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Googleshng - December 23 '02- 2:00 Eastern Standard Time

It struck me last night that your average "proud warrior race" gets portrayed in a really positive light. Vikings, Spartans, Klingons, they all get all sorts of respect and admiration and the occassional movie to show what noble heros they all are. Orcs on the other hand are always just portrayed as the horrible beast-like barbarians who attact innocent villagers. I'll have to remedy this some day.

Hey waitasecond... Blizzard treats orcs with respect that way... they also do really silly stuff around Christm- excuse me for a moment...

Ah, good stuff.

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Here's an odd opening letter...

Your column sucks. I hate you. You and that other guy druff or whatever give out false information. For shame! And by the way, hosting the column for three years or more is clearly an act of insantity. After all this time, I have finally come to the realization that you are neither man, nor woman, but sheman, aka transvestite. May you burn in hell for your sins, you wicked fiend, you! bwahahhahahaha You have been cursed bwahahahahaha! And take that pic of a sexy elf girl off your sig you sick SoB.

Not be taken seriously,

Long Time Fan

Oddly enough, this letter reminded me that I meant to comment on how yesterday Andrew kind of gave the impression that Working Designs handled the U.S. release of Lunar Legend. They had no part in it at all in fact, thanks to a long held policy of "Meh, handhelds."


Hey Goog,
Everyone's upset with the news that one little scene in Xenosaga will be censored, but I think there are bigger issues at hand concerning Xenosaga. First, is the game going to contain the original Japanese voices? I don't remember hearing anything on it, but if it did offer some mouth-watering Japanese voice-acting with subtitles, I'd be in heaven. Second, a while back, Tetsuya Takahashi said the game wouldn't be more than 35 hours long, but now it says on the official site that the game will offer more than 80 hours of gameplay. What's up with that?
And good lord, I'm getting pretty upset with the fact that game characters are prancing around naked nowadays. Rikku is practically naked in FFX-2 man! Now I'm gonna be masturbating while playing, and I KNOW that's not cool. Square should just include a hentai Cd-Rom with the game instead.


On the subject of Xenosaga, I don't really have any reason to believe Xenosaga will have Japanese voices in it, on the grounds that most publishers have this crazy notion that people want to understand what they hear people say. I'd really like the Utena voice actors to match the Utena imagery, but what are you gonna do? Length wise, I would be more inclined to trust the latter number since it was stated after the game was finished, but time estimates for games are frequently off by an order of magnitude, so I don't really put that much faith in either.

Now, moving on to the matter of FFX-2, why is it that people are only NOW realizing that Nomura is a sick little freak? Take a look at Lulu's neckline some time, or look at Quistis, who while fully clothed looks pretty darn slutty as teachers go. Tifa most people view as pretty trashy looking too last I checked. Gets worse with NPCs too.

Out of left field...

Hey Goog,
I was wondering, in ff7 when you try to beat the two American weapons is it possible to beat them without things such as knights of the round? Personally I find the whole Chocobo breeding thing to be quiet boring and I would like to skip it just by grabbing a free gold one. But are things like Mime knights of the round really necessary? thanks

Sure it is. Bit of a pain, without Mr. Disgusting Summon, but particularly when you just want the gold chocobo from Ruby it's doable. Heck, you could probably just get by with a haste on Cloud followed by Omnislash-mime-mime-mime-mime-mime-mime...

Numbers out of hats.

Have you any clue about the FFX-2 release date for America? I'm guessing around.....
late July.....early August? If you could give me a clue...thank you.


When you've been following the releases of games as long as I have, you learn that you shouldn't even try to guess the U.S. date of a game which hasn't even hit Japan yet. FF10 took 5 months to skip the pond though, and I would assume if two months of that was spent on casting the voice work wouldn't be quite so terrible. So, if you really want a stab in the dark, I'd stick it more in August, possibly September if you factor in weird marketting logic.

That's a 95% off discount you know.

Hey, I've been reading this column forever, but never sent in a letter in....I thought my best rpg moment would be a good start. First off, for background purposes, I have to let you know that I never had a genesis in its heyday. Finally, in 2000 I saw one for 10 bucks at a pawn shop and bought it. So I finally had a genesis, but no games. Being a long time RPG fan, I did some research on some of the games for genesis and found out about the Shining Force and Phantasy Star series. Determined to get one of these games I started looking everywhere.....eventually finding out they were rare as hell and 70 bucks a piece on ebay. So after about two weeks I gave up my search.....felt awful doing so, but there was no way I could dish out 70 bucks for a 10 year old game. Then one day when I was at the local video store renting a film I noticed they had some of their old games for sale, so I went to take a look....just in case. Then there it was in the center of the shelf, a copy of Phantasy Star 4 with the instruction book and case for 5 dollars!!!!!!! Buying that gem for so cheap is by far my best RPG moment. Well wait, theres also the fact that my uncle was an administrator for the school system and there is a catalog they order stuff for the schools out of for free and back in the day square endorsed my copies of FFII, FFIII, Chrono Trigger, Secret of Mana, Secret of Evermore, and FF Mystic Quest were totally free sealed snes catridges. I don't which is tell me.


You know, Sega may be one of the best developers out there, but they made some REALLY bad business decisions over the years. When it was first released, PS4 not only cost $100, but it was one of those few Genesis games that came in a cheap little cardboard box, AND had cover art by Boris What'shisname, my sworn enemy.

In any case though, that's a pretty good deal.

The Last Laugh:

Hey, that last letter reminded me of something else that managed to be implied over the weekend. That I'm some sort of Saturn fan. For the record, the Dreamcast is the only Sega system I didn't aquire years after it was dead for $20. Well, that and those Sega systems I never aquired, but you know. I just wanted to go on record saying that I have one to play this used copy of Dragon Force, not because I was drawn in by garbage like Knights and Fighting Vipers.

Googleshng "Me go there now."


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