds me. They are supposed to be 'Final' remember? That means no sequels! Of course, I commend Square for continuing to find ways to rake in the cash. The news of these sequels are generating great buzz compared to any other game (check our boards if you don't believe me) and will likely create huge profits for them.

2. What game don't we cover on RPGamer you'd like to see us add?

Heh, the funny thing is I have some power over this opinion! We already cover oogles of games, so I'll go for one of those 'iffy' RPGs. Deus Ex is something I'd like to see us add coverage for. It does have "RPG elements" (even though it is still a first person shooter) and is quite a blast to play. The plot alone should merit coverage. I'll have to pass this onto da boss...

3. Do you remember when you wrote in when I did the column? You gave me hard questions!

-Paws =^^=

And thus, what goes around comes around.

Step 3: Sit back and let a reader rant for a change.

Ok, so what s the deal? Stupid fan people will go all over rumors of a sequel years ago, but now that we have an actual press conference hinting at a sequel, noone makes any dumb comments that get posted on the Q&A for me to chuckle over. Well, either that or Google simply decided they were way too freakish to be posted either way.

And just for the record? I m firmly against a sequel to final fantasy 7. Why? Because inevitably, it ll wither be Final Fantasy seventy-two (FF72) or it ll be ef-ef-veeeee (FFVII II). That just starts getting into freaky land. That, and you paid attention to the polygons in seven recently? If Square s gonna start bustin out with the ooooh, less clothes = more sales routine, I do NOT want to see how tifa gets reduced, cuz dude. Those blocky polygon s just don t do it for me.

Yes, it's because those dumb comments are actually valid news stories today. Scary development indeed. And don't worry about blockiness in the graphics, I'm sure Tifa's "assets" will be well "rounded" after the Square makeup artists are done with her. By the way, didn't you know that sex sells? =D

Step 4: Mental therapy.

My future happiness rests on the answer to this question, so please don't let me down: What is the deal with the GBA Fire Emblem? I saw one announcement that it was coming to this side of the pond, and since then, nothing at all. Were they serious, or were they trying to shatter the hopes and dreams of Fire Emblem fans in the US (yeah, all ten of us) by announcing it and then letting us stew?

Thus far, there are no plans to bring it to North American shores. If I'm wrong, you can sack our lovely news crew for not reporting on it. I haven't actually seen any announcement to bring it over here, so my guess is someone played a very cruel joke on you or such information was mere speculation. I hope your future will be happy with this rather unfortunate news. =(

Step 5: Realize the readers are tougher on you than the staffers are.

Suikoden 3 is so good! I wept like a school girl while playing it for its sheer goodness!( Hey, thats a funny word...)Although I am a tad bit angry because they left out PESMERGA! My favorite game character of all time and he's not in my favorite series of all time...Dang. Now then, define what you consider an RPG, because Role Playing Game is a rather broad category. I mean to just play the role of one character could be the interpretation, which means Vectorman could be an RPG, or Pac-man. Awaiting any response, Thanks


The eternal question has been asked again. If you want to be as broad as possible, any game where you control a character is a role playing game. However, what we think of as role playing games are not defined as a platform, or action, or puzzle game. However, what we typically define as an RPG must usually meet the following basic requirements (in my opinion anyway).

First, there must be some semblance of a plot and character development. Second, there must usually be some special system set up for how you will defeat enemies and advancee through the plot. Hit Points, Equipment, Magic, Items, Experience Points are good examples. In its most basic form, that is what an RPG is to me. Is Zelda an RPG? Technically yes, according to my definition. It has a plot and there is a system setup for battling and forwarding the story using some of my examples. Is Resident Evil an RPG? According to my definition, it can still fit as well. Oh well...I shot myself down with my own logic. You can always check here since I think they do a better job than I.


Alright, the question of the day:
FF7: Prequel, or sequel?
Woo hoo!

Michael: It would work better as a prequel. It will probably end up as a sequel. It shouldn't be released in the first place.

The Last Laugh:

That was as painless as it was fun! If you peer below you'll see my rather lame signature picture. Now, should any of you out there be benevolent enough (and skillful enough) to create one for me, I'm open to submissions. Remember to check out my bio if you want to get an idea of what I might like. Until then I suggest you visit for all of your radical media needs, for all of you conservative media needs, and of course for all of your RPG media needs. Until tomorrow comrades!

Kamikaze "Oxymoronic Pessimistic Optimist"

I retract my previous statement. I am actually an Oxymoronic Optimistic Pessimist.

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