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Googleshng - December 30 '01- 2:00 Eastern Standard Time

So there I am, in the special regenerative pod I spend me weekends in, when suddenly, up in the sky, I see someone is shining a spotlight with the sillouette of a slime on a nearby cloud. Evidently some fiendish foe had gotten past both of the creatures I set to stand guard over these three days, so here I come, out into the unholy evil light of a Monday to write a column for you all.

So, how was your weekend?

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Grandular Problems

Hoya Slime-of-Almost-Infinite-Knowledge!
Yes, yes. I have a few questions for you (just 'cuz I'm so nice). I've been working on finishing up Grandia (yes, the first one. I'm too cheap to get one of those new-fangled next-gen systems right now.) and such.
1) Is there anything really great at the bottom of the Soldier's Grave in the Zil Desert? I think I've been to the 5th or 6th floor, and the lack of really cool items and save points prompted me to just leave. Should I go back?

I seem to recall at the bottom, which you were actually pretty close to, there is an item that halves SP costs. Grandia's painfully easy even without it though, so it's your call.

2) I've learned almost all the spells for the last party, except that level 1 ice spell for Feena which requires water and wind to be on level 99. What is it? And is it worth spending two years of my life to learn?

I once met someone who actually went for the thing. He said it wasn't really that great.

3) This is actually an obscure Final Fantasy IX question. (Ahem) I've heard rumors to the effect of there being a second ending depending on whether or not you keep the Hammer. Is this true? 'Cuz when I tried it, I got the same ending.

It's an insignificant minor variant I'm told.

4) Finally, what game would you recommend buying for the PlayStation? With college eating up most of my cash, I want to make sure I have all the really great RPGs for the PSX before I buy a new system.
Muchly appreciated and Merry Post-Christmas
frum Rand

Hoshigami. Just fair warning though: It's TOUGH.

On that note...

Hey Googleshng,

I've been going to RPGamer for what, five years now? I didn't get into the Q&A portion until just awhile ago, however, and I have no idea why not. Anyways, I'll be a good little boy now and stop blabbering.

My question: I read about what you had to say for Hoshigami, and I wanted to ask ask what is your overall thoughts on the game? Is it too hard? I was pretty much destroyed in the 3rd fight, and now I have to get a horde of new recruits up to level seven or higher for the next battle. And do you feel it is as good as Final Fantasy Tactics? I bought it because I was tired of playing FFT through for the 18th time. The difficulty factor is extreme in Hoshigami, much more than in FFT, which I thought had a great difficulty level, not too hard or easy. The session system IS fun, though.

Wishing you a Happy New Years Eve and day,

OK. Hoshigami has some VERY nice mechanics, which are perfectly balanced amoung eachother, and a pretty decent plot from what I've seen. It also has some REALLY nasty fights, which are a bit nastier in the Japanese version. Nothing you can't get past with a little character building though.


Hi Googleshng! So what's with the lack of letters/columns lately? I guess people are having too much fun playing their new games they got for Christmas.

So...I finally beat Final Fantasy 9. Does it make me a loser that I took a year or so to beat it? I'm only just now getting around to Kartia. And I'm still only 8 hours into Skies of Arcadia. *sigh*

The problem with RPGs is you cannot play in small bursts. I couldn't sit down to FF9 without having at least 2-3 hours ahead of me. Kartia is a little better, cause you can just boot up and play one battle, BOOM - done in 20 minutes. I'm scared to start Dragon Warrior 7 because of the time commitment it requires.

Other than Parasite Eve, can you think of any RPGs that can be beat in just a short time?

I really enjoy your columns, and your rants!


I blame the recent disappearance of letters and columnists on ninjas. Just because they make such good scapegoats. Anyway though, onto your questions. First, the following games let you save anywhere, and thus can be played in short sessions:

Phantasy Star
The Lunar games
Just about everything on the Game Boy/GBA
A whole bunch I can't name off the top of my head

Now, as for RPGs that are just out and out short...

The original Lunar
The Chrono games
Just about any Action/RPG

Oh, and thanks for the compliments.

Short Question, Short Answer

Dear RPGamer,

I can be almost assured that this question has been asked many a time before. However, given that RPGamer is the wide resource that it is, I figure I'll ask it once more.

Final Fantasy X: To PC or not to PC?

That is the question. ;)

Thank you,
Barak Michener


... huh?

So when will Squaresoft finally get back to releasing more than one title per year? Any more info on the third Chrono game yet?

Uh... "back to"? I can't even remember the last year Square only threw one game our way. As for a third Chrono game, if there was more info on it, there'd be a story up on the main page.


I am afraid to play Hoshigami, is that normal?

Only if you're at the waterfall fight.

Is there going to be?

Wow. How zen. I think the subject line of this letter was the important part, so I'll print that too.

Is There Final Fantasy X for Xbox??????


The Last Laugh:

Behold! Monday Column! Spawn of... uh... me I guess... I wonder how many other insignificant tasks sound more impressive if you're the devil... Anyway, see you next year!

Googleshng "Hello Ryo!"
Hey, I can play imports on most of my systems...

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