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Googleshng - December 24 '02- 2:00 Eastern Standard Time

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On the subject of dubbing.

ON the topic of voice acting, why is it that most people seem to prefer Japanese voice acting? I'm pretty sure that most people don't understand Japanese. Even with subtitles it would be very hard for a non-fluent listener to pick out the subtleties of the acting. Whereas if it is acted out in English someone would be able to understand it, and pick out the subtleties. In my opinion, just because it's the "original" acting doesn't mean it's the best.

You actually hit the nail on the head while asking. "Even with subtitles it would be very hard for a non-fluent listener to pick out the subtleties of the acting." Right. If you don't speak the language, it's harder to recognize when someone is butchering their lines. I can see disliking dubs between that, sanctity of original voice work, and the fact that compared to many languages, English doesn't really sound all that great. I think it comes from being a fusion of two langages that don't sound at all alike.

Of course, the fact still stands that these days many english dubs are vastly superior to their Japanese counterparts. Still though, if I were translating an RPG with voice acting in it, I'd put out extra-pricey subtitled editions to make money off all the people who care that much.

Headaches abound

A guy wrote in yesterday asking for Square's X-mas Mix of the FF theme. Oddly enough, I got it off of that year and it was burned onto my christmas jams cd. So now I've ripped it and I'm wondering if I should just send it to to host again or if I should ask for his email or AIM name or something to send it to him. I'll just go ahead and attach it to this so that you guys can help that poor boy out with his Christmas wish. ^_^


I assume yesterday in this case refers to Sunday and this letter was just stuck in a time loop for a day. Anyway, I'll have to go do battle with the great beast of music archives and get stuff properly linked to later I guess.

Little fighting rat things.

dear Mr(s?) Google

I read somewhere that Nintendo's killer online app was shaping up to be a Pokemon MMORPG (it might have been on RPGamer, but I can't seem to find the article again.) What are your thoughts on this? I personally enjoyed the original pokemon game before it became popular with cihldren (which, in my opinion, is the best way to ruin a good thing) and was only turned off by the disgusting amount of hype that arose for the TV show, card game, tooth brush, breakfast cereal, zillion and a half spin-offs, etc. At first, I was disapointed and thought that NIntendo needed to make a quick buck or two so it decided to regurgitate up another Pokemon game. But then I got to thinking:

a pokemon game of this type seems to be, oddly enough, one of the more original MMORPG ideas out there (is anyone else disturbed by the massive amounts of irony in this?) Think about it: instead of running around killing monsters to get power, you go around collecting your critters, leveling them up, and challenging other players in one big poke-world. This allows no room for the "masses are asses" syndrom, as strong people cannot prey on newbies or weakilings without them consenting to the challenge. And even when you are defeated, you character does not die or lose items, or return to the last save point. You simply lose the ability to fight or capture new pokemon until you heal your team again. I also can't imagine them not including tournements, sidequests, and the badges which allow you to control higher level pokemon (as well as bring prestiege. Only this time, you can brag to real people instead of NPCs)

Gosh, look at me. I'm 18 and I'm actually hyped about a pokemon game.

-Bovis Volatus

First off, I'm a tad skeptical on that bit about getting into Pokémon before it became popular with little kids. To do that, you'd have to have imported the original when it was first released in Japan. I mean, heck, it was popular with little kids in the U.S. months before the game actually came out.

Anyway though, I'm reasonably certain you didn't read about a Pokémon MMORPG here on RPGamer seeing how Nintendo hasn't announced any such game. I admit the concept is pretty neat though. On the other hand, right now I can, in theory, carry around a GBA with a link cable and Pokémon around in public with me looking for others doing the same thing, and honestly, it's the same core concept.

ARMs and Dragons

Hey goog,

I got Wild Arms 3 last Monday for my Birthday. For reasons I'm sure you'll appreciate - Am borrowing the gamecube for the christmas holidays from my college roomate for the single reason that I need to win Metroid Prime, the best Non-RPG game I've ever played (gettin' close, in the impact crator i didn't scan the a map station so I won't be able to get 100% though) - I have only played through the prologue for each character and talked to everyone in Baskar (learning about the guardians and the blight on Filgaia. Now, I am writing this because I think the game has allready been ruined. When you are playing through the prolougues the games seems like a it's going to a completly different type of game and it exudes a certain atmosphere looks like it's goign to a great unknown epic.

Then all of a sudden it lost me, Granny decides to throw the entire plot on the table and tells you exactly what you need to do and establishes omniscent evil. All within 2 hours of the game beginning. Everything is ruined, the atmosphere and great music will keep me til the end but the corny downfalls and the fact that there is nothing to anticipate will greatly degrade the overall experience. I can't wait til I start designing my own games, such downfalls as the one I have just explain will be a thing of the past, and other RPG companies will have to follow suit if they want to rival the quality.

Question is, with my initial reaction to Wild Arms 3 in your opinion does a person who reacts this way to a game have anything to look forward to throughout the rest of the game? Keep in mind I like the gameplay, music, graphics, and amazing diction, it's the story I'm worried about. Also, I'm not just asking a yes or no question I would also enjoy your opinion.

First off, I have to point out that the G in RPG stands for Game, so you just basically said "non-roleplaying game game" there. Always been a little pet peeve of mine that.

Anyway though, being as I am largely done with WA3, I can say with a great deal of confidence that not only is the entire plot not laid out right at the beginning of the game, but I can't even name a single plot point of any importance mentioned that early on. All I recall going on back there is being sent on the traditional "go track down guardians" fetch quest you know you're going to be sent on at some point or other. There's a good number of plot twists as the game goes on, each with their own little change to the intro to match.

My only problem plot wise with WA3 really is that it makes the painful mistake of pulling a name or two out of mythology. At least they don't go and try to make it some big SURPRISE that Janus is all two-faced and whatnot...

Although they MAY throw in some weird association with him and doors later in the game... that'd just be weird though.

Another question, we all know you like Dragon Force but what other Saturn Gems did you get your hands on and enjoy? I'd have to say Albert Odyssey is up there. Something about that game just lingers in my mind. I'm sure if I played it now I wouldn't like it but the nostalgia and the 2 hour long bosses near the end of the game would keep me playing.

Good Day Goog

Douglas Dunlop AF11

AO is kinda neat, but the fat naked healing fairies are entirely too disturbing. I've also got the WD side of things rounded out nicely with Magic Knights Rayearth, the ever ellusive Panzer Dragoon Saga, the first third of Shining Force 3, Sakura Wars, a Super Robot Wars game, and a giant mountain of festering garbage I can't really name because the vast majority of these games were just handed to me in a big box by a friend one day.


Boris Vallejo? Your mortal enemy?....

Oh, well. I always liked Luis Royo and Michael Whalen better. Although my favorite fantasy artist is a little-known painter named Nene Thomas.

Yes. While I realize the average cover artist doesn't really have the opportunity to read an entire book (or play an entire game etc.) I'm darn sick of having so much stuff featuring the main character aged 30 years too much, sans shirt, and musclebound. Accurséed Boris!

Oh, and since when is Nene Thomas obscure?

The Last Laugh:

Tomorrow is Christmas Eve. Odds are you'll all be hanging out with family and such unless you work in retail. For those who are stuck in that hideous dreary profession, I'll make a show of solidarity by working all day or somesuch. Oh wait a second, TODAY is Christmas Eve... well hey! I worked!

Googleshng "Will you listen to the big-headed robot boy, or ME?"

We love you Easter Platypus!

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