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Googleshng - December 25 '02- 2:00 Eastern Standard Time

As you may know, I generally write my columns the night before they go up, thus at the time I'm writing this it's actually Christmas Eve (well OK, techincally it's Christmas in that it's 2 AM but you know). Of course, various people I know were impatient so after mobbing my house I have recieved gifts of a couple coffee table books, a lottery ticket, and Kingdom Hearts.

Word of warning for everyone by the way. You should never ever give people lottery tickets. Ever. If they're losers, which they almost certainly are, you're giving someone a small piece of paper that's too marked up to even use as decent scratch paper. If they actually win by some chance, you're going to end up kicking yourself and/or begging them for a cut.

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Translation Backlash

Hey, Goog.

"Of course, the fact still stands that these days many english dubs are vastly superior to their Japanese counterparts."

That has got to be the worst thing you have ever said! I watch a lot of anime, dubbed and subbed. I am quite familiar with both acting and the Japanese language. You couldn't be more wrong, no offence, English dubs are horrible. I have only seen one anime out of alllll the ones I've seen that I would say is even equal to the Japanese version, and that's Trigun. Some people have argued with me that Trigun isn't a very good dub, but I like it.

Anyway, the English actors, 99% of the time, do not have voices that suit the characters. They are awful actors who probably never took an acting lesson in their lives. Whereas the Japanese actors went to voice acting schools and stuff to learn how. Most of them have incredible voices! It's a competitive business, and only the best can make it. It doesn't even matter if you can understand them or not, anyone can recognize a decent voice. Though obviously not, since there are still people that prefer dubs...

And let's not forget translations. Dear God, some of the time they're just awful. Take Gundam Wing for example, lots of people are familiar with that. The translation is so incredibly horrible I can't even stand watching it subtitled on dvd. It's not so bad with anime that was never on tv, but ones that are translated for tv are "dumbed down" so five year olds can enjoy it.

All in all, with bad acting and stupid translations, people really need to stay away from dubs. I would give anything, ANYTHING for subtitled video games. As would the majority of anime/video game fans. Dubbing ruins things. Well, except Godzilla, that just makes it funny.

I could go on for a lot longer on why dubbing is very bad, but I'll save it.

"Watching dubbed anime is like looking at a masterpiece painting that has been scribbled over with crayons."


First of all, I should point out they we are primarily talking about voice acting in games, not in anime here. Second, you seem to have missed certain key elements in what you just quoted back at me. Things like "these days" and the word "many" for example. True, most anime I have seen I have to watch subbed due to the dub voices making my ears bleed. There are however a pretty decent number of shows out there, like Hellsing for example, that honestly sound better in the dub overall, and the number of these mysterious good dubs has been on the rise in the last year or two. When you're talking about games though, just take a look at, say, Metal Gear Solid, Kingdom Hearts, or Eternal Darkness... although that last one might be English native. Still, I think I've made my point here, why don't you go bite someone else now?

Cheap shots

Hey, Google.

You don't even know the name of your sworn enemy? I'm not totally sure of the etiquette on this, but that seems pretty rude. As the sworn enemy of at least 3 different people, I know I'd feel insulted.

Anyway, the point of my writing is, do you think Dragon Force is really worth buying a Saturn? I've been thinking about this game for a while, but I've never tried it. I usually like tactical and strategic games, (FFT is in my top 5) especially fantasy based ones. So... is it worth it?


Hey, I know his name! It's Boris! Not my fault he doesn't sign stuff with his last name. Anyway though, I would say it's worth buying a Saturn for DF, on the grounds that a Saturn can be obtained for like, $10 these days.

What what what?

am at my wits end...I promised myself I'd get me Kirby-Nightmare in Dreamland for my birthday (12/22,) but it seems like there are no copies left on the entire freaking eastern seaboard, and I leave America for Japan for 4 months on 1/26. I want to find it before then, because I LOVED it when I had it for the NES. I went EVERYWHERE to try and find it, even Toys R Us (and on CHRISTMAS EVE!) and apparently they won't be getting it in until THE MIDDLE OF JANUARY. I'm going to be GONE in THE MIDDLE OF JANUARY.

Should I wait until they get it again? If I do wait, it means it'll probably arrive and I'll have a VERY brief window of time to play it before I am shipped off to Japan (although I could possibly convince my mom to let me bring my GBA on the plane, since I could get my hands on Tokyo Mew Mew Hamepane in Japan.) Should I order it now from Amazon (although I want to buy Utena #4) and get it a little faster, but risk having to wait too?

And if someone has a copy...*Menchi eyes* can I buy it at cost?

Card Captor Ribby

Woah woah woah, a new Kirby game slipped out? Utena #4 already? I'm out of a couple loops it seems. Anyway, I'd just order from Amazon, as that way you're sure to have a copy of it EVENTUALLY. Alternatively you could roam around checking out other stores for a while.

The Shining

Hi, this is Ewcoolio. I read a letter someone wrote about how Shining Force for genesis costed 75 dollars. Well, I got it, along with 5 other genesis games, for my computer for 10 cents. See, the cd with all the games costed $10.10, but they were handing out "Ten dollars off a purchase" coupons. So I was able to play and beat the game on my computer and no, nothing illegal was involved. It was actually a pretty fun game, and the ending was cool. Since it is a kind of tactics game, there is significant replay value. By the way, I was not even looking for the game when I bought it. I thought it would be cooler to play the game that was about a comic book they had put on the cd.

Huh. Didn't know Sega ever released any collections of old games for PC. Anyway, Shining Force is one of the oldest TRPGs out there, and it really shows in the AI. Still though, you have to appreciate the presense of a FLYING MAGE. I mean, that's hard to beat.


The Last Laugh:

Seeing how this is one of the more widely celebrated holidays in the world, you should most likely be on vacation, so go. Enjoy it. Don't waste it staring at a computer.

Feel free to toss off a letter for tomorrow first though.

Googleshng "Merry Platypus everyone."

No it wasn't!

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