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Googleshng - December 21 '01- 2:00 Eastern Standard Time

Last night, I worked my fingers to the bone to finish writing and editting the core rules to a diceless RPG before it was time for this column, and I pulled it off. However, my guest host seems to have mysteriously vanished, and I had no idea who was hosting tomorrow (Justin Weiss, from news), so, well, here we are. I'll sneak an update back in here once the letters roll back in.

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The Last Laugh:

Google: Don't forget, to gain the guest host throne, and eventually a free hard to find game of your own, just let me know if you're willing to cough up...
The Sega-CD Lunars
Lufia 2
Harvest Moon
Dragon Force
Phantasy Star 3 and 4
or the english import of Shenmue 2 EB's selling.

Googleshng "Where'd everyone go?"
I'm proud of finishing my diceless RPG... if only I know anyone who dug'em.

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