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   Frell Those Who Dreamt of a White Chirstmas.  

Googleshng - December 26 '02- 2:00 Eastern Standard Time

Yesterday could have been described as a "White Christmas" in that the sky was stark white all day as sleet rained down on my home like the snot of the gods. Beyond that it was a pretty good day though.

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Sir Googleshang, about what you said on Wild ARMs mythology...

"My only problem plot wise with WA3 really is that it makes the painful mistake of pulling a name or two out of mythology. At least they don't go and try to make it some big SURPRISE that Janus is all two-faced and whatnot...

Although they MAY throw in some weird association with him and doors later in the game... that'd just be weird though. "

My questions are...
What names in the game are taken from mythology? And what is the mythology behind Janus and doors?

Thanks for your reply because I had no clue what you meant by that answer.

Huge Dreamer

OK, I am NOT going to get into every single mythological reference in WA3. Like 80% of all pronounces from that series are lifted from Norse mythology, so just find a book on it or something if you want that much detail.

I can cover Janus though. Janus: Roman god of doorways, with a face on each side of his head to go with the theme. That pretty much covers it really.



I just got a PS2 from a bunch of my friends last Thursday and love it! I am currently at the end of FFX (which is godly, but too linear) and my parents are giving me money for Christmas to get the game of my choice. I was wondering if you could recommend a good roleplaying game.

Okay, so I know you probably get this question a million times, but I have circumstances which prevent me from playing button mashers. I have a muscle disease which throws off my hand-eye coordination, so my choices in games is limited. I am looking for games with turn based menu selection for the battle system, and voice acting is a big plus. (Think FFX.)

If you can help me it would be great!

- Dace

Well, the number one PS2 RPG recommendation I always toss out there is Shadow Hearts, but if you aren't big on fast twitch action, it won't be up your alley. So, let's go with Wild ARMs 3.

The Last Laugh:

I just stayed up three hours later than I planned to tonight waiting for a third letter. I guess that's to be expected on Christmas. Oh well. Sleep time.

Googleshng "zzzzz"


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