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Googleshng - December 19 '01- 2:00 Eastern Standard Time

When I set up my e-mail client, I didn't think it was particularly odd that it stuck ads in my face, but now that I can only connect to the internet in short bursts, I see how screwed up that really is. I'm sitting here reading a text file stored on my computer, when suddenly my modem starts to connect to grab more ads off a server. That's just not right.

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Cash Conservative Christmas

Hey Googleshng, nice to see you back online again. I for one know that when your ISP goes down, it could be a real hair-puller.

Anyway, I need some advice. First, my brother and I plan to buy a PS2 in the future but not before more good games aside from FFX come out. So on impulse, I was thinking to get a DreamCast this christmas just so that I could play the fighting games I wanted to play for a long time (Capcom's VS games, Soul Caliber, etc). I was wondering...can you please inform me of the noteworthy RPGs that were released for the system? About the only good RPGs I know that came out for the DC are Shen Mue (kinda like one) and Skies of Arcadia.

I know it's kinda late getting a DC, but lots of games still happen to be available near my vicinity and then again, I got my SNES in 1994 and I'm still having fun with it from time to time. :)

Thanks a lot and Merry Xmas!


Yes, the fact that you can get a Dreamcast and about 10 games for the cost of a PS2 right now (not even getting into buying a game and a memory card for it) is pretty darn nice. Anyway though, SoA is the biggie, and Shenmue's not bad, but you already mentioned those. Phantasy Star Online is a nice addictive little bugger if you don't mind hack and slash gameplay. Grandia 2 is quiet enjoyable if you don't mind how it's mindnumbingly easy and has the worst graphics I've ever seen for the system. Then there's the Evolution games, which I'm told are pretty good for dungeon crawls, and a big wad of games I've never really heard a thing about. Oh, and get Chuchu Rocket too.

And speaking of PSO...

Hiya Goog!

Strange triple vergance of forces, on Dec 19th...

The release of Final Fantasy X, (a game I bought my PS2 for, among other things!)
The premere of Lord of the Rings:Fellowship of the Ring, (a movie I've been waiting for a long time to see!)
and my Birthday!! (I turn 27! yea... presents!)

Have a question for ya regarding Phantasy Star Online.... Recently having gotten the Gamecube, I am looking forward to the game after seeing the pics, though I know very little about it having not a Dreamcast... Can you compare it to any type of game currently out there? Is it turn based, or live action combined with turn style in a bizarro conglomeration?

Phantasy Star Online is basically Diablo 2 with the camera angles and controls of Zelda 64. Completely realtime.

Also, got Pikmin... don't like tactical/strategy games on a whole, but I love this thing, never thought it would be so addicting! ..Though, I am taking my time with it, and didn't beat it the first time around (Dang swamp level!!) . It seems to be getting more play time than Melee in my 'cube, but it could also be that I'm the only one that plays it...

Well, off to prepare my PS2 and TV for heavy duty work!


I see a couple people writing in saying they love Pikmin but didn't get all the parts their first time. Here's 2 hints for doing better. 1- The camera stick is your friend. It let's you slam 50 Pikmin at a time into a part/monster/obstacle so they all start working at once, and in situations where you DO have to throw Pikmin, if you tip it forward slightly they'll be packed more tightly around you which totally removes that slight delay between throws. 2- There are 5 parts you don't NEED to win. If you're running low on time, and you get a part that it says you probably don't need, just revert to your last save and ignore that one.

Quoth Animal, "WO-MAN!"

(Du-wop boys sing) Googleshng, shng...

Anyway, your take: Do you think the NES white mage is male or female? I say manly because of the FF1 White Wizard picture and that in FF3 (NES) all the jobs are male. (I know many people call White Mages female, but I see no proof.)

OK, first of all, not all the classes in FF3 are male. This picture which I just happened to have sitting around (without the circles) shows all the classes from FF3, and, for that matter, from FF1. In the bottom row, we have a character who has lipstick and a lowcut garment, and one with a hairstyle you just don't see on guys EVER. Not even in Utena. I don't think anyone could successfully argue that those two are male. Now then, circled in blue are all the other characters that I can say with confidence are also female. I say this for two reasons. Reason #1- they all have the same face as the girl in the lower left. Reason #2- The Unbreakable Law Of Chins! In my life, for some odd reason, I am constantly asked if a given character is a girl, or a girly looking guy, and I always guess correctly. You can't get a definate gender by looking at faces, frames, hairstyles, voices, or even, as FF9's Kuja proves, chests. You CAN however always determine the gender of any character by looking at the angle of their chin. You will notice that the White Mage, and every other character circled here, has a round, or girly chin. Meanwhile if you look at, say, the Fighter or the Red Mage, you see the more angular manly chin. Now, by this logic, you might be wondering why that one character in the middle row is uncircled. It's because that is the "Onion Kid" class, and little kids get rounder chins too, making it a tough call there. You could also make a case for the entire second column being female, except the dwarf, but I'm not going to touch those since I can't see their chins.

Also, now that I'm gettin' a decked out new computer (1800/512, think new) for Christmas what games (especially RPGs) do you recommend? I have Arcanum and Deus Ex I haven't finished because of this comp being so ---in' slow and I hope to get Neverwinter Nights, Warcraft 3, Dungeon Siege and Anachronox.

