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Googleshng - December 18 '02- 2:00 Eastern Standard Time

I need to get back into the swing of things when it comes to mentioning that I threw new rants up. Like that one that's up now for example. I'd throw a link up right here and now, but there's an awful lot of flame bait in there.

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3000 words would be a bit long for this forum.

Okay, let's try something fun. See, the reason I love RPGs is because of the overall experience, not because I can level-up my little sprite for hours-on-end. That is why I enjoy very old games less, such as the Dragon Warriors or Breath of Fire I&II, because there frankly isn't anything special, intriguing, or worth seeing in those productions. Now, I know you love Phantasy Star and that you keep referring to it as probably the best series ever, but I still have doubts that those games are nothing more than mindless dungeon crawling mixed with a slew of predictable events. That would be very hypocritical however given that I've never actually played any of those games.

SO, in 3000 words or less, convince ME that I can't keep on living without Phantasy Star Collection and the other package coming for the PS2. It's all yours...

OK, first of all, Breath of Fire is not an old game by the scale you're using. It's just an incredibly lackluster game which in no way stood up to the quality and sophistication of its peers.

Anyway though, Phantasy Star. I wouldn't call it the best series of RPGs ever made actually, I just really like the first and fourth games. They aren't mindless. They aren't dungeon crawls. They aren't predictible. If those are your only concerns, you'll love them. They ARE old enough that you actually have to character build near the beginning though, and that might scare you off. Plus THQ neglected to apply a sorely needed new translation to the GBA ports. So, take from that what you will.


I'm really confused here. Lately, I have read a few articles on Xenosaga which state that it is not a direct prequel to Xenogears; it will just have a lot of little connections. Then one tried to explain something about different series and differnt parts and i didn't get it at all. I was wondering if you could clear this up.
The other thing is, last time i played a game that was "only going to have connections to a previous game" and advertised to be "not a sequel" ::cough:: (Chrono Cross) ::cough:: it didn't end well. I can stand similar names and one or two references to characters from a previous name, actually it's kinda cool, but suddenly connecting the two with a flashback and some sort of mystery that DIRECTLY relates the two gamesright before beating the last boss is just wrong. I hope this doesn't happen again. Sorry about that but i am just looking forward to Xenosaga and don't want to be disappointed.


OK. Xenosaga is going to be a series of 6 games. The 5th of those games will be a remake of Xenogears, and each game will be spaced out enough that the only recurring characters you'll likely see will be reincarnations of older characters. Anyway, since Xenosaga 1 here is set before even the INTRO of Xenogears, you most likely won't see many connecting threads at all, but they'll be connected a whole lot more coherently than CT and CC when all is said and done. That about cover it?

This happens way too often.

Hi i was wondering if you might be able to answer a question that been eating away at me for some time. To me the best RPG ive ever played is FFT, no other rpg has ever compared to the way that game holds a persons interest. Now ive not heard to much in the way of a second coming of the game from Squaresoft, so i was hoping you might be able to point me in the direction of a game much like it. Preferably for PS1 or PC, any help please?

I'm fairly sure I rattled off a list of good PSX TRPGs within the last couple weeks, so I don't particularly want to do so again. I'll just toss you one to start with. Saiyuki: Journey West.

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I thought Marge going to the police academy would be fun and exciting. Like that movie, Space Balls. But instead it's just painful and disturbing like that movie Police Academy.

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