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Googleshng - December 20 '01- 2:00 Eastern Standard Time

My cousin has been living in Japan for the last couple of years now. For Christmas I sent him every single episode of a show I've been taping since he left. "I'll probably be able to get around to watching one episode every weekend or so." The day after he got the package he'd watched about 8 hours worth. It's fun to get people hooked on stuff.

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Crazy accusations

Greetings (a women sings) Googleshng
I now at least know that you are not more than one of anything so you likely aren't made up by committee. But who or what have you been accused of over the years since a list has never been made?
Imperial Mog

That's a long list. Of the top of my head, I can recall people claiming that I was...
A random guy
A random girl
Every person who has ever run RPGamer's Q&A (both individually AND by one person who believed there's only ever been one person doing this job)
Mikel Tidwell
Andrew Vestal
A slime from Dragon Warrior
A sophisticated perl script
and I think that's it. Surprisingly I've never been accused of being from Dragon Half.

To buy, or not to buy?

Yo (Beastie Boys rap) Goog-Goog-Goog-GoogleSHNG!!!

I have a few of questions:

1.) Is there a possibility of Final Fantasy X being released on PC or any other platform in Square's plans?

I don't THINK there's currently any plans to port 10 anywhere, but going multiplatform is VERY en vogue right now, so you never know.

2.) Based solely on the games and developers (no hardware specs, price, or extras considered), would you recommend a gamecube or a PS2?

Honestly? Both. That's why I've been doing so for the last half a year or so. The PS2 has a few weird experimental RPGs from no name developers that have caught my eye, and I have a soft spot for that sort of thing. The GameCube on the other hand has a list of upcoming releases crawling with neat looking adventure games, truly exclusive stuff from a good number of my favorite development houses, and even a querky RPG or two of it's own. If money honestly isn't an object two you, you really should buy both... and while you're at it, fling some Thor's way and give me the change. 8)

3.) Have you seen the LotR movie yet, and did it do the books justice?

That's all for now. Thank you for your time and bestowing us with your abundant and everlasting knowledge.


-Kefka, Jr.

I'm planning to see it with some friends this weekend. I honestly expect it to be pretty darn faithful since it's evidently made by a bunch of nerds obsessed with the books. However, I also expect thousands of people to say it sucks royally and was horribly unfaithful, because that's the sort of thing people do with movies based on classic sci-fi/fantasy.


FINALLY!!! AFTER 4/12 LONG YEARS OF COLLEGE, MY LAST DAY IS TODAY!!!! Aren't you happy for me??? :) anyway, questions:

1)Okay, it's not really a question, but I believe all the class based Final Fantasies (1, 3j, Tactics), all the characters are androgynous. You know, neither male or female.

You're right. That isn't a question. The ones in Tactics are male and female though, it says so. And... wouldn't "4/12 LONG YEARS" just be 4 months?

2)Do you know if there's any possibility or likelihood that Dragon Quest 5 and 6 will be remade since 4 is?

Woohoo! A question about Enix' future plans I'm not under a gag order against answering for once! Ahem, anyway, I would be very surprised if 5 and 6 didn't get remade.

3)Have you heard anything more about a third Chrono game?

4)I lied. There is no number 4. And don't call me Shirley.

Wish me luck as I venture out into the great wide world!!! (cheers)

Robust Stu

Nope, nothing new... but then I HAVE been living in a cave for the last few weeks, so we might have posted a story full of details for all I know.

Changing classes

Hi Google,

I was admiring your FF class graphic, and have come to the conclusion that the person in the lower-right corner is not wearing lipstick, but has a mustache! Said person even goes against you "law of chins." As far as the low-cut outfit.... I'm reminded of a certain song:
"I'm a lumberjack and I'm okay!/
I sleep all night and I work all day!/

On to a "serious" question. Is it just me, or is it somewhat annoying that in DW7 the characters don't change appearance when they change class? Especially considering the fact that there are people at the inn who talk about how cool they'll look when they change class. It's not like those sprites take up a lot of room on a CD or anything.


You look different for the monster classes, and there's a whole bunch of those. I do agree it would be nice if more games took the FF5 route there though. Maybe they just wanted to spare us from the sight of Melvin as a Teen Idol. About the FF3 picture though, I seem to recall that's the Elf class, and there's a strict law against elves having facial hair, so I stick by it being poorly applied lipstick. Doesn't rule out that being a drag queen class, but that isn't quite Squa- well, wasn't back then at least.

Long or Short?

Hello O Slimey One, I have a question for you.

Given the circumstances, I only have enough money to rent a game. My question is this: How long is FFX? I was thinking about renting it and spending my week off from school playing it through to the end. If you don't know, I guess I'll just pop Megaman Legends back in...

The Masked Mystere
"I would make a 'send in the clones' joke at Imperial Mog's expence, but I won't because I'll be beat down with a stick of ignorance."

Well, a review of it just went up yesterday, which should have the length listed in it. Despite the fact that I proofed that review and was curious how long it was though I forgot to check myself. The review came in and was finished all while I wasn't looking though, so it can't be THAT long.


Hi, why do people fight over whether or not she's a she? Just look at the official art... much simpler. Thanks. Bye. ~ Josh

That's not as fun as staring at cruddy sprites and arguing though! Besides, it was already proven that FF3 white mages are female 3 or 4 different ways a couple weeks ago.

The Last Laugh:

This whole writing columns offline bit isn't as nasty as I thought it would be. Anyway, tomorrow Cyrael, who would have had a final guest shot the day I went poof, will be guest hosting one last time. While I seem to recall he was looking for the Sega-CD Lunar games, you may also garner the guest host throne by giving up a copy of... Lufia 2 or the SNES Harvest Moon. Wait a sec, the SNES Harvest Moon? I'D be willing to give THAT up!

So... if you don't have copies of any of those you're willing to part with, you could ALSO get a seat on the guest hosting throne by sending ME a copy of Dragon Force, Phantasy Star 3 and 4, or a copy of the english import Shenmue 2 with boot disc is selling right now.

Googleshng "Poof!"
That'd work out nicely. Now I need guest hosts looking for Vandal Hearts 2, Star Ocean 2, and PE2!

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