I am the worst person to ask that question. Every PC game I own is by Blizzard, Sid Meier, or LucasArts. Outside of what you mentioned, the only things I could recommend are really outdated things like X-Com, Dungeon Keeper, or Lemmings. Maybe The Sims too. The game that looks really icky on paper yet in practice has a strangely addictive quality. I think it comes from the gibberish they constantly scream at you.

Lastly, know where I can get some help writing thesis statements? I never thought this would be so anti-easy.

I wish you well on your holiday of choice; thanks in advance.

-EE "

It would really depend on what the thesis was on...

Cube prospects

Zup Goog,

So the GC is out, the games released so far look and play great. I'm wondering if Enix, Working Designs, Gaming Arts, Konami, Atlus, or someother RPG developer out there are planning to work on any sequels to an RPG series, or a fresh new series?

thanks, as always..


I could be wrong about one or two, but I seem to recall every one of those companies is indeed thinking along those lines... except maybe Konami. Since when do they get called an RPG developer anyway? Sure, there's Suikoden and Vandal Hearts but it's hardly their focus...

Portare- To Port! No wait, carry.

Okay, you dunno who I am, but I like Rp.gamer. It's probably one of the most reliable sites I've seen, and therefore I'm asking YOU this question:

The video game industry didn't pick up until about 1990, with the release of the genesis and SNES. Then, games started being created like.... stuff.

Anyway, I was only three at the time, and missed a lot of good games (or so I hear). But with the GBA's release, these old forgotten games are suddently reappearing. My question is how many 16 bit games will be ported for the lovable system, and when they'll get here to the good ol USA.

BTW, Lulu is an FFX char, but by the time you read this, you'll have known that already!

The Pezman

Ack. Just had a mild seizure upon seeing you space out the RP and the Gamer. It's a weird neurological condition most people on staff have. We also scream at "RPG Gamer". Makes us fun at parties. I could also point out that the videogame industry really picked up when Super Mario Bros. was first released and didn't have any notable spikes in the 16-bit era, but I wo- oh wait, I just did didn't I.

ANYWAY though, to get to your questions, how many 16-bit games do I expect to be ported to the GBA? Roughly all of them. Not to mention a good number of 8 and 32 bit ones too. As for when... hmm... I'll say over the next couple years, depending on the desparation of the publishers in question.

You'd be surprised how often this comes up.

Sup Google...Long time reader, first time writer (im often in the music section instead...)
Yes i saw the headline for tomato adventure and the first thing that goes through my brain is "is this some throwback to that kind of rare old NES game 'princess tomato in the garden kingdom'?" (i think thats what it was called)
so? is it?
This question is bugging me now.
-Dennis Mott

That's the first thought that crossed everyone's mind when that game was first announced. No connection at all though as it turns out. Go figure.

Why I say things to begin with...

(if you wish not to do the searching on the net for this pne, I understand, just figured it might answer the 4% of us out there that have X-Boxes already and are avid RPG fans and read this Q&A page frequently. Also, I know how much you just LOVE staaying up into the hours of the morning commonly known as "wee" for your loyal readers at Rpgamer)

Hello, Mr./Mrs. Slime Tamer,

I wish to inquire about the RPG situation with the X-Box. I, myself, have done some searching, but not much. I have an X-Box, and Halo. That's it. I am asking if you, o one of infinite knowledge, do you know the current schedule for the RPGs that might come out for, or the ones already out for, the X-Box?

As I often find myself doing, I would like to point out that there is a big fat link in this bar on the left to our release dates database, and the big index of all games we cover, including upcoming games, so you can check this sort of thing yourself in just a few seconds. Looking here though, you can see that while there are RPGs on the horizon, they are either ports of DC games, ports of lousy PC games, or just plain tripe developed in the US. The only thing worth even a glance is Shenmue 2, but you can buy the Dreamcast version NOW for $60, $110 if you don't currently own a DC. Project Ego might also not suck, but I'm skeptical at this point. Now you see why I don't recommend people buy the system?


Are you a women?

I have been accused of being many things in my life, but I believe this is the first time I've been asked whether I was plural. I can say with confidence that there is only one of me, disqualifying me from any possible categorization of "a women".

Save Thor Antrim, former RPGamer host! -EE

This gets mentioned in every single column anyway, so why do people point it out? Besides, I'd rather people save Thor Antrim, budding Horror/Sci-Fi/Fantasy author.

hey goog

Remember when quickies were real legitimate questions that just happened to be short? Yeah, neither do I... oh hey, here's one!

If i buy the european edition of shenmue 2 for sega dreamcast will the game be in english or subtitled

It will be subtitled in english! More seriously though, no more "HIYA DLRYO! Let's play soccer!" for us.

The Last Laugh:

Woo! Nice big fat column with a picture in it! Aren't I a lot more fun when I'm in a really good mood and have a matching nice batch of letters? Oh hey, it's wednesday... I'd better see who's guest hosting this week quick...

Googleshng "Wait Master Frodo! I think those orcs stole my lunch money!"
Seriously. Is Samwise really Frodo's slave or what?

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